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Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Avacomm Co.(Biritish independent consultancy and engineering services Latest occupation/title: RF Optimization engineer Latest main activities: RF planning and optimization


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Electrical Engineering Specialisation: Telecommunication Additional trainings: GSM , WiMAX , LTE optimization and planning courses

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1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Stuttgart 2. Preferred country | region / city: Denmark | Viborg 3. Preferred country | region / city: Netherlands | Amesterdam

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1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: 3. Language skills: Persian => excellent

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Name: Emad Saatlou
Languages: Persian (Native), English (IELTS 6.5)
Nationality: Iranian
Contact: ; +964 7719 223 728; +98 936 430 5131


• RF planning and optimization (2G , WiMAX)
• Radio parameters optimization
• Aircom Co. software: Asset, Connect, Advantage, Array Wizard ,Automatic frequency planning
• Huawei Co. BSS software: M2000, PRS, NASTAR
• TEMS , Atoll , Planet , Xcal , Xcap , Actix , MapInfo, Google Earth, Global Mapper


• I have been working in mobile communication field for nearly 8 years as RF engineer skilled in all aspects of radio network engineering including RF planning, RF optimization, network performance monitoring and Technical pre-sales engineer.
• I have worked with main radio engineering tools and vendor’s equipment such as Ericsson (2G), Nokia (2G) and Huawei (2G, WiMAX).


• Willing to tear down walls, build bridges, and light fires
• Excellent team worker; Easy understanding person; Decision-making ability; Proactive
• Able to work independently; Creative and task oriented person; Readiness to learn
• Have organised internal and external planning / tools courses
• Ready to perform and adapt to duties at any country around the world.
• Confidence, dynamic and self-motivated engineer, who is capable to perform tasks at high level and under strict deadlines and conditions.
• Ability to work both independently and in a team.
• Ability to co-operate and work with people from different cultures.
• Good interpersonal and communication skills; Flexible and adaptable person Positive attitude and energy; Leadership abilities


Avacomm Co. - Dec 2013 to present
(Biritish independent consultancy and engineering services
RF engineer (for Huawei Co. In Sulaymaniyah, Iraq)
2G RF optimization and performance management for Asia cell Co. (first mobile telecommunications provider in Iraq with over10 million subscribers) (

• (Nearly 1200 Huawei 2G sites in Iraq for Asia cell first operator of Iraq )
• Optimization & initial tuning for defining operational measurement KPIs includes link connectivity, connection sustainability, coverage, capacity and quality. Drive test analyses for initial tuning, finding solutions for upcoming network’s end-to-end problems in associate with other relevant departments.
• Solution finding for customer complaints and solving the issues of VIP users.

Mobin Net Co. – April 2012 to 20 Nov 2013
Senior RF optimization engineer
WiMAX network Optimization and performance management project

Company profile:
• First WiMAX operator of Iran ( which has nearly 400000 subscribers

• Optimization & initial tuning for Huawei sites (nearly 500 sites), defining operational measurement KPIs includes link connectivity, connection sustainability, coverage, capacity and quality. Drive test analyses for initial tuning, finding solutions for upcoming network’s end-to-end problems in associate with other relevant departments.
• Solution finding for customer complains and solving the issues of VIP users.

• Fully responsible for optimization of Huawei WiMAX network regarding to coverage, Capacity and quality of service.
• Managing and supervision of the Huawei Co. optimization group who want to obtain final technical acceptance from Mobin Net Co. regarding to the procedures, technical matters and timelines.
• Holding several meeting for Huawei regions to decide about Mobin Net Co. strategy regarding to the important city of Iran such as Tehran due to technical and managerial matters.

Huawei Co. (named as Skycom in Iran) – July 2010 to March 2012
Senior RF planner & mobile network optimizer
GSM network optimization & performance management project (for MTN-Irancell 2nd mobile operator of Iran ( (nearly 2000 sites located in North West & West of Iran)

Company profile:
• Huawei Co. is a Chinese company and one of the most well-known telecom vendors.
• Now, Huawei is providing services for 28 of the world’s top operators, such as British Telecom, Telemar, Vodaphone, Etisalat and …

• Optimization of Huawei sites (2000 sites North West & West of Iran)for obtaining final acceptance from customer; Optimization of new on air, expanded & Swap sites, radio network performance improvement, problem analysis & solution finding , BSS parameters optimization, BSC features optimization, capacity analysis & adjustment suggestion.

