Abdelkader from Algeria applies for Blue Card Germany

Electronics engineers

Personal data:

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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: ENNA national establishment of air navigation Latest occupation/title: electronics engineer of radio navigation and telecoms instruments Latest main activities:


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: engineer Specialisation: electronique Additional trainings:

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | any city 2. Preferred country | region / city: Ireland | any city 3. Preferred country | region / city: Greece |

Language skills:

1. Language skills: french => excellent 2. Language skills: english => reasonable 3. Language skills: arabic => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:

Baccalaureate option science of nature and life
Diploma of state engineer in electronics option control and command (university of KASDI Merbah OUARGLA ALGERIA).
Memory End of study for graduation engineer:
"Design and realization of an electronic annonciator (Card Protection) with USB interface on the basis of microcontroller PIC18f4550, of generators of drilling machine (rig) at the (ENTP) enterprise nationale aux travaux des puis in ALGERIA" Honors.
04 years experience as electronics engineer of radio navigation and telecoms instruments in ENNA national establishment of air navigation
(IN AMENAS airport).
Qualification training about VOR very high frequency omnidirectional ranger used in air navigation
? Programming: Assembler language; C++ (C++ Builder 6; visuel 2006); Pascal (DELPHI 7).
? Operating Systems: MS dos; Windows (98.2000.NT.XP.VISTA.7).
? Internet: navigation; creating websites and forums.
? Familiar with the most common software Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
? Arabic: writing excellent, talking excellent (modern Arabic)
? English: writing well, talking well (technical English)
? French: writing well, talking well (technical French)



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