Soriful Alam from Bangladesh applies for Blue Card Germany

Information and communications technology service managers

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Name of profession: Information and communications technology service managers Name of latest business sector: Electronic Financial Transaction Latest occupation/title: Manager Latest main activities: IT operation


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: BSC in Computer Science Specialisation: Networking & Security Additional trainings:

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To obtain a position in a leading information technology group that utilizes my skills as ICT Infrastructure Development, Service Operation and Security with great attention to detail.

Degree Name of Institute Major Year Result

BSC BRAC University Computer Science 2001-2005 3.19 (75%)

H.S.C Govt. Yasin Collage Science 2000 1st Division

S.S.C Faridpur Zilla School Science 1998 1st Division

• Project Management
• Cisco Routing & Switching
• Cisco Firewall Security
• Payment Card Processing
• IBM AS/400
• Microsoft Technologies
• IT Infrastructure Management

WORKING Experience:
From January 2013 to till now, working as ADC Technical operation of IT & eBiz in AB Bank Ltd

From January 2012 to December 2012, working as Manager of IT (in charge) in CashLink Bangladesh Ltd
• Coordinate and lead the project on IT infrastructure development as per business requirement.
• Functions as technical lead on complex network security implementation projects and troubleshooting issues
• Administer and maintain high availability, enterprise, datacenter security devices in support of client SLAs
• Management of Cisco ASA5520 including rule base maintenance and hardware/software rebuilds/upgrades
• Core Knowledge on PCI-DSS certification process of payment card industry
• Managing Euronet Financial Switch (ITMS) for smooth ATM and POS transaction processing.
• Maintain the multibank/ Shared ATM Network and Issuing multibank Debit, Visa and prepaid Card
• Coordinate with team to develop the interface between core switch and Bank Host/ switch
• Product support to business and technical users in interfacing areas such as reconciliation/settlement, security, regulation and compliance, disaster and business continuity services
• Coordinate with VISA for Business enhancement testing through VTS application
• Coordinate and/or participate in capacity planning exercises of product interfaces
• To ensure support services 24x7 for smooth transaction process

From March 2010 to December 2011, working as Asst. Manager, IT Infrastructure Management in CashLink Bangladesh LTD

1. Secure APN connectivity establishment between CBL and different Telco.
2. PCI-DSS (Data Security standard) certification for CBL.
3. Implement ATM system run by Solar Power System
4. Develop ICT policy for Cashlink Bangladesh Ltd.
5. Implement Network Monitoring System with SMS gateway for Cashlink Bangladesh ltd.

From July 2008 to February 2010, working as System Administrator, IT Infrastructure Management in CashLink Bangladesh LTD
The responsibilities:

• Design, Plan, Develop and Deploy network and service that meet product specifications as well as Bank requirements and service launch timelines.
• Develop and implement policies and procedures for electronic data processing and computer systems operations and development
• Maintaining IP scheming and IP allocation of entire network.
• Evaluate and conduct compatibility tests for new IP equipment for integration to network infrastructure.
• Responsible for upgrading network infrastructure to meet Banks Compliance and adapt to new ICT technologies.
• Provide smooth and efficient delivery of the supports related to network services.
• Configure different Network devices like CISCO Router and switch, Netgare VPN Router, LinkSys VPN router, Dlink VPN router, Zyxel and Mikrotik router.
• Managing Switching and Routing Protocols such as VLAN, static routing, EIGRP, OSPF, VPN with IPSec and GRE Tunnel.
• Maintain and host to host Network permission with Cisco Firewall.
• Monitor status of the Data and Internet links and reporting maintain proper log, communicate with vendors and report as necessary.
• Maintain close liaison with internal customers and incorporate feedback in service improvement initiatives.
• Provide key inputs to Network & Communication Manager in the decision making process.
• Ensuring smooth Network service and Support.
• Installation of communication infrastructure and necessary devices at the time of opening new ATMs.
• Maintaining structured cabling.
• Make sure of appropriate products and services for the Infrastructure and the projected infrastructure growth.
• Administration and Secure Work Management at system i5 or AS/400
• Maintaining uptime of AS400 systems,User profile management.
• Maintaining the password policies, user library, files and Daily physical checks of the servers
• Ensure Server AS/400 availability, Backup and Restoration activities.
• Followup Sattlement Process at End of Day.
• Maintaning the MIMIX replication application for AS/400.
• Basic maintaning the HSM and ATM Switching Application.
• Administering Active Directory, DNS Server, DHCP, Proxy Server, File Server.
• Secure Work management for all users.
• Internet access Policy implement to Office Network (Internet Services Accelerator 2006).
• Manage centrally Windows Security Patches and necessary Updates to entire Server and desktop.
• Maintain and installation Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
• Administering and Maintaining MacAfee Antivirus server, Anti spy ware server
• Ensure error free Datacenter operational activity
• Maintaining decipline and access control in Datacenter.
• Prepare the future requirement of this support segment in accordance with the actual requirement of the year taking into account all projected plans and implementations that will be undertaken throughout the year

From September 2006 to June 2008, working as Technical Analyst, Network Services in BRAC BANK LTD.
The responsibilities as Technical Analyst, Network Services in BRAC Bank LTD are:

• Administering Windows Active Directory, DNS Server and File Server.
• Implement user base Group policy and Enterprise security.
• Maintaining Windows Security Patches and Updates to entire network of BBL
• Managing Switching and Routing Protocols such as Spanning Tree, VLAN, static routing, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, VPN and GRE Tunnel.
• Router Configure and Troubleshoot ( 1811, 3800 series and VPN Router)
• Provide Administration and end user supports to Western Union users, CEYLINCO FASTCASH Money transaction users.
• Provide Administration and end user supports to SWIFT
• Installation of communication infrastructure and necessary devices at the time of opening new branches and ATMs.
• Provide supports to APN users of SME unit offices.
• Ensuring better network service and support
• Maintain NMS Server ( Op Manager & Net Flow Analysis )
• Monitor status of the Data and Internet links and reporting maintain proper log, communicate with vendors and report as necessary.


• Cisco Certified Network Associated (CCNA) from November’ 2005 to January’ 2006.
• System i5 Administrator Training from May 31st to 10th Jun, 2009.

• Language: Proficiency in both conversational Bangla and English.
• Experience of teamwork.
• Self-regulating working experience in projects.
• Can communicate easily with co-workers.
• Positive Attitude.



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