sherif from egypt applies for Blue Card United Kingdom

Electrical engineers

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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: Maintenance Dep. Latest occupation/title: Electrical first engineer Latest main activities:


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Electrical power engineering Specialisation: Power systems Additional trainings:

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Msc. in electrical engineering - Power systems - 2013 - cairo university
Bsc. in electrical engineering - power and machines - 2008 - Benha university

Working for khalda Petroleum Company (Maintenance Department)
from May 2010 till now (11 KV OHTL, Diesel gen., distribution power transformers, 0.4,3.3 KV shipping pumps,early production facilities and remote facility areas).

Worked as comm. engineer for Kalabsha 40.000 BOPD facility (11, 3.3 & 0.4 KV switchgear[ABB-MNSIS] type, UPS, battery system, transformer system, Emergency Diesel gen., and lighting systems).

Worked for Nasr General Constructing Company (Hassan Allam) from April 2009 till May 2010


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