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Electrical engineers

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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: Wireless telecommunication Latest occupation/title: UMTS/LTE Performance & Optimization Team Leader Latest main activities: Planning & Optimization for UMTS/LTE Networks


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Electrical Engineering Specialisation: Telecommunication & Electronics Additional trainings:

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1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Nordrheinwestfalen 2. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Niedersachaen 3. Preferred country | region / city: United Kingdom | Shefield

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1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: 3. Language skills: Arabic => excellent

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Work Experience  
-Current Work: LTE/3G Planning & Optimization Team Leader (Huawei, Jordan) (From 24-April-2011- Present)
Providing the preliminary, launch and final LTE design, technical plumbing diagrams, cluster design, PCI & TA planning and RNDCIQ for integration. LTE RF planning and design using Atoll planning tool using the following system parameters: TDD duplexing, band 7 (2.6 GHz Spectrum), 10 and 20 MHz channel BW, 1x3x1 frequency reuse and 2x2 MIMO system. Estimation the total number of sites for 90% coverage. Calculating LTE RF link budget for UL and DL including: Antenna gain, Transmit power, Diversity gain, Noise Figure, Receiver Sensitivity, EIRP, Lognormal Fading, Fast Fading, Interference margin, Number of resource elements, Power per resource element, Building loss, Vehicle loss, Body loss and Target SNR. SPM (Standard Propagation model) tuning using Continuous Wave (CW) drive test data logs from different sites on different clutter classes. Monte Carlo Simulation for LTE system capacity Analysis using different traffic maps and subscriber lists data and analyzing the simulation statistics to make sure that the percentage of rejections due to Resource Saturation (%RS) for all sectors is ?2% which indicates that the system capacity is sufficient to satisfy the traffic load requirements for the planning period. Improving the total designed LTE network KPI’s (coverage -mainly RSRP-, quality –RSRQ and SINR-, throughput –average simulated Mbps per Cell and for the total network-, and dominance-interference reduction.) Generating Atoll predictions plots to evaluate the network performance based on the new proposed configuration changes, running Monte-Carlo simulations for capacity estimations and throughput improvements, and site selection and cell Optimization using ACP Tools. Analyzing the MME and eNodeB Stats to evaluate different KPIs; such as: Accessibility, Retainability, Mobility, and Service Integrity. Setting different eNB parameters: PRACH preamble format for the appropriate cell radius, PCFICH for different PDCCH symbol numbers and timing advance parameter setting. Setting different configurations for TDD frame and special frame such as: DwPTS, GP and UpPTS. Configuring LTE neighbors list and inter-RAT neighbors (GSM, UMTS) optimization.  

Leading Network Planning, Performance, and Optimization of UMNIAH 3G Network. RAN Dimensioning & Capacity management. Statistics analysis, Network performance optimization, and KPIs improvement. RAN Parameters definition and optimization. RAN Counters & KPIs formula analysis. Drive test & layer 3 messages analysis. Neighbors planning & optimization. Capacity analysis. Scrambling codes planning and optimization. Link Budget calculation.

  - Previous Experience:   RF Planning & Optimization Team Leader (Motorola, EMEA Region) (From 1-Augest-2008 to 24-April-2011)

Designing a WIMAX network from scratch. Planning WiMAX sites using the latest planning Tools for both WiMAX 802.16e & 802.16 d versions  and using the latest Advanced Antenna Systems such as MIMO techniques. Frequency planning using PUSC’s & FUSC’s as SOFDMA techniques. WIMAX Network Optimization. Capacity Design. Strong technical and theoretical background in RF Planning for mobile and Fixed WIMAX. Providing professional trainings to Department’s RF Engineers in all WIMAX RF related issues as a certified RF Engineer from the WIMAX Forum. Following up WIMAX Customer Complaints and using many troubleshooting techniques for solving problems that may arise. On site surveys for base station locations selection (whenever required). Leading Radio Engineers for initial network rollouts, providing direct support whenever needed. Planning WiMAX RAN using the latest planning tools (Atoll, U-Net). RAN Network Optimization Skills. Capacity Design. Providing professional trainings to department’s RF Engineers in all WiMAX/LTE RF Planning & Optimization principles.

LTE RF Network Design Audit & Validation. Analysis of LTE Baseline RF Network Design. Identifying coverage gaps, dominance lacking areas, and poor signal quality areas. Design Optimization and planning new sites to achieve required KPI’s as per the design guidelines. Running Monte Carlo simulations to evaluate the design under traffic loading. Generating KPIs, final design report, data to produce RFDS, and finalize projects for design certificates.  

RF Planning & Optimization Senior Engineer-Umniah Mobile Company (        (March 2005 till August 2008)

Check Network KPI’s on daily basis (BSC & Cell Level). Applying Full Optimization Skills & Actions to enhance Network KPI’s using all available tools. Increasing network reliability by offering enough radio resources via implementing network                               expansions and applying optimization solutions to relief network congestion. Coming up with out of box ideas to solve new problems that may arise.    Applying various Optimization techniques for controlling and distributing traffic (e.g. cell layering,   load H.O, cell selection and reselection parameters.) Implementing BSC and LAC Designs. Troubleshooting radio problems that affect Network KPI’s. Network planning which includes frequency planning, Site Surveys to solve coverage, capacity and Quality problems using planning tools (e.g. Asset, MapInfo). Conducting Drive Tests whenever needed. Analyzing Log files using a post processing tools such as Actix. Updating Actix cell database periodically. Enhance EDGE & GPRS performance by assuring enough resources in BSC and Cell level.  

Vendor Experience  

 Airspan (WiMAX)  Huawei (GSM, WiMAX, UMTS, LTE).  Motorola (WiMAX, LTE).
Professional Trainings   
  • LTE (United Kingdom 10-May to 25-May-2010) LTE204: LTE Operations & Maintenance (Motorola) LTE300: LTE Radio Link & EPS Signaling (Motorola)  
• WIMAX Forum RF Network Engineer “WFRE”  (Certified on June 4th 2008 Dubai-UAE WFRE#534).       (May 31 – June 4th 2008, Dubai)  
• Expert RF Planning & Optimization Training. (1-16th December 2005, Huawei-Shenzhen, China).  
• Time & Stress Management, Communication Skills & Intercultural Management Training. (25-27th October 2008- PROJACS Project Management & Controls Co., Amman, Jordan).  
• CISCO CCNA Academy. (July 26th –September 6th 2006, MYTEKPLUS Training Center, Amman, Jordan).  
•Advanced Excel Training. (1-25th December 2006, MYTEKPLUS Training Center, Amman, Jordan).

  Advanced Planning and Optimization Tools Experience    Asset.  Actix.  Astellia.  TEMS Investigation.  MapInfo.  Probe/ Probe Assistant.  U-net.  Atoll.


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