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Electronics engineers

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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: Research and Development Latest occupation/title: Development Manager and Project coordinator Latest main activities: Identify customer needs, translate it into design parameters, analyze root cause for any arisen bad bugs, get a product out the door and can take all the decisions related to development process, prototype implementation or everything necessary to a


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: B.SC. in Electrical Engineering Specialisation: Communications and Electronics Additional trainings: please refer to Personal note /detailed application below

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | 2. Preferred country | region / city: Luxembourg | 3. Preferred country | region / city: Ireland |

Language skills:

1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: german => reasonable 3. Language skills: Arabic => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:

This is Abdullah Farouk a Development manager and Project coordinator; my background is much related to R&D in the telecommunications and electronics fields. I believe that my R&D experience gives me a unique ability to do a related job professionally; I'm very excited to apply to such a vacation to achieve my objectives and wish-list.

Why I 'd like to relocate in EU , work and live with my family (wife and two girls and a boy)??
Answer: To live beside my brother who lives in Germany and works as a senior engineer at a multinational company.

Design electronic and embedded solutions in electronics & telecommunications fields is my beloved career; and since my work in Research & Development (R&D) for more than 9 years in telecommunications & electronic industries.
I gained a vast and excellent experience in High speed PCB design regarding EMC, RF, and did work with compliance to CE considerations and international standards.
I’m also experienced in firmware programming for embedded systems with real-time operating systems (RTOS) design and, VHDL, FPGA & CPLD, Hardware design Digital / Analog. with my ambitions, highly commitment, good playing in teams, I'm eager to learn more and improve my skills all the time.

please contact me if your vacancy requirements of the Job description matches my skills and I will enjoy having the opportunity to talk about my projects.

I appreciate your attention and getting my attached CV in which you will find more details about my experiences; also it will be of my pleasure if you visit my Linked in profile written below.

Address : Cairo • EGYPT.
Date of birth : 1980
Married Have three children (0,2,5 years in Sept. 2014)

!! Career Objective !!

Seeking a leading and challenging position in the ICT fields Hardware / Embedded software, DFM solutions in Telecommunications & Electronic industries with a well reputable corporation with high technology, to find a great opportunity which fully utilize my qualifications and expertise.

!!! Current job !!!

"Development Manager & Project coordinator" : ICT small enterbrize - R&D
Promoted to position in March 2014
! Main tasks ! :
R&D Management, Production Management, Quality Management
(plus previous project coordinator tasks)

! Description ! :
Identify customer needs, translate it into design parameters, analyze root cause for any arisen bad bugs, get a product out the door and can take all the decisions related to development process, prototype implementation or everything necessary to achieve this.;

! Responsibilities and Duties ! :
• Report clear status based on firm metrics to measure progress and summarize meaningful.
• Project Scoping/planning, give real expectation, complete with deliverables and keep things on track through development phase in cooperation with the managing director.
• Comfortable with current or upcoming technologies, delegate to Sr./Lead Developers and ready or able to dive in and take over some development tasks.
• Make product IFU, testing methods, time lines, budget,.. etc. in formal document system.

!!! previous job in the same company!!!

"R&D Project Coordinator" : ICT small enterbrize - R&D
From August 2012 to till Promoted in March 2014 (promoted to Development Manager in the same company)
! Main tasks ! :
Project coordinating, Embedded Software Hardware / PCB

! Description ! :
Assisting with the planning/organizing, executing, and involved in all design,
tasks and responsible for managing 2 junior engineers to fulfill their tasks on time;

! Responsibilities and Duties ! :
• Assist with the generation of product specifications and coordinate project milestones info.
• Review, editing, and compilation of QA documentation, product EMC tests & CE marking.
• Design tasks: PCB, Electronics Hardware/ Firmware, Embedded C, testing, maintenance.

!!! previous Employments !!!

(3years) "Senior Design Engineer" : an ICT Ltd. company in electronics - R&D Dept
From December 2009 to August 2012
! Main tasks ! :
Embedded Software , Hardware / PCB

! Description ! :
Responsible to lead and couch the team in different design steps as a senior designer with advanced technicalities in development and evaluation electronic products, and systems, according to quality and international standards; using advanced technologies

! Responsibilities and Duties ! :
• Firmware & Embedded C developing & assembly as well.
• Electronics Hardware design.(Analog, Digital, CPLDs, & FPGA)
• Alfa Electronics products Boards design & sourcing.

(5years) "Design Engineer" : The Egyptian Telephone CO. ( QUICKTEL ) - R&D sector
(QuickTel was the only telecommunications manufacturer in the Middle East)
From July 2005 - December 2009

! Main tasks ! :
Embedded Software, Hardware / PCB

! Description ! :
Design electronic circuits Hardwae plus Testing and making troubleshooting procedures
PCB :High speed signal designs Multi Layers, referred to application notes putting EMC & CE test and all EMI tests procedures in mind while design process, RF CDMA module design (8 Layers), VOIP terminals (4Layers, 6Layers from scratch), Manhole security project, Cipher telephone set (CTS), terminals (BARQ), Bluetooth, (Corded & CDMA Teams)).

