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Electronics engineers

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Career Summary
11 years of experience in the field of Industrial Control Systems; mainly Foxboro DCS & Triconex TMR – Design, Engineering and Maintenance with Commissioning experience of fully automated DCS & ESD based Systems in Petrochemical and Oil & Gas plants.
I handled projects in UAE, Italy, France and Qatar.

1. ORYX GTL, Qatar (Senior DCS/ESD Engineer - Maintenance) (Jan 2007- Present)

ORYX GTL Company is a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum (QP) and Sasol. The plant takes Natural Gas and converts it to low sulphur environmentally friendly diesel, Naphtha and LPG.

- Responsible of all the maintenance, configuration & upgrade activities on ORYX GTL’s control systems & third-party controllers:
DCS Foxboro I/A V7.x.
DCS Foxboro I/A Mesh Network V8.x.
ESD Triconex TMR system TS1131 with Tricon V10.5, Tristation V4.9.
Bently Nevada 3500 series systems for rotating equipment protection and monitoring.
- Develop maintenance strategies, procedures and backup plans for the control systems.

- Implement the Modbus Communication between Foxboro DCS & FIREYE systems to get the flame scanner counts of the Super Heaters indicated on the HMI. This project increased the reliability and confidence of operating the heaters in a safe/stable manner.
- Develop an engineering solution for the ramping function of the Steam to Carbon ration controller. This solution permanently rectified a root cause of a plant upset.
- Redesign of the DCS Configuration for the capacity control loop of the Hydrogen Production Unit. This facilitated the successful commissioning of the loop which led to a significant reduction of H2 flaring from the unit.
- Develop the interface layer between Foxboro DCS & Honeywell APC controllers.

2. Invensys Egypt (Senior DCS Application Engineer) (Aug 2003 – Dec 2006)

INVENSYS is a global technology group, supplying solutions, software, consultancy and equipment to monitor, control and automate processes in a wide range of environments from oil refineries to power stations, from railways to domestic appliances.

- Participate on developing applications and regulatory control schemes for multinational projects for different clients: Total, Abu Dhabi oil refining company (TAKREER) & ORYX GTL.
- Travel to customer sites & participate in many FATs, commissioning as well as start-ups.

Projects Accomplished:
1. ORYX Gas To Liquids (ORYX GTL), Qatar
(Qatar Petroleum & Sasol Joint venture) GTL (Gas To Liquids)

2. TOTAL RN DHC EPSCC- Reffinerie de Normandie, France Oil plant

3. TAKREER-ULG/LSGO, UAE Oil refining & unleaded gasoline-low sulphur gas oil production plant

Training Courses

- HAZOP Team leader – IchemE, Qatar.
- CCC series 3+, Qatar.
- MESH I/A 8.4, UAE.
- Foundation Fieldbus using SMAR, Qatar.
- Root Cause Analysis training, Qatar.


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