Manjula from India applies for Blue Card Germany

Electronics engineers

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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: Automotive Infotainment and Navigation Systems Latest occupation/title: Senior Software Engineer Latest main activities: Resourceful in handling functions pertaining to analysis, design, development, testing & implementation of test cases for System Testing and Test Automation of diverse multimedia domains. Proficient at GUI, Functional, Integration, Regression, Stress


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: B.E Specialisation: Electronics and Communications Additional trainings: ISTQB certified

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Career Objective
A challenging and prospective career seeking an opportunity to utilize my skills,abilities and to get broad exposure to new technologies for achievement of professional and personal goals

Professional Snapshot
• 4.8 years of testing experience in automotive infotainment systems (both Integrated and Distributed systems) with emphasis on quality assurance
• Good understanding of SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle)and well acquainted with STLC (Software Test Life Cycle)
• Resourceful in handling functions pertaining to analysis, design, development, testing & implementation of test cases for System Testing and Test Automation of diverse multimedia domains
• Proficient at GUI, Functional, Integration, Regression, Stress and Performance testing on different configuration products
• Experience in In-Car tests of infotainment and navigation systems and joint testing with OEMs
• Proficient in setting up automation towers which involves configuring acquisition and measurement devices via LABVIEW and development of test framework/suites using Python, TML, ETAS
• Interaction with International Customers for gathering requirement specifications, technical aspects, feasibility of test automation, statistical analysis of result and estimating project overshoot analysis.
• Understanding software project schedule and develop automated tests execution plan, resource plan and test tower requirements.
• Part of Stability task force &Error control board for defect tracking, risk analysis and mitigation
• Chief editor of newsletter “Decod-Ed”- Magazine on Testing and Automation activities in
Car Multimedia

Educational Qualification
Graduation:Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communicationfrom VTU (,with an aggregate of 78% in 2009
Pre-University: P.U.C (12th) from Vijaya main university, Bangalore with an aggregate of 88%in 2005
Matriculation:S.S.L.C (10th) from NSVK, Bangalore with an aggregate of 87% in 2003

Work Experience
Employer: Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited, India
Designation: Senior Software Engineer
Duration: 4.8 years (since Nov-2009)
Onsite: 2 years at Robert Bosch GmBH, Hildesheim, Germany

Technical skills

Products Domains: Automotive Infotainment and Route Navigation Systems
Testing Domains: System Testing, Test Automation, HMI, Functional andPerformanceTesting
Feature Domains: Media, Radio, Internet, Navigation, Phone and RVC
Performance tests: Power Fluctuation, Drunken Monkey, Source Change, Full stress,
Start Performanceand Last Mode tests

Test Environment: Configuration of external tools like Toellner Power supply (8951, 8952) for power regulation, Digital Multimeter for current consumption, Automatic RDS generator control and Data acquisition of various parameters like audio source, frequency, volume etc using Labview.

Tools: ETAS-TTS,CAN, CANoe,LIN,Labview,RTC, Eclipse IDE, JIRA, IBM Rational Clearcase,MMS,OsalRPCExplorer, Lauterbach,DOORS, Docushare, Matlab, RDS Signal Generator,Logitech, CRO, TIC, Putty, RADAR,Trace tools- TTFis, DBus, JSON

Scripting Languages: Designed framework and test suites using Python, TML (Test Modelling Language – based on XML) and ETAS-TestServer (tool based on C#)

Programming Skills: C, Basics in C++


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