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Biologists, botanists, zoologists and related professionals

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Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Bachelor's of Science (BS) in Biological Sciences Specialisation: Plant Biology Additional trainings: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

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I am interested in performing environmental impact assessments following natural disasters, or in anticipation of development, specifically researching cellular affects of plant-soil-fungi-bacteria interactions. I am also interested in how humans benefit from these cellular interactions, and teaching biology.


Bachelor's of Science (BS) in Biological Sciences with emphasis in Plant Biology, from University of California, Davis (USA)

Summary of Qualifications

- Basic laboratory procedures including pipetting, streaking, plating, colony counting, staining, cell identification.
- Research experience in plant taxonomy and identification, collecting and collating herbarium specimens.
- Coursework in plant biology including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, laboratory procedures.
- Experience with ecology-based field skills, such as map reading, measuring distances, use of binoculars and compass, collection of insects and plants, drawing.
- Database management experience including performing queries, quality checking, troubleshooting.
- Familiarity with Spanish, American Sign Language.


- Genetics Tutor - UC Davis Summer Abroad, Cambridge, 2013
Collaborated on leading tutoring session presentations for introductory course on genetics offered through UC Davis (BIS101: Genetics: The Global Language of Biology). Assisted students with homework and preparation for tests, and traveled as a class to genetics research laboratories emphasizing Drosophila research.

- Database Manager - Solar Cookers International, Sacramento CA, 2013
Performed multi- layered queries for mailings, edited inconsistencies in thousands of individual donor records, processed troubleshooting with database designer, assisted migration into new database, and translated standard operating procedures into training guide. Program experience included: ePhilanthrAppeal, Microsoft Access and Excel.

- Aggie Grown Intern - UC Davis Dining Services, UC Davis, 2013
Educated students about food produced by local university farmland and incorporation of the produce into campus dining. Co-authored local produce guide for university dining services chefs on uses and seasonality of available crops.

- High School Mentor - AggieMentors, UC Davis, 2012-2013
Guided a Woodland High School student in soil science research project examining automobile exhaust deposits close to highways, in collaboration with UC Davis Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources, and national EnvironMentors program.

- Botany Researcher - Herbarium, UC Davis, 2012-2013
Documented rare manzanita subspecies at Clear Lake State Park using GPS and taxonomic plant identification techniques, resulting in comparison guide for park employees distinguishing common and rare plants. Gave 12 minute oral presentation of research at annual UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference. Set up weekly laboratory for ethnobotany course of 40 students, filed and retrieved hundreds of herbarium specimens including associated products and labels.

- President, Treasurer - Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, UC Davis, 2008-2012
Managed athletic team of 50 women for 35 weeks during two academic years, budgeting $25000 annually for team travel and competition participation. Collaborated with officers to organize fundraising and write grant applications, applied for and received over $10000 in scholarship awards while serving as officer. Gave end-of-year expenses summary and scholarship appeal to UC Davis Department of Recreation. Authored 15 page procedures manual, used by group of 10 officers throughout the following academic years.

- Bee Volunteer - Department of Entomology, UC Davis, 2011
Collected activity data for Peponapis bees for 2 hours on 3 mornings per week with a partner, observing nesting and feeding habits of specific marked bees in a 10’x25’ screened enclosure also containing Cucurbita plants.

- Greenhouse Volunteer - Botanical Conservatory Greenhouse, UC Davis, 2010-2011
Transplanted and pruned plants, eradicated pests in three 40’x100’ greenhouses, researched for plant display placards seen during tours and public plant exhibits.

- Student Assistant - Department of Environmental Science & Policy, UC Davis, 2010
Quality-checked thousands of entries to online database of environmental projects in California, specifically projects with significant affect on natural resources and funded by the California Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB).

- Wildlife Intern - Department of Wildlife and Fish Conservation Biology, UC Davis, 2010
Collected transect and quadrat data on local squirrel populations, contributing to a population baseline assessment for graduate student project testing animal birth control. Demonstrated good laboratory practices (GLP).

- Landscaping Assistant - Yosemite Rose Bed & Breakfast, Groveland CA, 2004-2009
Performed plant maintenance including transplanting, pruning, weeding, plant and walkway grooming, herbicide application, and vegetable harvest on large estate.

Relevant Coursework
- Plant Anatomy, Physiology, and Morphology
- California Floristics (i.e., vascular plant taxonomy and identification)
- Mycology
- Genetics
- Soil Microbiology
- Forest Ecology

Affiliations & Certifications

- First Aid & CPR certified, valid until 2014
- Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certified, valid until 2016
- Member of California Native Plant Society (CNPS), 2013
- Lifetime Sustaining Member of Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA), 2013
- Resident of Multifaith Living Community (MLC), division of Cal Aggie Christian Association, 2009-2013



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