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Mechanical engineers

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2013-2014 - University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
MSc. Aerospace Engineering
Result: 67.6 % (Excluding Dissertation Marks)

•Modules included Advanced Aerodynamics, Aero Acoustics, Research Methods, Helicopter Flight, Advanced Aerospace Propulsion, and Composites, Advanced Aerospace Design (Semester I &II).
•Led the Computer Aided Design (CAD) and the Avionics part of the design project at the University
•Group Project – To design, test and build a fully autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for ground tracking purposes with a range of 20 Km and 30 minutes flight duration.

2008 – 2012 - University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India
Bachelors of Technology, Avionics Engineering
Final Result: 73.8 %

•Completed modules in Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems, Radar Technology, and Avionics Systems including Embedded Systems and navigation, Radio Communication, Satellite Communication, Microprocessors, Digital Signal Processing, and Analog & Digital Electronics.
•Led the team for a group project to fabricate an Air foil and to change its angle of attack using a remote control
•Presented at internal University day – ‘Primary and Secondary Radar and their defence applications including IFF (Identification of Friend or Foe)’
•Presented at internal University day - “Radar Technology & Avionics systems”.

2006-2008 ‘A’ Level (69.8%): Maths; Physics; Chemistry; English; PE. from Choithram School,
Indore, India
2005-2006 ‘O’ Level (78.4%): Science; Maths; English; Social Science; Hindi. Choithram School Indore, India.


June 2012 – July 2013 - Ignis Aerospace & Design Private Limited, Bangalore, India

•Projects undertaken- Modelling of wing ribs for the Bombardier ‘Global Express’ on CATIA V5.
•Worked as an efficient member of the design team and was involved in modelling, documentation and ballooning of the CAD projects
•Worked in modelling project for ‘SEAT TRAIL’ of Airbus 320 on CATIA V5 contracted by UACE, Romania.
•Was an active participant and presenter at classroom trainings which included discussions and presentations on various technical topics like Aerodynamics, Air Intakes, Shocks, Nozzles and Diffuser (Converging-Diverging) at the Aerodynamics Department of the company which remarkably improved my professional skills
•Key Skills Developed: Time Management, Effective Planning and Organisation. A direct communication with the customer enhanced my communication skills with clients.


June 2011 – July 2011- Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Avionics Division, Hyderabad, India

•Included analysis and operation of IFF Transponder 1410A at the IFF department of HAL.
•Key Skills Developed: detailed technical knowledge about the operation of the IFF and its utility.


•Intense 4 week summer training at the assembly department of ARTOUSTE IIIB Engine at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore, India (June 2010-July 2010).
•Above training included analysis and study of the turbo-shaft engines including other aircraft engines.
•Completed flight lab experiments at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, India which enabled me to have experience at on flight data recording of various technical parameters.
•As member of ‘AEROSOC’ I represented the university for a technical visit to Austrium (Airbus Defence & Space), Stevenage, United Kingdom.
•Represented the University for a technical visit to Lufthansa Technik, European Space Operations Centre and German Astronaut Centre to Frankfurt and Cologne, Germany. (June 8th,2014-June 12th 2014)


•Member of the University Badminton Team representing The University of Manchester, UK for Inter-university competitions.
•Represented West India zone as Singles Badminton player at the National level Badminton Championship
•Represented the District consecutively 8 times at State Level Badminton tournament.
•Represented the School in West India zonal Badminton Tournament and Secured 2nd Position
•Diploma in Violin from Allahabad University, India
•First position - Intra-College and Inter-college solo instrumental competition (Violin) for two consecutive years
•Fourth position - solo instrumental competition (Violin) at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, India (National Level)
•First position - intra school debate competition


•To develop a satellite tracking ground station at School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester which involves orbit modelling using STK and its integration with Lab View to control antenna rotator.
•Main purpose is to downlink cube sat data and the weather satellite data at 435 MHz and 145 MHz
•Software used is STK and Lab View for orbit modelling and propagation.
•Project is ongoing and would be completed by August 2014.


•Mat lab
•Solid works
•Mission Planner
•STK (Systems Tool Kit)
•Lab View
•Microsoft Office

Driving - International Driving Licence
Languages - English (fluent); Bengali (mother tongue); Hindi (fluent)

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