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Electronics engineers

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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: Automotive Latest occupation/title: Engineering Manager Latest main activities: Electromagnetic Compatibility -Vehicle and component EMC, Environmental durability


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: M.Tech(Master of Technology) Specialisation: Electronics and communication Engineering Additional trainings: DFSS, DFMEA

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Personal note /detailed application:

• Automotive EMC and Environmental Engineering manager with extensive experience (17 Years) in component EMC, vehicle EMC , component environmental durability for automotive , IT and wireless telecom products, Power industry instrumentation products
• Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Automotive (Component and Vehicle EMC), IT, Wireless Telecom, Power industry.
• Environmental durability for electronics modules
• Automotive vehicle electrical validation and performance testing and root causing with DFSS approach
• Planning, co-ordination and execution
• Excellent problem solving skills with proven track record, with knowledge of DFMEA
• Product life cycle management with DVP & R
• Engineering team building – creating highly effective teams
• Engineering flow standardization and process management
• Creating and Establishing vision and performance metrics for multiple teams with special focus on collaborative efforts for improving and standardizing engineering flows – EMC Team, Environmental durability team, vehicle validation and performance test team, in India for North America and Europe vehicles
• Established LAB in India for EMC, environmental durability and vehicle electrical tests
• Proficient in problem solving skills in technical and other business areas
• Active contributor to professional institutions – Contributed as Speaker at ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) on Component EMC test applicability and DVPR (Design, validation, planning & reporting ) in 2013
• Worked in USA and Germany with current and past employer

Org 1: Current Organization - Engineering Manager – Present (7 years 3 months)
• Create and manage Subject matter experts ( SME ) teams - EMC Team, Environmental durability team to work on for North America and Europe vehicles
• vehicle electrical validation and performance test team, in India
• Additional responsibility to business case preparation and lab budget approval by leadership for EMC and Environmental durability requirement, vehicle electrical validation and performance test.
Org 2: Product Lead - 2001 – 2006 (5 years)
• Lead board development team (13 members)
* Managed five products from development to production and supported post production field issues
* Established EMC lab for wireless telecom product
Org 3: Project Associate , IIT, Chennai , July 2000 – August 2001 (1 year 2 months)
• Design and testing of digital board design for subscriber terminal of wireless telecommunication products.
Org 4: Engineer - Hardware, June 1997 – August 1998 (1 year 3 months)
• Test and design verification for EMC, environmental durability requirement of IT hardware products like thin client, networking cards, monitor etc.
Org 5 : Engineer - Design and development ,1995 – May 97 (2 yrs 2 months)
• Design and test of controller for Power and distributing transformer for EMC and environmental durability requirement in association with SAMEER and ETDC, Chennai


• Component EMC requirement for Body Electronics, Chassis Systems - ABS,ESP, Cluster, lighting, Engine control module (ECM) etc
• Vehicle EMC requirement specification as per , AIS004. ECE Rev 10 and EMC test equipment’s
• Component Environmental requirement specifications - Electrical, climatic-temperature, mechanical-vibration, mechanical shock, IP- Dust and water etc) for lighting , switches, motors(cluster, wiper, window lifter etc)
• Vehicle electrical test requirement – Parasitic, charge balance, vehicle integrations tests etc
• Proficient in Interface (digital, analog) design reviews with CAN, LIN, Ethernet interfaces
• Proficient in EMC Test plan review, EMC Design Review and EMC result analysis of Automotive Electronics.
• Proficient in Environment durability Test plan review, ENV Design Review and ENV result analysis of Automotive Electronics.
• Proficient in ADI Micro-processor based board design, xilinx platform logic design implementation, defining module interface, bus protocols, Post layout Simulation of digital blocks. optimal placement, routing.
• Ethernet RTL8019 10/100 Controller, Interface: Voice interface design with 8 bit Codec and SLIC (Infineon). Data interface design with Ethernet (Realtek), RS422, RS232. Digital and Analog: CPLD Design, ADC, DAC (TI Make).
• SMPS: 5 to 15W AC_DC and DC_DC converter Design based TOP/TNY Switch and MICREL which meets CE/RE/Surge/EFT/Safety Requirement.
• Signal Integrity – Reflection and cross talk analysis, clock distribution analysis using Hyperlynx. Good understanding of transmission line theory.
• EMI/EMC Design, Testing and Safety care in digital boards/ product.
• Develop EMC Test Methods, standards, Test Plan to meet Field conditions.
• Design to meet K.21, IEC, CISPR with in-house lab facility like SURGE/EFT/ESD simulator, AC source analyzer, 1Mhz LCR meter, 6KVac HV Tester, K.21 Power cross and Power induction Tester, EMI Receiver with built in LISN, Spectrum analyzer, Logic analyzer, storage oscilloscope etc.
• Pre-compliance certification of the product in accordance with national / international Standards.

• Involved in bringing up the Board using embedded software. Identified the root causes of design bugs, provided solutions to the design bugs and implemented the solutions. Using Digital storage oscilloscope.

• Generated the Datasheets, Product Reference Manuals, other technical documentation. Involved in training validation and Field Installation, Engineers of Licensee, demonstrating the products and supporting various customers on the field.


• Automotive, Telecom, IT and power industry instrumentation
• Working knowledge of Designing interfaces like Ethernet 10/100 MAC Voice Interface with 8 bit Codec and Slic for WLL based telecom network.
• Working Knowledge of DSP Processors (ADSP218x), Interfaces- - CAN, LIN, Ethernet
• Strong understanding of PCB layout.
• Proficient in EMC/EMI Analysis. Capable of designing board to meet EMI/EMC requirement in one iteration with Reflection and crosstalk measurement and analysis, Ground bounce measurement and reduction. Timing and clock distribution analysis.
• Working knowledge in Signal Integrity. Good understanding of Antenna and Transmission theory.


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