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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: Mott Mac Donald Latest occupation/title: Lead Electrical Engineer Latest main activities: As Lead Electrical Engineer, responsible for PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) brown-field projects in Engineering and Maintenance Contract (EMC) for South of Oman


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Master in Electrical Engineering Specialisation: Power Additional trainings:

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Eighteen (18) years of diverse experience in designing and implementing electrical power generation and distribution systems in offshore and onshore Oil & Gas and Infrastructure industries, this includes:
• Conceptual, BFD, FEED, detailed design, design review, engineering support to procurement, construction and operation.
• Conversant with electrical international codes including: IEC, BS, IEEE, DEP of Shell, ANSI, DIN, NFPA, NFC, PTS of Petronas, SP of PDO (Petroleum Development Oman),…
• Experienced in preparation of Conceptual Study, Design Basis, Specifications, Requisition Package, Single Line Diagrams, Schematic Diagrams, Cable Sizing, UPS and Battery Sys-tems Calculation and Sizing, Earthing and Lightning Systems caculation, Electrical Load List, GTG and STG Generators, Diesel Generator Sizing, LV and HV Switchgear, Transformers Sizing, VSD, Motor Selection, AIS Substations
• Certified Technical Authority– Level2 (TA2) from Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO)
• Experienced in System Study including Load Flow, Short Circuit, Motor Starting, Arc Flash Study and Relay Coordination
• Conversant with Electrical Heat Tracing system design and selection of Ex-rated equipment for hazardous area, ATEX
• Experienced in Electrical Equipment FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests).
• Combine Cycle (CCGT) and Hydro Power Plants experiences
• Skilled in Procurement Services, Preparation Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) for electrical equipment and bulk material MTOs
• Skilled in Project Cost/Time/ Resources (CTR) estimation
• Preparation and review of layouts and plans for electrical buildings and facilities.
• Support and assist field engineering teams during construction, test and commissioning.


• MSc. in Electrical Eng. (Power) 1994 – 1997,
University of Tehran/ Faculty of Eng., Tehran, Iran
• BSc. in Electrical Eng. (Power) 1989 – 1993,
University of Tabriz /Faculty of Eng., Tabriz, Iran
• Technical Authority Grade 2 of PDO


• Certified Chartered Engineer from Engineering Council of UK
• Member of Institute of Engineering and Technology of UK (MIET)
• Temporary Member of Board of Engineers of Malaysia (BEM)
• Member of Iranian Building Engineers Organization


Computer Skills:

• AutoCad, MS Office (Word, Excel, Power point).
• SKM Power Tools, ETAP, EDSA


• Team leader development program, 3 days, Miri, Malaysia,
• Basic Hydrogen Sulphide Training, 1 day, SMTC, Miri, Malaysia,
• Permit To Work (Applicant), 2 days, SMTC, Miri, Malaysia,
• BOSIET: Basic Offshore Safety Emergency Training (Incl. of Sea Survival & Offshore Safety Procedures, First Responder, HUET with EBS and Basic Fire Fighting and Self Rescue), 3 days, SMTC, Miri, Malaysia,
• Middle East Power Training by Cummins Power Generation
• Internal Quality Auditing ISO-9000 Ver.2000, 2 days, EAQA, Iran,

2011 - present Lead Electrical Engineer – Wood Group-CCC, Muscat, Oman

As Lead Electrical Engineer, responsible for PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) brown-field projects in Engineering and Maintenance Contract (EMC) for South of Oman which includes but not lim-ited to following projects:

• Conceptual Study for 3rd GTG Unit in AMAL Power Station: As Lead Engineer, responsible to prepare and compile Conceptual Selection Report. This includes preparation of 4 concept options including preliminary calculation and sizing, Power Station and 132kV substation SLDs, Layouts, preparation of comprehensive list of materials, load list and cost estimation, Life Cycle Cost calculation (including OPEX, CAPEX and NPV) for each option of project, compiling inputs from other disciplines, attending Peer Review meeting of the project with project stake holders
• South UPS Upgrading: As Lead Engineer is responsible to prepare CSR&BFD reports also complete FEED&DD stages of the project. Activities of CSR&BFD are Site visit, proposal of different options for UPS configuration at different locations and selection base on each area’s requirements, evaluation of space availability, and options for tie-in to available power supply. In this stage a Peer review meeting with Stake holders is hold. The Design review is a part of DD stage.

