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Electrical engineers

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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: Russia space agency Latest occupation/title: engineer Latest main activities: developing algorithms for automatic control systems


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: engineer Specialisation: robotics, servo drive systems of aircratfs Additional trainings:

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I live and work in Moscow, Russia and I am looking for a job in European Union.

I graduated the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) in 2008 as an engineer in servo drive systems. The education allows me not to be limited in aerospace field only but to work with any automatic control systems like industrial robots. My faculty is called "Robototechnics and intellectual systems".

I started to work in 2006 and I mostly specialized in high precision autonomous systems.

2006-2007: My first job was part-time occupation in State National Institute of Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS). The department I was working in develops and maintains multi axis simulation tables for testing and tuning aviation equipment.
My main duties were testing reducers, checking electric wiring for consistensy, assembly and tuning of industrial electric servodrives (mostly direct current machines) and correction and writing different requirements specifications (paper work).

2007-2012: My second job was in ZAO "TPK"Linkos" and I was in the Servodrive systems department. Department included three other engineers so my duties were very various (from ordering parts and communicate with sellers to troubleshooting failure units). I developed there the algorithm of the electric drives in the aerial camera resolving two main problems: stabilization and precise positioning. I used for the job the Matlab Simulink and developed (as a part of cost cutting policy) a real-time model for testing and pre-tuning operator's command joystick aside from the ordinary system models. I made small simulation tables for testing micromechanical sensors we used in the system. I checked and tested assembly of the electric parts and tuned the servocontrollers. We were using The Elmo Motion Control units for aviation applications but this controllers can be used for controlling industrial robots as well - it clearly follows from their manuals. This is why I presume I might work well with industrial applications.

2012-present: Now I am developing algorithms for different automatic control systems for spacecrafts. My latest task was to create algorithm for moving narrow-field antenna on a satellite.

I may provide a copies of translations of my recommendation letters.

I can speak English fluently and had been learning German in school and in the first three years in MAI so I could recover it rather quickly, but for further oral and written communication I would prefer English (I have been learning and using it for the last five years). However, written communication might be in German.

Thank you for your time, I would like to discuss any offers in the professional area I described above.

Yours faithfully,
Engineer from Russia :)


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