Muhammad Junaid from United Arab Emirates applies for Blue Card Germany

Systems analysts

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Name of profession: Systems analysts Name of latest business sector: Oracle Latest occupation/title: Senior Field Support Engineer Latest main activities: Installation, maintenance and support Oracle/Sun Systems


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: B.S Computer Engineering Specialisation: Additional trainings:

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* Technical Services Specialist capable of developing and managing advanced global customer support with an eye to identify the problems analytically and resolve issues by identifying customers needs while endorsing organization’s position as global leader in customer care.
* Thorough understanding of high end and mid range IT technologies and products with proven ability to handle multiple tasks by employing advanced analytical skills.
* Technical professional capable to increase customer satisfaction through advance approach of proactive trouble shooting and reducing issue resolution turnaround time.
* Proficient with product marketing engineering tools/techniques and highly efficient in developing/delivering technical presentations and proposals.
* Expertise in translating technical information to non-technical audiences by employing excellent communication skills gained through the ability to work cross-functionally at all organization levels.
* Flexibility to work independently or collectively with a team with adaptability to changing business needs & environment.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE-----------------------

04/2008 to Date Oracle / Sun Microsystems. Dubai, U.A.E

Strategic Support Engineer

* Implementation of Enterprise solutions based on Sun Storage &Servers/System Software for various Clients as per EIS standards.
* Working as Strategic Support Engineer to provide support to Mission critical systems within UAE and indirect countries in EMEA as Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman.


* Provide support on routine service calls for Sun Hardware/Software.
* Assist Sun Professional Services in various projects to perform initial installation and configuration of Sun System/Software.
* Installation and implementation of Oracle/SUN Hardware and Systems software as per EIS (Enterprise Installation Services) methodology.
* Manage escalations with Sun backline support and the customer.
* Member of fly and fix team to provide services for region wide installation and escalations.
* Take ownership of complex issues; act as central point between customer and all lines of Sun Support model to perform root cause analysis.

Recent Projects:

* Implementation and configuration of SparcSuper Cluster at GASCO Abudhabi.
* Installation of 3 x M9000 with 4 domains and Solaris 11 with zones at Doha Bank.
* Exadata-X2 and Exalogic installation in Qatar at Hammad Medical Center.
* Exadata-V2 installation at Dubai Police.
* EIS Installation of Sun Cluster 3.2 with Oracle RAC Agent at DU Telecom for NSN. It includes installation of shared Storage 2 x SE2540; Brocade SAN switch configuration

and 2 x X4570 Servers.
* Installation of M8000 Server, ZFS Storage Appliances at GHQ Abu Dhabi for VDI project.
* Installation and configuration of Hitachi SE9985v at Qatar Gas.
* Sun Unified Storage SE7410 installation and configuration which involved the use of iSCSI for Nortel Networks.

06/2007 to 04/2008 Al-Moammar Information Systems Riyadh, K.S.A.

Senior System Administrator

* Design/Implementation of Enterprise solutions based on Sun Hardware/System Software (Symantec & Sun ) for various Clients which also includes Service/Support and

* Working as Senior System Administrator as a contractor for Support and Administration of Saudi Telecom (STC) Data Center prepared for providing E-Government Services.
* Support Network Team.

Implementation and Administration of all Sun Servers with centralized SAN based backup system using VERITAS NetBackup 6.0.
* Installation of Storage Tape Library SL500 with 4 modules and Installation/configuration of SE6540 storage along with brocade SAN switch.
* Monitoring of Sun Servers using BMC Patrol Performance Manager.
* Taking care of Backup process and preparing recovery procedures for all the servers.
* VERITAS Cluster administration.
* Support Network team in rectifying issues related to bandwidth, VLANs, broadcasting and bridge hang-ups.

8/2006 to 06/2007 IFFCOtech Ltd. Sharjah, U.A.E.

