MOHAMED BERRABEH from ALGERIA applies for Blue Card Germany

Industrial and production engineers

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Name of profession: Industrial and production engineers Name of latest business sector: Oil and gas idustry Latest occupation/title: Senior supervisor/ oil and gas drilling operations Latest main activities: Managing and directing drilling operations on field


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: master of science Specialisation: Drilling and well engineering Additional trainings: Master of science in mechanical engineering

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Language skills:

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Personal note /detailed application:

Over 07 years of experience as drilling supervisor, continuous training with Sonatrach (national oil company)/Robert Gordon university (Aberdeen), and service companies; Moreover, the engineering background and working in challenging oil and gas fields aiming to use conceptual and analytical skills. My objective is the adaptability to the circumstances and rising to new opportunities in drilling and well engineering area.

Sonatrach National Oil Company Hassi Messaoud, Algeria 2008-Present
Drillling Supervisor
I worked as drilling supervisor since 2008; where I have been the official Sonatrach representative for supervising drilling operations.
Main responsibilities with Sonatrach Company
- Preparing and managing with daily reporting of operations to headquarters
- In charge to apply and respect drilling programme with assuring the company’s interest on the rig
- Identify high risk situations and adopt preventive measures
- Respect standard regulations and procedures
- Respect the contractual clauses with drilling contractors and service companies
- Responsible for the material and the personnel presence on the rig
- Maintain the right safety behavior of co-workers and environmental protection
- Participate and discuss well planning and construction
- Leading team work
- Job participation and discussion with service companies
- Train and guide new employees and trainees
- Assure a full well site logistics
- Planning and monitoring operations and discuss any changes
- Coordinating equipment supply from different stores/ service companies’ shops.
- Order and Coordinate different services needed on well site such as cementing,
- Logging…etc
- Pressure test of BOP’s stack, casing, and surface equipment according to the procedures.
Experience on oil fields
- Realization of directional and horizontal wells with PDM, RSS
- Work in both exploration and development fields
- Drilling with different types of bits: 26”, 17 ½”, 16”, 12 ¼”, 8 ½”, 6”, 4 ¾”
- Drilling with optimum parameters according to lithology
- Follow the performance of drilling bits: PDC, roller, and diamond bits
- Set cement plugs & realization of different forms of squeeze
- Realization of the different test SBT, FIT and LOT
- Prepare and run all various size of casing with total or partial losses risks
- Assist operations for running 7” and 4 ½” liners (hydraulic & mechanical)
- Prepare and perform all casings & liners cementing jobs
- Perform fishing operations with different fishing tools
- Supervising equipment installation and testing: BOP test, casing spool, tubing head
- Coordinate with DST operators (open hole DST, DST with 4 ½” liner perforated)
- Assisted intelligent completion (multi-formation packers “FracPoint system” to be used in frac)
- Coordinate with completion supervisor for well completion
- Anticipate and order needed equipment for each phase of the well in a timely manner
- Perform morning briefings & the safety meeting before each special operations
- Good experience in oil and water based mud

Education and Training:
• Oil field mechanics engineer from National Institute of hydrocarbons and chemistry, INHC, Boumerdes – Algeria - 2008.
• Master’s degree in drilling and well engineering, Aberdeen, UK – 2012
• Master’s degree in science and technology; Specialty: Modeling and simulating in mechanics, University of Djelfa – Algeria 2013.

The training program provided by Sonatrach/RGU including service companies has provided a valuable knowledge concerning oil field equipment and procedures that has a great impact on the ability to supervise drilling operations in terms of time and performance. Some certificates provided by known companies (RGU, Sonatrach, Boots & Coots, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Halliburton):
Sonatrach IWCF- Advanced completion - Drilling operations management - Drilling supervising - Stuck pipe cause, solutions, & Prevention - Drilling technologies - Advanced well engineering - Advanced cementing technology - Directional and horizontal drilling – Extended Reach Wells - Geology – Facilities – Business essentials - Defensive driving

• Good sense of teamwork
• Good communication by all means (Speaking and writing)
• Software: good use of open-wells, MS-Office, C#, and windows
CAD: SolidWorks, PTC Creo

Linguistic knowledge
• Arabic: Native
• English: good speaking, writing and reading (IELTS certification)
• French: good speaking, writing and reading


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