Some of other involved projects are:

• Inner Marmul-One Water Injection Pump: The Electrical Scope of project is to provide 6.6kV power from modified spare feeder to new additional secondary 1800kW, 6.6kV Water In-jection pump and supply new MOVs from existing spare LV Switchgear.
• Marmul Alkhalata Polymer Injection Phase-II: Electrical scope of work is to provide power supply to new 19 nos. pumps, UPS power to instruments, auxiliary power to MOV’s. For this purpose existing LV switchgear is extended and is powered from nearest 33 kV OHL, through 33kV CB and 2MVA 33kV/ 0.433kV transformer.

Other responsibility among team includes:

• PDO Technical Authority Level Approval: TA2 Certificate to address most situations and authority to sign off Decisions and Deliverables within the Discipline.
• Supervision of personnel ensuring WG-CCC and Project Specific Management Systems and Procedures are followed.
• Coordination of Technical matters within team and with other disciplines as required.
• Approving of deliverables and Vendor documents of the contract.
• Ensuring that operational and maintenance issues are addressed in the Design.
• Conducting surveys to determine information to allow execution of scope of work.
• Ensure discipline is represented at Contract technical meetings.
• Ensure discipline is represented at contract Design Reviews, HAZOP’s, SAFOP’s, Construc-tability Assessments, etc.
• Liaising with PDO discipline representative.
• Recourse planning to maintain adequate staff levels considering short and long term re-quirements of the contract.

2008 - 2011 Senior Electrical Engineer – WorleyParsons, Miri, Malaysia

As Senior Electrical Design Engineer responsible for Shell brown-field offshore and onshore Engineering and Maintenance projects in East Malaysia, this includes but not limited to:

• Protection System and Arc Flash Study project: The scope of project is to provide new schedule of setting for existing relays and Arc flash labelling for Switchgears and MCCs based on new Short Circuit Analysis results. Relay Coordination Study and Arc Flash Study done for electrical systems of Sarawak and Sabah Shell facilities of East Malaysia with SKM Power Tools software.
• Upgrading AC and DC UPS and Battery systems project: The scope of project is to provide FEED, Detailed design for offshore platforms of East Malaysia (Including Barton, Saint Joseph, South Furious, Kinabalu and F6) and to prepare engineering documents including Sizing Calculation, Data sheets, Specifications, Tender Requisition Package, Construction and Fabrication Scope of Work for HUC contractor Technical Bid Evaluation and SLD and Layout Drawings.
• Upgrading HVAC System: The scope of the project is to provide detailed design for HVAC system of Kinabalu, South Furious and Barton platforms and to prepare engineering documents including load assessment report, cable sizing, data sheets, Tender Requisition Package, Technical Bid Evaluation, MTO and installation and demolishing drawings.

Other activities is preparation of Tender Bid Evaluation of proposals
Engineering services to procurement and construction team
Preparing technical proposal and Man-hour estimation for new tenders

2006 –2008 Senior Electrical Engineer - DEZAB Consultant Engineers, Tehran, Iran
-Yasuj Chain Mini Hydro Power Plant Project

Yasuj Chain Dam is a collection of small hydroelectric dams in Iran with installed electricity generating capability of 25 MW. The complementing system of 9 run-of-the-river hydroelectricity plants is situated near the town of Sisakht in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province. The system which first came online in 2005 with 16.8 MW is later being upgraded to 25 MW capacity in 2008. Power plants of Yasuj Chain Project comprises of individual small hydro power plants including: 1.Polkolu1, 2.Polkolu2, 3.Kokhdan, 4.Karick1, 5.Karick2, 6.Karick3.

As Senior Electrical Engineer, in Dezab as EPCM of the project responsibility was:
• Detailed design and preparation of electrical equipment layouts, Earthing system, SLDs
• Reviewing designs and supervision on main contractor of Hydro-generator and Hydro Gen-erator Control and Protection vendor.
• Supervision on pre-commissioning and commissioning and start up of electrical equipment of the project
• Witnessing and approving of FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) for main electrical equipment.