Senior System Engineer / Solution Architect

Solution Design and Implementation of Enterprise solutions based on Sun Hardware/System Software (Symantec & Sun ) for various Clients which also includes Services/Support

and Administration.
* Through Experience in using Sun Web Desk for the preparation of Quotes and designing simple/complex Enterprise Solutions.


Design and implementation of DR site in a local UAE company named Wade Adams for their live Baan/Oracle and UniData Servers.
It includes:
* Implementation of Veritas Storage Foundation 5.0 on Live Servers.
* Installation and configuration of Veritas Volume Replicator on Live server and DR server.
* Netbackup 6.0 implementation for online automated backup of the environment.
* Successfully tested the DR environment by bringing the Primary system down and making the DR server as Primary.
* Training clients for Netbackup Implementing, troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery.
* Solution Design for Oracle Retek based on SUN HW/SW for local company named KAMAL USMAN JAMJOOM.

10/2005 to 8/2006 Ovex Technologies Karachi, Pakistan.

System Administrator

* System Administration of Unix systems (Solaris & Red Hat Linux) and Windows 2000 Server.
* Managing network includes Structured cabling, VLANs creation, installation and configuration of switches and routers.
* Performance tuning, Backup/Recovery using Netbackup 5.0 with Oracle Agent and administrating system patches/ updates.
* Implementation of Security Standards according to organization policies.

01/2002 to 9/2005 Abdulla Fouad Co. Ltd. Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Technical Team Leader

Leading a team of System Support Engineers (7 Engineers) for support/services and administration of all the High End Sun servers in EXPEC Datacenter Saudi Aramco, which is

one of the largest Oil Production Companies in the world.

- 24/7 onsite support of high-end, critical production Servers.
- Software support includes both OS/Volume Managers ( Veritas ) in a clustered/SAN(Storage Area Network) environment. Patch Management and upgrades of more than 1000 nodes.
- Managing Sun Radiance for all the calls related to the same project.
- Configuration and Administration of Oracle Database on Sun Solaris.
Previously worked as a System Support Engineer with Strategic Support Team of Sun Microsystems based in Saudi ARAMCO IT/SCC Datacenter.


* Major responsibilities are Installation, Configuration and Support of Sun Systems (OS/Hardware) ranging from Low-end workstations to High-end servers.
* Installation and Configuration of Solictice Disk Suite and Veritas Volume Manager in various projects which includes installation of Storedge, Connectivity with the host

and Installation and Configuration of RAID as per customer requirement.
* Installation and Configuration of SAN Switches for the SAN environment running in Saudi Aramco in various projects.
* Taking care of Trouble-Ticket Calls/Change Requests for all the Sun systems in Saudi Aramco Data Centers, which includes:

- Call Acceptance
- Initial Technical Investigation
- Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
- Task resolution/Closing

* Design and Implementation of Sun Solutions for various clients.

Prominent Project:

* Project Includes the Installation and configuration of Sun Microsystems High-End Server Sun Fire 15K and midrange servers Sun Fire V1280, SF V880/V480/280R for HealthCare

* Project in Saudi Aramco TCC and ECC Data Centers Aramco - Dhahran.
It includes:
- Full Hardware/OS installation according to EIS standards.
- Configuration of domains in Sun Fire 15K according to the Customer requirements.
- Upgrade of SMS software for SF15K system controller from SMS 1.2 to SMS 1.3.
- Implementation of SAN environment for storage using McData SAN switches Hitachi Storage 9980.

09/2001 to 12/2001 Aleph Inc. Karachi, Pakistan.
Software Engineer

* Worked as a Software Engineer for various projects involving ASP, SQL Server 7.0, Visual Basic 6.
* Development of Web-based Applications and E-Commerce Sites using ASP and JavaScript.

03/2001 to 09/2001 zStar Network ( Karachi, Pakistan.

