Sina from Iran applies for Blue Card Germany

Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified

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Name of profession: Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified Name of latest business sector: GAM Electronics Co. Latest occupation/title: JEE Developer Latest main activities:


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Diplom Informatik Specialisation: Software Engineering Additional trainings: Agile Software development

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1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Berlin 2. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | NRW 3. Preferred country | region / city: | Munich

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JEE Developer, Production Department GAM Electronics Co. Iran, Tehran

EDUCATION Diplom Informatik September 2007 - November 2010
University of Bonn, Germany GPA 2.4

Thesis: Context Aware Dynamic Adaptation and Optimization of Web User Interfaces Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Armin B. Cremers

• Designed a proactive framework capable of predicting user’s actions based on historical analysis of user’s previous actions using Markov chain model
• Adapted the UI of web applications dynamically based on user’s interactions with the web page in order to enhance the usability of web applications
• The framework was practiced on Claros inTouch (an open source e-mail client) using JSP, Servlet, MySQL and Tomcat

Focus of studies:
• Distributed Systems
• Cryptography
• Sensor Networks
• Neural Networks
• Artificial Intelligence
• Information Systems
• Software Technology
• Aspect Oriented Software Development

B.Sc. in Software Engineering Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran ,September 2001 - December 2006

Focus of studies:
• Data Structure and Algorithms
• Principal of Operating Systems
• Theory of Languages and Machines
• Principal of Designing Compilers
• Advanced Programming
• Computer Networks
• Computer Architecture
• Software Engineering


JEE Developer, R&D June 2011 - Present
GAM Electronics Co., Tehran, Iran.

In Citizen Enrolment System (Issuance of National ID E-Card in Iran)

• In charge of design and development of an exception handling and logging service for different software architecture layers
• Design and development of service/user authorization using AspectJ in combination with Java annotations
• Development of business logging using AspectJ and Java annotations
• Implementation of certificate authorization using OCSP/CRL protocols
• Development of different aspects of PKI (encryption/decryption and sign/verify applied for fingerprints)

In Almas: A web-based Office-Automation solution which is one of the most successful products natively developed (circa 250K end-users nationwide)

• Responsible for design and development of a messaging system consisting of Email, SMS, Notification and an em- bedded messenger system for the main product
• Development of a calendar application aiming to integrate with the core features of the main product
• Design and Implementation of a Job-Scheduling service based on EJB timers

• R&D in cache clustering which led to utilization of Oracle Coherence
• R&D and development of a notification system (center) based on JMS in which scalability, reliability and high-availability under massive load was critical

Other responsibilities:
• Supervision of colleagues’ issues in order to help them meet customers’ demands and requests
• Took part as a volunteer in the process of switching from old fashioned development procedures to new routines based on agile methodologies
• Configuration of clustered weblogic JMS resources
• Migration of different projects from ad-hoc building structures into Maven

Environment: Struts 2, EJB 3.1, Hibernate 3.x, JPA 2, JMS, AspectJ, Maven 3, JUnit, JAXB, BouncyCastle API,OWASP Security Enterprise API, Nexus, SLF4J, Coherence 3.7, JRebel, Subversion, Eclipse Indigo/ Kepler, JIRA, SOAP, WSDL

Diploma’s Internship March 2008 - April 2008
Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology(b-it)

Agile Software Development / Extreme Programming
• TDD, Unit-Tests, Acceptance Tests, On-site Customer interaction
• Small Releases, Short Iterations, Iteration and Release Planning/Steering, XP Lifecycle • Pair Programming, Collective Code Ownership
• Project Planning: User Stories, Task-Breakdown, Story- and Task-Estimation
• Simple Design, Code Quality Checking, Agile Refactoring

Bachelor’s Internship June 2005 -September 2005
Modiran System Iran, Tehran

Network Administrator Windows-based network troubleshooting and maintenance
• User, policy and group management in windows network
• Security and service monitoring and control


• Programming Languages/Markup/Scripts Languages: Java, AspectJ, C++, Python, JavaScript, Prolog, SQL, XML, HTML, CSS
• Java Family: JEE, EJB, JMS, JPA, JSP, JAXB, JAXP, JNDI, RMI, Servlet, JSP, JTA, JDBC
• Open Source/Third Party:
• Application Server: Weblogic 11g/ 12c, Tomcat, OC4J
• Framework: Struts 2.x, JUnit
• ORM: Hibernate 3.x
• Tools: Bouncy Castle Crypto API, JSON, AspectJ, Maven, Ext-Js, Apache Commons Log4j and Oracle Coherence • Specifications/Protocols/Standards: Ajax, SOAP, WSDL
• Database Management Systems: Oracle 10g, MySQL
• IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, JDeveloper, XCode
• Mobile Development: Basic knowledge of Objective C and iOS SDK
• Methodologies & Software Development Processes: UML Notation, eXtreme Programming (XP)
• Operating Systems: OS X, Windows and some Linux (Ubuntu)


• Persian: Native
• German: Fluent
• English: Fluent
• French: Intermediate

• Sport: Tennis, Swimming

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