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Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Ericsson Managed services Latest occupation/title: Lead Radio Network Optimization Latest main activities: Network quality improvement


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Diploma in information technology Specialisation: Information Technology Additional trainings: Certificate in telecommunications from Birmingham City University

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Frankfurt 2. Preferred country | region / city: United Kingdom | London 3. Preferred country | region / city: Sweden | stokholm

Language skills:

1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: 3. Language skills: =>

Personal note /detailed application:

Preference: Solutions Manager role/ Sr. Management role.
Experience: 15+ years, in GSM / UMTS/ HSPA+, RF/Network Planning & Network Optimization.
Skills: Project Management, New Tech feature assessment, radio network design / rollout and Optimization Management.

Education MSc. Telecommunications
Birmingham City University
2013, Certificate completed, Masters degree ongoing.

PG Masters Diploma (Information Technology)
Symbiosis University, India
Passed out: Sept 2009

Bachelor of Electronics Science
Pune University, India.
Passed out: April 1998

Achievements, awards & Skills
1. Awarded as most outstanding employee in the year 2000 by BPL Cellular Ltd., a GSM service provider for Maharashtra state in India
2. Awarded as one of the most high performing employee in Ericsson AB Ghana for the year 2012 by the President & CEO of Ericsson Mr. Hans Vestberg.
3. Core competence in Network planning, optimization & performance management for industry leading Cellular service operators & vendors like Ericsson, Motorola, Bharti cellular, BPL Cellular, ZAIN, Orascom, Vimpelcom, Orange and Etisalat.
4. Quality-oriented professional with a reputation for service, satisfaction, and results.
5. Proven ability to manage multiple tasks, projects, and assignments simultaneously.
6. Creative troubleshooter, able to quickly identify problems and implement practical solutions.
7. Effective leader with the skills to build highly motivated, productive, and diverse teams
8. Track record of regular promotions and increasingly more complex assignments.
9. Strong customer business understanding and skill to coordinate activities within different departments to visualize the business profitability and present them.

Trainings attended
• SYS 11 –RF Planning
• SYS02 –BSS database and cell parameters
• BSS01 –Base station subsystem design
• CP02 –GSM basics
• NE2 – Nortel System elements and cell parameters
• PlaNet EV4.1 (Marconi Wireless Network Planning Tool)
• UNIX administration and programming (NIIT)
• GPRS-EDGE – Huawei
• Project Management – Knowledge tree Technologies
• Ericsson – Radio Database parameters
Tools Used
• PlaNet EV 4.1 & Planet 2.8 DMS (Planning tool by MSI/Marconi)
• Mentum Planet (Planning tool by Mentum)
• ASSET from Aircom & Ericsson CELL PLANNER (Planning tools)
• ATOLL RF Planning Tool
• Optima Performance measurement tool
• MAPINFO with GIMS (for optimization)
• M2000 & LMT - Huawei
• CTP (Call Trace Product by Motorola)
• TEMS Investigation 9.0 (Drive test tool of Ericsson)
• TEMS Discovery Professional 2.1 (DT post processing tool)
• CHASE field survey system (propagation tool)
• Fics (drive test analysis tool)
• CNA for checking and changing Ericsson Cell parameters
• Eniq-BO (business objects) for Ericsson statistics generation etc.
• Ericsson OSS
• Ericsson RNO (MRR, FAS, FOX, NOX)
• Alcatel RNO
• LCC Post processing 3G Voice and Data
• ACTIX Spotlight for 2G & 3G drive logs analysis
• ACTIX Analyzer
• FACTS – Network performance management tool

System experience

Ericsson : 8 + Years
Motorola : 5 Years and 6 months
Nortel: 6 Months
Nokia: 1 Year
Siemens : 2 Years
Alcatel : 1 Year
Huawei : 3 + Years

Current job Experience

Working for Ericsson West Africa as Head of Radio NPO (Network performance & optimization)
Working since: Oct 2011 till date (approx.. 2 Years)
Responsibility in Nigeria (from April 2013 – till date):
Manage & lead a team of around 50 engineers involved in Network performance and optimization work for the largest telecom operator in the whole of Africa (MTN Nigeria – 51 million subscriber base) This is also the largest mobile network in Africa.
Proactively drive and coordinate with team members on KPIs of each cell/sites
Coordinate all BSC, RF, Drive and Field Related Activities based on inputs/reports from team Members.
Identify Capacity Gaps and liaise with Teams Members concerned on deployment strategies
Compile Generated Optimization suggestions for these worst performers and also for the region as a complete unit, in terms of database parameter, feature and RF optimization.
Weekly management briefing and network quality presentations delivery to the customer.