Preparation of technical part of tenders (ITB) for new Hydro-Power plant projects as PMC of the pro-jects

2004 - 2006 Lead Electrical Engineer - MEHRAS Company, Tehran, Iran
Aghajari Gas Injection Project

Aghajari Gas Injection Project is one of the world’s biggest Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) project inaugurated in Iran - This plant is designed to compress and inject 2000 MMSCFD of Sour Gas from South Pars gas field phases 6,7&8 into Aghajari oil reservoir in Khuzestan province of Iran for the purpose of enhancement and secondary recovery of crude oil. In this plant gas is being injected by 5+1, 530 kW GE Turbo Compressors to the wells. The motor of turbo compressors are fed from 3.3kV MV switchgear which receives the power from two 33kV/ 3.3kV step down transformers from regional 33kV Utility line.

As lead engineer of EPC contractor was responsible for:
• FEED and detailed design including preparation of equipment specifications, data sheets, load list, system study with ETAP, selection of electrical equipment i.e. Transformers, UPS & DC systems, Emergency Diesel Generator, MV & LV motors based on load summary
• Preparation of equipment layouts and arrangement, Earthing system layout, reviewing Cathodic protection calculation and layouts prepared by subcontractor for on-shore pipelines.
• Preparation of Single line diagrams, reviewing Schematic/Control diagrams for Switchgears and MCCs.
• Reviewing drawings and documents of sub-contractors and liaising with other disciplines for interfaces (Inter Discipline Check)
• Cable sizing and preparation of cable documents (including cable list, cable schedule, cable routing)
• Witnessing and approving of FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) for main electrical equipment.
• Evaluation of the quotations and preparation of TBE for electrical vendor offers.
• Construction support during pre-commissioning and commissioning stages of the project
• Coordination and attending the technical meetings with client, and subcontractors of the project
• Review design packages prepared by subcontractors to check compliance with specification and codes of the contract
• Selection of the Ex-rated equipment and enclosures based on the hazardous area classification drawings
• Review MTO prepared by Designers
• Engineering services to procurement and construction team

1997-2004 Electrical Engineer in - Moshanir Power Consultant, Iran
Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP) Project

First Combined Cycle Power Plant Project of Iran includes Montazer Ghaem, Shahid Rajaee, Shariati, Neka –These CCPPs are located in 4 different cities of the Iran, the capacity of first two project is 300MW and the others is 100 MW, capacity of each steam unit of these power plants is 100MW and each Gas unit is 2x123.4MW (GE Frame9).

As electrical engineer of the project was involved in:
• Basic and detailed design as PMC of project
• Scope of electrical systems includes Generators, Transformers, Busducts, Boiler electrical equipment, MV & LV Switchgears (SLD, Schematic diagram, Logic diagram), MV and LV Motors, Generators and Transformers Protection panels, Heat tracing system, Earthing system, Lightning system, Lighting system, DC and AC UPS and Batteries and Emergency electrical supply system.
• Preparation of electrical equipment layouts and arrangement, Earthing system calculation and layout, key SLD of the plant and 132 kV Substation
• Preparation of Single line diagrams, schematic/control and logic diagrams for switchgears and MCCs.
• Cable sizing and preparation of cable documents (including cable list, cable schedule, cable routing)
• Coordination and attending to technical meetings between contractor and client.
• Witnessing and approving of FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of main electrical equipment.
• Construction support during pre-commissioning and commissioning stages of the project
• Reviewing of designs of sub contractors to ensure compliance with project standards and technical specifications
1996 - 1997 Graduate Engineer - Tarh Andishan Consultant Engineers, Tehran, Iran

• Bahregansar Offshore Platform: Detailed Design of electrical installations including Lighting, Communication and fire detection systems.
• Boushehr Port Extension Project: Involved in detailed designing of 20KV / 400V substation and electrification the storages and offices of Boushehr Port


• Paper In IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Dated: July 1997, Vol.33, No.1
Title: Lumped Complete Equivalent Circuit of Coreless High Frequency Transformer

• Paper In Journal of Faculty of Engineering of University of Tehran
Dated: Sep. 1999, Vol. 33, No.2
Title: Steady State Simulation of Self -Excited Single Phase Induction Generator


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