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Name of profession: Chemists Name of latest business sector: Liquefied Natural Gas ( LNG ) Latest occupation/title: Assistant Manager, Production Planning @ Egyptian LNG (JV’s BG Group, PETRONAS, EGAS, EGPC, GDF Suez) Latest main activities: A) Strategic: 1. Establish, follow up and monitor the LNG/Gas/By products/losses accounting and allocation between all Train Users according to the applicable procedure; and the allocation of the Common Facilities capacity. 2. Support Chain optimizat


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: MBA Specialisation: Master of Business Administration,Excellent Additional trainings: Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

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Employment History

July 2012 till Now

Assistant Manager, Production Planning @ Egyptian LNG (JV’s BG Group, PETRONAS, EGAS, EGPC, GDF Suez)

A) Strategic:
1. Establish, follow up and monitor the LNG/Gas/By products/losses accounting and allocation between all Train Users according to the applicable procedure; and the allocation of the Common Facilities capacity.
2. Support Chain optimization starting from Upstream, to downstream and finally receipt by the end buyer.
3. Liaise with ELNG compliance and commercial group in Cairo.
4. Follow up liaison between Upstream (gas supplier) and OPCO
5. Coordinate the preparation of both long and short term LNG production and loadings plans.

B) Tactical/Planning:
1. Plan, coordinate and report the actions towards administration of the Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPAs), including establishing the Annual Contractual Quantity accounting.
2. Update management with production and sales profile and events through Daily, weekly and monthly production reporting and Tracking of Plant Outages and Slowdowns including lost production computation.
C) Operational:
• Monitor, Evaluate and highlight the production and sales forecast.
• Monitor and report of production objectives & KPI's.
• Participate in the coordination, preparation and follow up of the Production Division budget.
• Update OPCO Management team, Buyers with production and sales progress.
• Deputy Production Planning Manager.

October 2008 till June 2012

Production Planner @ Egyptian LNG

As a Production Planner for the LNGJV I have the following responsibilities:
A) Strategic:
1. Prepare the Annual Production Budget.
2. Prepare the ADP (Annual Delivery Program) and represent ELNG at the ADP meeting with the buyers.
3. Challenge slow/shut downs scenarios with production and update loading plans accordingly.
4. Plan production outages in conjunction with maintenance.
5. Prepare Short and Long Term Production Plan.
6. Identify and advise on potential opportunities to sell additional cargoes.
7. Produce - or coordinate the production of Annual Production Reports.
8. Monitor actual production against planned production and advise on reasons for deviations.

B) Tactical/Planning:
1. Monthly reports to the Head Office and Shareholders.
2. Plan the Master Ninety Day Schedule for the next 90 days.
3. Take responsibility for upstream supply nomination.
4. Actual vs. Planned Assessments.

C) Operational:
1. Prepare the Weekly and daily production targets.
2. Prepare the Weekly loading plan.
3. Issue weekly gas supply nominations.
4. Prepare the daily reports including the allocation for LNG Trains.
5. Monitor daily production of LNG and report metered, calculated and allocated feed and production figures.
6. Monitor shore tank levels to avoid shore tanks topping and lose of production by continue communication with the buyer’s representatives and adjust the schedule accordingly.
7. Coordination with the port operations.
8. Produce production outage schedules and Monitor progress of outages.
9. Maintain continuous dialogue with upstream suppliers and downstream shippers. (24/7 on call working).
10. Identify reasons for production shortfalls and make recommendations to mitigate.
11. Evaluate the events in the plant and how it will affect your loadings schedule.
12. Share trip reports committee with the production losses information.
13. Day to day communication with the commercial manager.

April 2005 till October 2008

LNG Cargo Coordinator@ Egyptian LNG

As an LNG Cargo Coordinator for the LNG JV I had the following responsibilities:
1. Representing the sellers in the LNG Carriers for calculating the LNG quantities delivered on board the ship.
2. Deliver the shipping documents to the ship's Masters.
3. Responsibility of day to day following up planning of the ships.
4. Perform more than 50 compatibility study (Including Loading arms arrangement) for different type of LNG Carriers.
5. Monthly ship shore interface report (Letter of Protest) to the CEO in addition to preparing the Department and the Division Monthly presentation.
6. Monitor and report the demurrage calculation to the top management.
7. Flexibility for performing all production planning duties include the following:
a. Daily Reports to the buyers, Top Management and Shareholders including the allocation of the production between both Trains buyer.
b. Weekly Reports to the buyers, Top Management and Shareholders.
c. Monthly Reports to the Top Management and Shareholders.
d. All monthly reports to the Management Accountant Dept., Planning & Control Dept. and Maintenance department.

April 2001 till April 2005

Cargo Surveyor@ Intertek Caleb Bret UK

As a cargo surveyor with Intertek I have performed the following:
1. Crude oil tankers independent cargo surveyor.
2. Crude oil tankers inspections.
3. Fixing automatic sampler on crude oil tankers at Sidi Kerir and Ain Sukhna Terminal. (SUMED Terminals).
4. SUMED shore tanks measurement.
5. LPG tankers inspection and measurement.
6. Oil trucks and tanks inspection at AMOC Company for waxes and mineral.
7. Caustic soda shore tanks and trucks inspections at the Egyptian petrochemical company.
8. Witness Lab Analysis for crude oil, wax, detergents…etc.
9. Boarding More than 400 Crude Oil Tankers.

