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Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Telecommunication consulting Latest occupation/title: Team leader/ Data Analyst Latest main activities: Analyzing the network performance/ 2G, 2G RF optimization/ Managing a Drive test team/ Benchmarking reports/


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Master in Telecommunications technologies Specialisation: Mobile networks 3G Additional trainings: 2 years in the professional field (GSM, UMTS, HSPA, RF Optimization)

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I'm looking for a challenging position where I can use my full potential, and add more to my experiences to develop in both personal and professional ways.


MSc. in Information and Communication Technologies 2012-2014
Polytechnic University of Catalonia - Barcelona

Final thesis (Honor Medal): Performance analysis and evaluation for the RF/HSPA network within the university campus including:

-- Working with QualiPoc & ROMES 7.4 from Rohde&Schwarz as drive test and post analyzing tools.
-- Generating log files as the analysis requires by setting up the QualiPoc tool and defining a test method.
-- Using ROMES 7.4 to read the log files along with other tools such as MapInfo and Microsoft Office.
-- Coverage analysis for HSDPA and HSUPA through monitoring L1 metrics such as SC, UARFCN, CQI, RSCP, Ec/Io … etc.
-- Analyzing the events e1A, e1B and e1C for mobility analysis.
-- Checking the network accessibility by analyzing the RAB and the PDP context activation.
-- Testing the network integrity by monitoring the throughput values for both UL and DL and relating the result with other metrics such as TX power, SCCH number of codes used, BLER … etc.
-- Drilling down analysis for the weak spots.
-- KPI calculation for both HSDPA and HSPUA following the 3gpp standards.
-- Indoor analysis.
-- Full tutorials for QualiPoc and RMOES 7.4 offered by the Telecommunication Engineering School at UPC (ETSETB) to be used later in the university labs.

BSc. in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering 2004-2009
University of Kalamoon - Syria

Five years in engineering school (168 credits) with courses related basically to telecommunication, electronic and programming.
-- Final project: designing and implementing a Continuous Wave Radar (CWR) works on a frequency of 24 GHz to measure the velocity of a moving target by the means of Doppler shift.
-- Semester project: designing and implementing a pseudorandom noise (PN) code generator to be used later on a CDMA or FDMA system (in the university).
-- Semester Project: designing and implementing a telecommunication systems consist of one transmitter and one receiver that transmit and receive short stream of data modulated in a ASK method, encoded and decoded using an ATMEL Microprocessor.
Extra activities:
-- Four weeks of training time in Adra Short Wave Station-Syria (the biggest radio station in Syria).
-- Course in AVR Microprocessor programming (full attendance).
-- Course in AM/FM radio troubleshooting (full attendance).
-- Network+ (full attendance).
-- CCNA (full attendance).
-- GENEX series course (Huawei certified).


Team leader Aug/2011-Aug/2012

2G --> 3G swap project from NSN to Huawei: Enhancing the coverage and KPIs for both technologies via DT and post analysis (Huawei optimization tools: GENEX series).

• Managing the drive test team and the resulted work.
• Testing the coverage and the service integrity before and after the swap.
• Reporting radio problems; cross feeder, pilot pollution, overshooting … etc.
• Managing cluster tests, and single site tests.
• Different technologies tests, 2G: GSM and 3G: HSPA.
• Communicating with the client (Huawei team) to organize the work and for feed backing issues.
• Responsible for the swap database.
• Producing reports monthly/ weekly showing the work development.
• Planning and performing benchmarking tests.
• Responsible for the vehicle and the technical tools.
• Huawei tools training course

3G Drive test engineer Mar/2011-Aug/2011

3G drive test engineer in the NSN 3G optimization project, responsible of delivering reports and the corresponding log files as planned, analyzing the data via Actix and TEMS, pointing out the radio problems and recommending a solution.

• Preparing and performing the drive test phase to achieve the planned targets.
• Receive extra tasks from the client (NSN), performing and delivering them.
• Communicating with the client's technical responsible to report any possible problem.
• UMTS survey training course.
• GSM survey training course.
• TEMS and Actix training time.

Site audit / GSM drive test engineer Feb/2010-June/2010
Aircom International – Syria

• Managing and tracking the physical site audit plan for NSN and Ericsson in a daily delivered report.
• Drive testing engineer for both GSM and DCS networks, using TEMS Investigation as a DT tool and Actix for post analyzing.
• Participating in the final reports preparing for the client (MTN).



QualiPoc / ROMES / MAPINFO / Microsoft Office / Matlab /

Network+ / Multisim / AM/FM radio / AVR Microprocessor /

CCNA / Microwave Office / SW transmission / Proteus /


Languages: English, Arabic, Spanish (Intermediate).

• Good motivator with a practical way of thinking; working with the available resources to reach the targets.
• Team leader and team player with good communication skills; always take care to the feedbacks to improve.
• Problem solving and shortcuts techniques; giving the deadlines a high priority.

P.S. Please do not hesitate to contact me to schedule an interview, I'm looking forward to it.

Best Regards,


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