! Responsibilities and Duties ! :
• Printed circuit board PCB / Hardware embedded design.
• Design for telecommunications products.
• Telephone Terminals design which should pass CE tests.

(4months) "Control & Instrumentation Engineer" at AMAL PETROLEUM CO. (AMAPETCO ) One of PICO 's companies
April 2005 - July 2005

! Description & Responsibilities ! :
Supervise Pneumatic control systems & PLC devices.
Preventive maintenance ( ON shore & Off shore ) :
1- Essentially responsible for managing, installing, maintaining, developing and/or designing equipment which is used to monitor and control engineering systems, machinery and processes.
2- Ensuring that these systems and processes operate effectively, efficiently & safely.

(4months) "Maintenance Engineer" :Victor Company of Japan, JVC Egypt ( Electronic Certified center)
December 2004 - April 2005
! Main tasks ! : Maintenance of Consumer Electronics such as:(TV, video, cassette, Video cameras, and other JVC products).

***** !! Education !! *****

University Degree : B.Sc. Engineering - AL-AZHAR University
Faculty : Engineering Dept.: Electrical engineering
Specialization : Electronics & Communications
Cumulative degree : Very Good (76.23%), (Prep, 1, 2, & 3rd years Grade Very Good) 4th. Year Grade: Good A+ 73.33%
Graduation year : 2004
Graduation project : FSK Modem System using FPGA technology, realized on XILINX Spartan II XSA50 kit model, programmed with VHDL (MENTOR Graphics.)
Project Grade : Excellent (95%)
!! High School !! : ALAZHAR (Secondary school) , Grade: 93%

Post Graduate Studies: Still Working in Ma. Sc. in Digital Signal Processing - DSP
“Building a Hilbert transformer on FPGA” AL-AZHAR University.

!!! Design Skills!!! :
Experienced in product design life cycle HW & embedded SW: Definition, simulation, interfacing, taking National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) & ISO standards in considerations. , Embedded C design, schematic capture, libraries, part placement, layout, assembly level bring up, debug, electrical characterization, troubleshooting, and product engineering. Radio Frequency (RF) Design up to8GHz, High speed PCB design multi layers referring … etc.
HW Engineer

Projects: Design & manufacturing. Electronics solutions & PCB circuits (multilayer) ...etc.
• 2009 – Develop transducers, Encoders , Pressure & temperature transmitters, proximity sensors (instrumentation ) for ADEC
• 2009 – RF and High speed PCB for Consultix-Egypt
• 2008 - Video processing KIT using FPGA chip (PCB only)
• 2005 - 2007 : Electronics PC Languages audio laboratories,
• 2004 - 2005 : Smoke detectors ( alarm system ), Light control Remotely, for KANDIL Masr
Medical dentist’s tools. (motors speed control)
• 2003 A large welcome light screen (EETC 3 exhibition).
• 2002 Transistor curve tracer. and Radar screen using oscilloscope.

!!! Courses !!!:

!Software Courses!
[FEABHAS] 2008 – 2009
• C for Real-Time Developers: (C in real-time embedded application development)
[ARM7,9,11 Cores, development Environment]
• Advanced C Programming: (Advanced aspects of real-time embedded C programmer)
[Memory Management, MISRA-C Rule Guidelines, Linking]
• RTOS Fundamentals & Concepts: (Fundamentals of Real-Time Operating Systems)
[Choosing RTOS, Implementation RTOS in Real Project]

!Management courses!
•2011: Basic Project Management (BPM) (4 days + Project).
[Project Management Information House ].

!Lab view!
•2008: NI • LAB View basic I and Basic II ” G language “

•2004: [National Telecommunication Institute (NTI)] VLSI based design course by Mentor Graphics Tools, :
• FPGA Design for Digital Comm. Sys. & FPGA advantage tool
• PCB & RF Circuits Design, & Expedition tool

!Quality course!
•2010: : Six Sigma (Green Belt) ( 7 days + Project ). [Alfa Electronics].

!Soft skills courses!
•2006-2007: [Dale Carnegie].
The Planning Process (Basic Project Management Skills)
Problem Solving & Decision Making
High Performance Teams (Team Work)
Successful Public Speaking (Presentation Skills)
World Class Customer Service (Customer Service)
Marketing and Advertising (Basic Marketing)
Making Sales Jump Start Your Selling Career (Basic Sales)
Effective Comm. and Human Relations (Communication Skills)

!Network, Security and IT courses!