Software Engineer
* Worked as a Software Engineer for projects involving Visual Basic 6, ASP, MTS, COM/DCOM and SQL Server 7.0
* Key project that I was responsible for was
* Revamped the site using COM/COM+ DLLs, transactional ASP pages and numerous optimization techniques for the data driven web application
* Analyzed ordering system of the site and identified flaws and weak areas of the site and suggested ways to remove flaws and improvement of weak areas of the site

* Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 10.
* Sun Certified Network Administrator for Solaris 10.
* ITIL v 3.0 Foundation
* RHSA/RHCE Certificaiton ( in progress)


* Solaris 11 Transition Training at Oracle University. (Reading, UK)
* Linux System Administration at Oracle University. (London, UK)
* VSM – Virtual Storage Manager 5.0 Training. (London, UK)
* Oracle Sparc Super Cluster Installation, Administration and Maintenance Training. (Broomfield, USA)
* Inhouse TOI of Implementation of Exadata Database Appliance. (Dubai)
* Inhouse TOI for Insallation and configuration of Exalogic Cloud Infrastructure. (Dubai)
* StorageTek SL3000 Tape Library Service Course for Mentors (London)
* StorageTek SL500 Tape Library Field Service and Frontline Training (London)
* Sun Ray Installation and Administration. ( Dubai )
* Sun Java System Identity Manager 5.0: Administration and Implementation ( Dubai )
* Sun Field Support Essentials (Boot Camp) Training ETC-131. ( South Africa )
* Advance Sun Field Support Essentials (Advance Boot Camp) Training ETC-132.
* Advance Sun Field Support Essentials II - ETC-133.( South Africa)
Good experience of Installation, Analyzing and troubleshooting of
Hardware/Software problems on Systems.

Hands On Experience of :

Oracle Appliances: Exadata-V2 Database Appliance, Exalogic Cloud Computing.
Servers : Sun Enterprise Servers , Sun Fire Servers
M- Series Enterprise Servers M4000/5000 and M8000/9000
Blades: Sun Blades 8000/6000.
Sun x86/64 Series
Storage: Sun Microsystems, StorageTek and Hitachi.
Sun NAS: Sun StorEdge 5210/5220, Sun StorEdge 5310/5320
Tape Libraries: Sun Storedge L11000, L3500 ,L40/20, Sun Storage Tek C40/20, Sun StorageTek SL3000, Sun StorageTek SL500 / SL8500.


Operating Systems: Sun Solaris 7.0/8.0/9.0/10, Red Hat Linux, Windows NT/2000/2003

Virtualization Systems: VMWARE vSphere 4.0, Oracle VM, Solaris Zoning/Containers, LDoms.

System Software: Vertias Cluster, Veritas Foundation Suite 5.0, Veritas Volume Replicator5.0, Veritas Netbackup 6.0 , Sun Java Identity Manager 5.0, Sun Cluster 3.1/3.2,

Solaris Volume Manager (Solistice Disk Suite).

Software Development: Javascript, VBScript, ASP.Net, VisualStudio.Net C#, Visual Basic 6, C/C++.

* Design and implementation of Simple/ Complex LAN environment.
* Implementation of DNS/DHCP Server, NIS/NIS+, VLAN.
* Installation and configuration of Switches (Cisco 3560, 2950 ) and routers (Cisco 2500 and 2600 series).
* Have a clear understanding of network protocols like SMTP, POP, HTTP, TCP/IP, SPX/IPX, NetBIOS.
* Installation and Configuration of SAN switches like Sun Storedge Network FC 8/16 port Switches, Brocade Silworm 200E and McData 6064 Director 64 Port Switch.
* Sound Knowledge of SCSI, Fiber Channel and RAID Technology.
* Good Knowledge and experience of iSCSI protocol.

1997–2001 Sir Syed University of Engg & Tech Karachi.

> B.S Computer Engineering with C.GPA of 2.97.

1994-1996 Govt. Dehli College Karachi.

> F.Sc ( Pre-Engineering) with A Grade.
1992-1994 Ladybird Grammar School Karachi.

> S.Sc (Matriculation ) with A-one Grade.

* Playing Strategic Games, Astronomy, Amateur Radio, Sci-Fi, Reading and surfing.
* Keeping myself aware of the latest news and updates taking place in the field of Computer technology.


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