• I have maturated my practical knowledge and experiences as RF optimizer in addition to consolidation of my abilities in being confident, dynamic and self-motivated engineer and capable to perform tasks at high level under strict deadlines and conditions; also I have managed the tasks and requests of customer beside training new engineers which was joined to Huawei on that time in addition to control and assigning tasks regarding to their experience and checking the result of their work regarding to technical issues and feasibility to submit to customer and also attending to the weekly meeting of costumer as Huawei optimization team leader for discussing due to customer requests .

Aircom International Co. (Tehran, Iran) – December 2008 to July 2010
RF team leader
GSM RF planning consulting project for first mobile operator of Iran (MCI)

Company profile:
• Aircom is an independent provider of cellular network planning management & optimization tools and services which was consultant company of first (MCI Co.) and second (MTN-Irancell Co.) ( mobile operator of Iran and is a British Company that has over than 300 customers all around the world such as AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and Huawei

• Coverage analysis of the sites for phase 4 nominal planning, traffic monitoring & analysis for expansion according to phase 4, Automatic frequency planning with ILSA (Asset), administration of Aircom software for planning and optimization with Asset software for running in MCI provinces and monitoring their job as well to make them ready for planning with using the tool, weekly meeting with MCI for reporting the consultancy issue and also full report of MCI staff working in provinces to the MCI national technical team, presenting several workshop and on job training for the MCI provinces engineers to train them planning and optimization with Aircom Company enterprise software.

• After passing sufficient trainings and proven my abilities and capacities as team leader and technical trainer, I have been chosen as team leader of RF planning consulting project for MCI Co.; it was one of the best period of my profession that broaden my knowledge and experiences in RF planning and mobile network optimization in addition to act as Technical Presale engineer for presenting the Aircom optimization solution (AIQ) to customer (MCI Co.) with outstanding result and I have succeeded to broaden my abilities such as working with people from different cultures, having good interpersonal and communicative skills, being professional technical trainer and having organized internal and external planning; in addition to obtaining management skills and leading team to achieve the goals which was defined by customer.

Kavoshcom Co. (Tehran, Iran) - January 2006 to December 2008
RF optimization engineer
GSM BSS Optimization Projects (two provinces of Iran for MCI Co. which was contained 2 Ericsson & 8 Nokia Siemens based BSS network)

Company profile:

• Kavoshcom Co. was contractor of MCI first mobile operator of Iran ( with more than 35 million subscribers

• Frequency re-planning, Automatic frequency planning, neighbour Analysis, KPI analysis, drive test analysis, cell coverage & capacity optimization, analysis of LAC boundaries based on geographical areas and paging loads, traffic balancing and analysis for dual band network ,perform parameter modifications such as Handover threshold, Power Control and Implement other BSC features needed to improve quality of service (such as AMR).

• During these projects I have gained so much practical and theoretical knowledge about mobile network optimization and I strengthened my abilities in team working and become more flexible and adaptable person in work environment.


B.S degree in Electrical Engineering–Telecommunications
(Islamic Azad university of Tehran)(


Training & Research:
• WiMAX Key Technology Concepts and O&M software training (19-27 June 2012)
• 3G and LTE
• AIQ: Aircom optimization solution based on MMRs (14-18 Dec 2009) (Dubai)
• Asset (Aircom Enterprise software) (RF Planning Software) (10-14 Jan 2009)
• Connect (Aircom Enterprise software) (MW Planning Software) (25-27 Apr 2009)
• Mobile network Optimization course (July 2008)
• GSM planning and optimization course (August 2007)
• Nokia & Ericsson Radio Equipment and BTS commissioning course
• MCSE & CCNA courses (summer 2005)

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