Responsibility in Senegal (from Nov 2012 – Feb 2013):
NSN to Ericsson network swap project for Tigo.
RAN optimization post swap
New feature implementation on the swapped Ericsson network
Design new plan for 3g site collocation.
System performance evaluation, KPI monitoring, bringing up the quality issues in the network after BSS KPI statistics evaluation and recommending changes.
Present System performance reports to the management and track the quality issues

Responsibility in Ghana (from Oct 2011 – Oct 2012):
Manage the entire RAN & TX planning team of Ericsson West Africa for the customer unit Airtel Africa.
Airtel Africa has given Ericsson a managed capacity and Managed Services contract for West African countries and the entire AOP (Annual operational Plan) of designing the network and expansion of the network activity is managed by me as a Head of RAN & TX Planning Dept.
The work involves WCDMA/UMTS RF Network Design, Technologies Trending & new features implementation, Frequency Planning, Interference Analysis, Link Budget, Capacity Monitoring & Planning, Sites Layouts, Radio Propagation Model Tuning, RF & System Parameters Standardization, System Engineering, RFP Preparation, RF Network Audit, and Technical Presentations. Monitor and enhance quality of different RAB services - CS, PS, HSDPA, HSUPA and EUL
Assessing telecommunication needs of the client and advise them accordingly to follow the roadmap.
Budgeting and Annual year plan for operations spending on equipment and services.

Last job Experience 1

Worked for MTN Ghana as a Sr. Consultant, Network Quality & optimization. MTN is the biggest Mobile operator in Ghana with subscriber base of 10 million. The network is 3.75G GSM / UMTS HSPA.
Assignment Duration: March 2009 to October 2011 (2 years & 7 months)
Keep track of service delivery for different projects
Budget verification for different technical departments and financial controller
Manage the Team of engineers involved in daily reporting & analysis by network statistics and check network health KPI’s & performance
Identify problems in the Radio network and provide justification/solution to the underlying problems.
Reporting the CTO for network’s poor performance, capacity issues on a daily basis for the respective operations department to take action.
Find out the BSS parameters which could be tuned in Huawei and Ericsson to provide better quality as per the requirement for different areas/terrain/demography.
Ad hoc drive test analysis to ensure the best network quality in case of certain important events.
Liaise with the Radio design and optimization team to enhance Radio network Performance.
Provide knowledge sharing to the local engineers & managers of MTN Ghana technical department.
Member of the change control board of MTN Ghana. Authorizes the technical changes requested by any technical department for the changes to be made in the network.

Last job Experience 2

Worked for Ericsson. As a Project Manager 2G/3G RAN Tuning. Client was Zain Ghana for the launch of their new UMTS HSPA network.
Assignment Duration: Nov 2008 to March 2009 (5 months)
Manage a team of 6 RAN Tuning optimization and drive test engineers.
Reporting the network optimization progress and findings and solutions to the top management of the client’s technical wing.
Radio network tuning for 2G/3G UMTS sites.
IRAT handover and traffic monitoring
Analyzing the drive test logs, making route analysis and finding out problems in the network.
View and analyze the radio network design and find out solutions to the designing problems in the newly integrated network.
Analyzing BSS parameters, neighbor lists etc issues and fixing them using Ericsson OSS Tool.
Knowledge sharing to the local engineers.
Change parameter settings in Ericsson BSS.
Getting cluster site acceptance from the client.

Last job Experience 3

Worked for Zain Kenya Ltd. as RAN NW redesign and optimization Consultant to optimize the dual vendor network of Ericsson and Alcatel in Nairobi and the other major town and cities.
Zain – Celtel Kenya is the second largest operator in Kenya and has 3 million subscribers in their network.
Assignment Duration: January 2008 to October 2008 (10 months)
RF Network Audit for 2.75G network of Zain Celtel.
Link budget /path balance calculation plan and analysis for 3G CS & PS.
BSS parameter audit for ERICSSON R12 and ALCATEL B8.
New frequency plan for the whole of Kenya Network after the reduction of Frequency spectrum using AFP on Mentum Planet.
Planning tool audit and propagation model corrections.
Multiband OL/UL cell planning and designing.
IFP & AFP training for local engineers.
KPI performance benchmarking.
Knowledge sharing to the local engineers.
Define process for network expansion.

Last job Experience 4

Worked for LCC Middle East to audit and recommend optimization of the Huawei-Ericsson-Alcatel-Motorola 2G/3G network of Etisalat UAE.
Etisalat is the largest mobile operator in UAE with 2G – 3 G HSDPA network with more than 5000 sites, 18 MSC’s in UAE and 6.2 Million Subscriber base.
Assignment Duration: August 2007 to Jan 2008 (6 months)
Manage the Audit Project for Radio network of Etisalat
RF Network Audit for 2G-3G network of Etisalat (Dubai-Abudhabi-Ajman-Sharjah-Fujairah-Ras Al khaimah).
BSS/RNC parameter audit.
2G-3G drive test post processing and change recommendations.
Planning tool audit.
KPI performance benchmarking.
TEMS 3G drive test analysis and problem identification.
Analysis of voice, video and data incidents from drive tests.

Last job Experience 5

Worked for Celtel Madagascar to manage the Network performance and optimization of the Huawei-Siemens network in Madagascar.
Assignment Duration: April 2007 to Aug 2007 (5 months)
Managing the RF Team of Celtel Madagascar.
Defining RF Processes
Optimizing the newly swapped BSS network from Siemens to Huawei
Plan for new phase network enhancements
Provide on job trainings to the local team
Plan and deploy multiband feature in Huawei network
Implement whole new frequency plan to reduce interference
Traffic analysis and dimensioning.

