Mohamed Samir from Egypt applies for Blue Card Germany

Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: power station erection supervision Latest occupation/title: project eng. Latest main activities: project eng.


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Dipl.eng. Specialisation: maschienenbau Warmetechnik Additional trainings: Cementfactory maintenance

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Name: Mohammed Samir Alkhiami

Nationality: Syrian.

Date of Birth: 1946

Place of Birth: Damascus, Syria.

Marital Status: Married.

Languages: Arabic. German English. and French

Contact: E-mail:
Mobile: (002) 01100522789

Experience: 34 years in Engineering Works in Syria

Address: Egypt, Cairo, Sheikh Zaied - 1086


Academic Qualification: Dipl. Mechanical Engineering Karl Marx University, Chemnitz Germany: 1967- 1972


Experience in manufacturing of filling machines, machine parts and different Equipment, Valves, plastic modules and automatic control.

Also familiar with the coordination between all entities involved in mechanical works, cost control, cost performance reports, development of overall revenue and cost budget, etc.


Place , Authority Field Course Description Year
Bologna Italy Repairs GE gas turbines frame 5 2000
Wien, Austria Repairs LMF natural gas compressor 1992
WestEnd, England Repairs Air Compressor and drilling machines
Compair 1980
Imola, Italy Repairs Benati excavator
London, England Repairs Thomson beton pump 1979
Paris, France Repairs Lambert beton pump 1978
Memmingen, Germany Repairs Stetter Beton pum and Mixers88
Herne, Germany Repairs Schwing Beton pump 1977
Deuna Germany Cement Factory
Repairs Deuna Cementwerk 1976
Around Germany Track repairs Daimler Benz (Mercedes ) 1975


January 1973 _-July 1975
Military service
Cooperation with Mercedes –Benz representative for delivery training and
Putting into operation for 280 saddle vehicle

August, 1975 – May, 1977
Adra Cement Factory Installation and Start up
Position: Main Mechanical Engineer
Project: Mechanical works and installation of machines for two lines 800X2 t|d. The construction works are done by Syrian staff, the factory is delivered from East Germany (SKET) turnkey job the erecting works are done by subcontractor. Consultant Company is from India.

May, 1977 – April, 1984:
Project: Extension of Adra Cement Project for additional line 800 t|d.
Participation in Tartous Cement Plant with 4 lines 1200 t\d each.
Position: Mechanical Engineer

June, 1984 – April, 1988:
General Company for Concrete
Position: Mechanical Engineer
Project: Construction of 32 concrete silos in Alnasrieh and a lot of smaller mechanical works.

July, 1988 – February, 1994:
Syrian Petroleum Company
Position: Mechanical Engineer
Project - 1-: 3 gas turbines frame 6 delivered turnkey job from AEG (Germany) value100M US $ +
announcing for tender for gathering system and gas terminal station to feed the turbines.
supervision the execution of the turbines
supervision the execution of gathering system and gas terminal station to feed the turbines executed by Suedrohrbau (Germany)
supervision the execution of the transformer from6 KV to 250 KV to feed the grid
supervision the execution of civil works executed by a local company

project -2- : Tendering and supervision for executing the first natural gas station in Syria executed by (LMF) (Austria) with modifying of 30 differnt cars and trucks to use the natural gas

February, 1994 – 2013:
Private Engineering Office
Main Works: Tenders Participation
Position: General Manager

A. Executing hydraulic lift for the kiln 400t hydraulic. Oil pressure 700and 150 bar.

B. Executing radial fans diameter 60 ----210 cm ( motor capacity 3 ----to 300 KW).

C. Executing rotary valves (air lock) with different sizes with automatic control.

D. Executing heat exchangers oil water (pipe bundle) different sizes.

E. Executing filling machines for powder with electronic control.

F. Welding cracks in cement mills 3m diameter.

G. Cooperating with LAHMAYER Company (from Germany) for consultancy work to make an offer to increase the capacity of Mhardeh power plant (600 MW).

H. Cooperating with GE staff for executing their contract and to install 3 GE generator sets (3000 ps) on three Russian locomotives .The contract include delivery of 32 sets.

I. Cooperation with GE staff for developing 5 Gas turbines from 15 to 25 MW

J. Cooperation with GE staff for offering spare parts for GE gas turbines in Syria

K. Erection of sand mill project delivered from china for silica products 2t|h.

L. Erection of calcium carbonate mill delivered from HOSOKAWA 2t|h.

M. Major repair works in Adra cement factory in Damascus.




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