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Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: Machine building Latest occupation/title: Team Leader Latest main activities: Machine design engineer, Special Purpose Machine


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: B.E Specialisation: Mechatronics Additional trainings:

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Profile Summary:
*A Mechatronics Engineer with 9 years experience in Machine building and Automation, able to estimate cost, design concepts, model in 3D CAD, select components, procure, build, test and commission individually.
*Machine Design Engineer trained in Germany for 3 months, leading a team of Mechanical Engineers and providing solutions to my client in Germany. (Axelius Automation GmbH, Lippstadt)
*Exposure to work in European culture and aware of norms as per European machinery directive.
*An astute professional with excellent Project Management and team building skills. Can communicate in German language (beginner level).
*Experienced in Manufacturing Engineering and methods engineering right from Process planning, cycle time analysis, OEE, Man machine balancing, Ergonomics, and safety.
*Exposure to Lean and MOST, also worked in TPM initiatives.
*Active member of Cross Functional teams CFT and contributed to various improvements for quality, safety and Machine uptime.
*Manufacturing Process design for the Assembly of Carburettors & air suction valve for motor cycles, Electric Fuel pumps for automobiles and Oil pumps for diesel engine.
*Executed projects involving Pick & place systems, X-Y Servo systems, Rotary indexing tables, vibratory bowl feeders, conveyors, dispensing systems, leak testing systems and automatic part feeding.
*Built machines for Pressing, tightening, Pressure/Leak/Flow testing, Vision and Performance testing.
*Established Manufacturing cells for Assembly and testing of Carburettors, Air suction valves and pumps for automotive applications.

*Project Management, Client relationship, Team building and effective communication skills.
*Design of Machines (Manual & Automatic) for Assembly and Testing.
*Selection of Machine components (Actuators, Sensors, Controllers).
*Software tools like Autodesk INVENTOR, Productstream professional, Solidworks, MS project and MS office.
*Exposure to EPLAN & Siemens Tecnomatix Robotexpert.
*PLC programming and Basic knowledge of Labview and Vision systems.
*Conversant with ISO 9001, TS 16949, TPM.

*Development of Tray Feeder /Tray stapler.
*Development of "Standard Production Cell" - a modular machine frame made of sheet metal and can be manufactured in short lead time compared to welded machine structure.
*Lead a Large scale automation project for the Assembly of Air suction valve involving automatic part feeding, rivetting, pressing, leak testing, marking, vision inspection, sorting etc.,.
*Introduced “Air Flow Testing” for carburetors instead of conventional Gasoline testing.

Working Experience:
1. Babcock Borsig Softech Pvt. Ltd.,
Chennai, India.
Duration: Feb 2012 to Jan 2014
Worked for Axelius Automation GmbH, Lippstadt, Germany. (Feb 2012 to Dec 2012)
Designation: Team Leader

*Lead a team of Machine Design Engineers and provide engineering services to clients.
*Coordinate with Client Design Team in Germany and collect inputs.
*Explain and delegate the work to team members.
*Verify and approve draft design and 3D construction internally.
*Preparation of Time plan, Design review documents, Risk Analysis and quality system documents.
*Co-ordinate with client for design approval.
*Ensuring a healthy and positive work environment.
*Ensuring growth and development of all team members.
*Identify and Impart training.

*Automatic tightening equipment for Headlamp parts.
*Design of Automatic Tray Feeder (Automatic tray feeding for “Thermoform trays”)
*Testing equipment for Freightliner control module – Stand alone machine with manual loading.
*Calibration Equipment for Automotive lane change sensor – Rotary machine with manual loading.
*Testing equipment for automotive headlamp – Stand alone machine with manual loading.

2. Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd., Chennai, India.
Duration: Apr 2006 to Jan 2012
Designation: Assistant Manager

*Lead a team of Engineers working for Machine building and Automation.
*Prepare budget for new machines, evaluate quotations, negotiate with suppliers and order
*Verify and Validate Concept & Design proposed by suppliers.
*Design, build and commission Assembly cells for Carburettors.
*Design & build machines for Assembly and testing of Fuel system parts. (Carburettors, Pumps, Air
suction valves).

*Automatic Assembly of Air Suction valve – 5 station rotary transfer line.
*Introduction of Air Flow Testing for Carburettors.
*Design and build Air Flow testing equipment for Carburettor.
*Design and build Pressure Regulator performance test machine.
*Automatic machine for Staking, feeding, Leak testing of Carburettor parts.
*Automatic feeding and Marking of Carburettor parts.
*Manual Assembly Cell for Two wheeler Carburettors.
*Carburettor Idle Flow setting equipment – Stepper motors used for fine adjustments.
*Manual assembly cell for Electric Fuel pump used for passenger cars.

3. Bimetal Bearings Ltd.,Coimbatore, India.
Duration: Jun 2005 to Mar 2006
Designation: Trainee Engineer

*Machines and Utilities Maintenance.
*Preventive Maintenance Planning and spares management.
*Designed a Mistake proofing system for detecting Reverse Formed Bimetal Bearing.



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