Mohamed Zakarya Alsaid Ali from Italy applies for Blue Card Germany

Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified

Personal data:

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Name of profession: Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified Name of latest business sector: Biomedical Engineering sector as well as Micro-technologies and MEMS fabrication Latest occupation/title: Nanotechnologist Latest main activities: I've taken a stage for 6 months to develop a Lap-On-Chip device for 3D cell analysis designed for Emberyonic stem cells Chemotaxis Analysis


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Nanotechnologies for ICTs Specialisation: Manufacturing and developing of Lap-On-Chip applications Additional trainings: Telecommunication and electronics engineering . Fabrication of Nano-scaled MEMS devices

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Berlin, Munich, Deseden, Frankfurt 2. Preferred country | region / city: Finland | Helsinki, Oulu, Kuopio 3. Preferred country | region / city: Sweden | Stockholm, Malmo.

Language skills:

1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: german => reasonable 3. Language skills: Arabic, Italian. => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:

I've done a bachelor in Telecommunication and electronics engineering for 5 years in Egypt, I've taken a training of 3 months in Mobinil Telecom Company for fixing and installing the BTSs ( Siemens, Nokia, Nokia-Siemens ). I've received a scholarship to continue my master degrees in Politecnico Di Torino in Italy in Nanotechnologies, I've done a stage of 6 month to fabricate MEMS devices as well as fabrication of Lap-On-Chip devices aimed for embryonic stem cells 3D chemotaxis analysis in Chilab,Italy. I can speak three different languages (Arabic, English , Italian) which gives me good communication skills with people. I feel myself as smart person who can work as a leader in research groups especially i would like to work in R&D centers or companies. I'm ready to be interviewed anytime.

Thanks so much for your interest and time.


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