Last job Experience 6

Worked for Orange Mobinil Egypt Ltd. for Network performance and optimization of the Motorola network in Cairo. The total subscriber base of the company is 30 Million in Egypt
Assignment Duration: September 2006 to April 2007 (8 months)
Redesign of the Cairo network consisting of 1000 sites in the whole Motorola Cairo network.
Fine tuning of capacity enhancing techniques like congestion relief, concentric zone cells and coincident multiband cells.
Distribution of traffic in order to relieve some heavily congested cells.
Optimize the cell parameters of the whole Motorola cells.
Audit the network quality and make change recommendations.
Develop an RDBMS tool to check inconsistency of BSS database parameter.
Define the RF Process for the RF Department for systematic working of the team.

Last job Experience 7

Worked for Ericsson Kenya Ltd. for swap project from Alcatel to Ericsson for the Celtel Network, which has a subscriber base of 2 Million.
Assignment Duration: June 2006 to September 2006 (4 months)
Manage the radio aspect of ALCATEL to ERICSSON swap project
Assisting the Client in Cell planning issues.
Map the existing Alcatel cell parameters with Ericsson Cell parameters.
Optimizing the BSS cell parameters for Ericsson R11
Analyzing the pre and post cutover drive test.
Audit the network quality and make change recommendations.
Traffic analysis for before and after cutover.
Support the client for any complicated issues and quick optimization.
GPRS / EDGE planning, and drive test

Last Job Experience 8

Worked for CELTEL (now Airtel) operations throughout Africa as a Group RF Planning and optimization Consultant. The company has operations in 14 countries of Africa with a subscriber base of 70 Million.
Assignment Duration July 2003 to April 2006 (2 years and 9 months)
Responsibility: RF Planning and Optimization activities in
• Zambia………..(Siemens & Ericsson)
• Malawi………...(Siemens)
• Uganda………..(Motorola & Siemens)
• Niger…………..(Alcatel)
• Sierra Leone….(Ericsson)
• Chad…………..(Ericsson)
• Tanzania………(Ericsson & Alcatel)

Have worked in all the countries mentioned above as a central Resource RF Consultant.
Lead a group of around 21 RF engineers in all the countries above.
Database parameter optimization for various vendor BSS
Coverage and cell planning
Frequency planning (AFP)
SFH & BBH planning on Siemens & Ericsson network.
Traffic and capacity planning through PlaNet traffic splitting
Audit the network quality and make change recommendations.
Plan & submit BOQ’s for the new phase rollout.
Knowledge sharing to local engineers on GSM technology.
Coverage population penetration & Demography analysis.

Last job Experience 9

Worked for K Mobile (now Vimpelcom) as a Network Optimization Specialist. The company is the second biggest GSM operator in the Ex Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan with more than 400 Motorola BTS’s all over the country.
Designation: GSM optimization Specialist.
Assignment Duration: August 2002 to April 2003 (9 months)
Implement SFH in Almaty (commercial capital city)
Database parameter optimization
Network Performance management
Change recommendation hardware (Antenna/duplexer/combiner etc.)
Quality analysis and optimization recommendations
Site finalizations for third phase expansion, antenna selections & preparation of BOQ.

Last Job Experience 10

Worked in Network Planning department Bharti Cellular Ltd (Airtel). India’s largest GSM service provider catering to 90 % of the Indian states.
Designation: Assistant Manager Network Planning
Assignment Duration: 15th Nov 2001 to July 2002 (9 months)
Designing the India’s first GSM 1800, GPRS Network.
Initial Network Design and Planning
Morphology Study
Site walks
Propagation tests
Model Tuning
Site finalizations
Antenna selections, deciding tilts etc.
Deciding TMA’s etc.
Frequency Planning
Link Budget
EiRP calculations (Power Budget)
Deciding database parameters values such as Max. Transmit power, Handover control parameters etc.

Last Job Experience 11

Company: Worked for BPL Cellular Ltd. (now acquired by Vodafone India in the Yr. 2007), (BSS: Motorola, Nortel & Nokia system) a GSM service provider in Western India.
Designation: Sr. RF Planning Engineer
Assignment Duration: 10th June 1998 to 15th Nov 2001 (3 years and 5 months)
Issuing of BSS database parameters for Motorola, Nokia & Nortel BSC’s
Network performance Analysis.
Development and representation of performance reporting issues and processes.
Radio Network Design and planning
Optimization for BPL mobile network for the Maharashtra telecom circle.
Involved in Site Selection process. Conducted Drive test (CW measurements) using the CHASE FIELD SURVEY SYSTEM.
Prepared Optimal Frequency plans using the Planning Tool.
Network Optimization drive test using TEMS & GIMS and FICS for post processing.
Implemented series of GSM repeaters for enhanced coverage. The places even include regions being served at TA>58 and where even DoT (Department of Telecommunications India) has not reached with their land lines.
Attending to the customer complaints and providing solutions for coverage enhancements.
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