•2007: [Synergy PS].
• Securing Networks with PIX and ASA v 4.0 SNPA-Cisco
• Securing Cisco Network Devices (SND V2.0)
• Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND v2.3)
• Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies (INTRO V2.1).
• Implementing Microsoft® Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA 2824)
• Managing and Maintaining Microsoft® Server 2003 Environment (2273B).
• Implementing, Managing, & Maintaining a Microsoft® Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure: Network services (2277C).
• CompTIA Security+. , Network+. ,
• Microsoft® Office Project Server (Project+)

!Maintenance Courses!
•1996-98: Ministry of Transportation in [ Zayton Wireless Institute ]
•Two years Diploma in Maintenance of consumer electronics ( TV, Video, Radio cassette, Video cameras, .started PCB design manually.).

Electrical Engineering Dept. (my faculty): 1-How to design a PCB layout,
2-How OrCAD is used in PCB design from SCH to manufacturing techs.

!!! Trainings !!!

One month in 2003 •Al-NASR FOR TV: maintenance in RockSea service center
Procedures of Maintenance & trouble shooting techniques
One month in 2003 •International Electrical Products (IEP) , BAHGAT's GROUP
Different production and assembly procedures PCB manufacturing, R&D, (circuits design), Maintenance & trouble shooting techniques, Tools calibration.
One month in 2003 •Gulf of Suez Petrol Co. GUPCO: Communications Dept.
All telecommunications needs in microwave links, BPX, …Etc.
Two months in 2002, 2003 : ALFA ELECTRONICS ( Production, R&D, Maintenance) Dept.’s
Different production and assembly procedures , R&D ( PCB design & circuits design) , Maintenance & trouble shooting techniques.
AutoCAD designer
2000 • 2001 : Sa3dawy for Engineering Consultations
AutoCAD design sewerages networks for new cities.
Consumer Electronics Maintenance.
Summers in 1997- 1999 :Future maintenance service center (BENHA ELECTRONICS KATRON & LG)
: Maintenance of colored TV and video cassette. PCB design & assembly for hobbies circuits.

!!!Languages!!! : Arabic (Fluent) , English (Excellent), Germain (basics).

!!Computer Skills!!
:Micro-C, Kiel, IAR, WinAVR, … and familiar with other C compilers
Excellent in CAD/CAM programs ( Altium , Protel, P-CAD, ORCAD, Cadence, Allegro, Expedition, PADs, ADS [in RF design], Cam350,…),
Excellent in Mentor Graphics [from VHDL to synthesis , optimize codes, Certified from Mentor Graphics].
Expert in office tools and Ms project, windows application,
Good knowledge in Linux, and Win 2000-2007 Advanced Servers ,
Excellent web Researcher, and sourcing.

!!PERSONALITY!! : Highly committed full of enthusiasm, patience,.
Initiative, dedicated to work, and Learn fast, Resourceful,.
Creative and active flexible team player, always encourages his team.
Good analytical and debugging skills.
I chose 5 Recommendations from professionals I worked with: Electronics Design Engineer in The Egyptian Telephone Co. QUICKTEL

1-Mohamed Elkhouly, Hardware RF Design Engineer, Egyptian Telephone Company worked directly with Abdullah at QuickTel “Abdullah , is one of the best PCB design engineers I have worked with. he has a great momentum to accomplish his tasks , very accurate , and innovative Designer” March 12, 2008
2-Mohammed Fouly, Embedded System Engineer, QuickTel; worked directly with Abdullah at QuickTel “Precise, experienced, talented and very organized PCB designer. Abdullah is a reliable engineer and hard-worker as well. All of this beside that he is a very polite person.” July 5, 2009
3-Mohammad Ehab, Manager, QuickTel; Managed Abdullah directly at QuickTel “During the period Mr Abdallah worked under my direct supervision as a PCB & H/W design engineer, Abdallah proved he is hard worker, willing to learn new experiences every new day, ambition, Honest, smart and able to achieve his duties with minimum supervision. During this period he gained a very good experience in PCB design, telecoms circuit design and testing.” May 16, 2011
4-Emad El-Shewekh, Engineering / R&D Manager, Managed Abdullah directly at **** “Abdallah Farouk is a very good design engineer and an excellent team work member. I am very proud of him being one of our team members.” September 3,2011
5-Emad Hassan, Quality Assurance and development Senior Engineer, ****. Worked with me “Abdullah is a great person with a good smile and fast response one of best PCB
designers and creative in writing VHDL codes” April 1, 2012

FPGA, System Verilog, VHDL, DSP, Business planning, Telecommunications Applications, Control, and Electronics Solutions

Reading, Yoga, Drawing, Swimming, Cycling. Very good in Photoshop, AutoCAD & 3DStudio.

Available upon request.


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