January 2000 till April 2001

Chemist@ The Arab Petroleum for Pipelines Company (S U M E D)

As a Chemist with Sumed at the Sidi Kreir terminal I have performed the following:

1. Chemist at the Quality Control Lab of the Sidi Kerir Terminal covering all the crude oil and ballast water analysis according to ASTM.
2. Performing crude oil tankers analysis in addition to shore tanks analysis.
3. Performing sea water analysis for environmental monitoring.
4. Preparing the certificate of quality for the crude oil tankers before departure.
5. Performing analysis for all different kind of Arab crude oil grades, Iranian Crude Oil, Russian Crude Oil in addition to Egyptian Crude Oil.

Trainings, Workshops, and Professional Certificates:
Training Course Type Vendor Location

1) IFIA (International federation of inspection agencies Certificate).
Technical(Certified Cargo Surveyor)
Alexandria, Egypt

2)LNG Interface and Loading Operation:
a) The characteristic of Liquefied Natural Gas Cargoes.
b) The general arrangement and operation of ships and jetties for handling LNG Cargo.
c) Relevant Emergency Procedure. Technical(Operations) Warsaw Maritime Academy (UK).
ELNG Terminal

3) LNG the Modern Markets and New Opportunities:
a) Strategy, Demand, Pricing.
b) Economics, Contracts, Moving between Markets.
c) Short term Markets, End Users, and Outlook &Conclusions.
Euro money Training, (UK)
London, UK

4)Critical Role of LNG in the Global Gas World:

? LNG Supply & Value Chain.
? Strategic Commercialization Options.
? LNG Project:
? Risks
? Small-scale LNG
? Contracting Strategies
? LNG Shipping:
? Fleet, Vessels and Design
? Charters and other Ship Contracts
? Costs and Operating Economics
? LNG Markets:
? Traditional Asia Emerging Asia
? North America Europe
? South America and Africa
? LNG Trade: Pricing issues; Swaps, Diversions and Trading.
? LNG Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA). Technical(Commercial) Holmwood Consulting(UK)
GL Noble Denton(UK) Cairo, Egypt

5) Strategic Planning
Cairo, Egypt

6) Business Writing
American Chamber
Cairo, Egypt
7) Problem Solving & Decision Making. Soft Skills IMI Cairo, Egypt
8) Stress Management & Team Building Soft Skills Randy Smith
Alexandria, Egypt
9) Supervisory Management Training Soft Skills IHRDC. Alexandria, Egypt
10)Presentation Skills
Soft Skills American Chamber Cairo, Egypt
11)Coaching Workshop
Soft Skills Oil & Gas Skills OGS Cairo, Egypt
12)Six Thinking Hats
Soft Skills IMI Alexandria, Egypt
13)Business Ethics (Empowering Attitude) Soft Skills IMI Alexandria, Egypt
14) Negotiation Skills Soft Skills IMI ELNG Terminal
15) Time Management Soft Skills LOGIC Cairo, Egypt
16)Emotional Intelligence Soft Skills Tatweer Alexandria, Egypt
17)Safety Leader ship QHSE Randy Smith Alexandria, Egypt
18) CAR/PAR/NCR Work Shop. QHSE (SGS) Alexandria, Egypt
19) Stop system observation program. QHSE In house Training ELNG Terminal
20) First Aid.
QHSE Egyptian Red Crescent Alexandria, Egypt
21) Hearing Conservation Campaign QHSE In house Training ELNG Terminal
22) Incident and Accident Reporting.
QHSE Randy Smith
Alexandria, Egypt
23) Permit To Work. QHSE In house Training ELNG Terminal
24) Internal Audit. QHSE In house Training ELNG Terminal
25) Statistical Techniques for Decision making & Quality Improvement. QHSE AUC ELNG Terminal
26)MS Excel Computer and software Arab Academy for Science & Technology. Alexandria, Egypt
27) Advanced MS Excel Computer and software(Excel Spread Sheets) New Horizon). Alexandria, Egypt
28) Mastering Visual Basic under Excel Computer and software YAT Alexandria, Egypt
29) Plant Information management system Computer and software (ISS group). Alexandria, Egypt
30)English until Toefl Certificate Language Skills Arab Academy for Science &Technology. Toefl certificate from the American centre. Alexandria, Egypt


1) Have been recognized 5 times by the CEO as one of the best employees in the ELNG Production Department one of this recognition including 5 years with ELNG and the other for the outstanding contribution during Egypt Crisis Events.
2) Received appreciation from Gaz De France & BGGM shipping for professionalism as ELNG Seller’s representative.
3) Have launched in-house Excel shipping Documents Model which led to the reduction of the time of delivery of the shipping documents on board the ship from 3 hours to 1 hour only. Also, significant savings were made on software costs for ELNG.
4) Assist technically to transfer all the Production Planning (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi Annual, Annual, Ad Hoc) Reports from the Excel and Word Sheet to the Plant Information Management System (PIMS).
Education History:

Under Graduate:

University Name: Chemistry 1999 / Grade: Good

Faculty of Science
Chemistry & Oceanography Department
Alexandrian University

Post Graduate

College Name

Post Graduate

College Name

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Expected 2015

The Association for Operation Management ,USA (APICS)

MBA 2010 / Excellent (06th rank on the group)

The Arab Academy for science and Technology

Languages: Arabic (Mother tongue)/ English (Very good speaking &writing)

Personal Interests: Reading, charity work, walking, and travelling.



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