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Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Field Testing of UE SW Protocol for a Renowned Client Latest occupation/title: Technical Lead Latest main activities: • Radio testing and related analysis (device issues, test and live network issues) • Involved in testing the following of devices: o LTE – CSFB, PS services o HSPA, Field Tests o Device network selection/reselection, handovers and roaming behaviour


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Electronics and Communication Specialisation: Electronics and Communication Additional trainings: LTE Basic and Advanced

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Personal note /detailed application:

Aricent Technologies Technical Lead: Testing


• 8 years of experience in testing and maintenance of wireless telecom products ranging from
LTE UE, 3G femtocell and GSM BTS.
• In depth experience of Testing (both manual and automated), Fault isolation, Bug fixing and
Customer Support for LTE
• Hands-on experience in all the phases of testing cycle
• Wireless technologies experience: LTE, UMTS femtocell and GSM.
• Experience in system verification and validation of interfaces and layer3 and layer 2 protocols of
LTE network systems using 3GPP specifications.
• Client Interface Experience:
o Involved in LTE/3G/2G modem testing for IMC at customer site (Paris, France/ Staines , UK)
o Involved in joint KPI testing for CS and PS with SAMSUNG at customer site (Milan ,Italy / Staines , UK)
o Involved in launch of first commercial NSN software Field Trial with customer Hutchison for BTS (Jakarta, Indonesia)


Technical Domain: LTE, 3G Femto Cell Solution, UMTS and GSM, 4G Protocols: L3 and L2
Layers (RRC, MAC, RLC, PDCP), 3GPP specs knowledge: 36.331, 36.321,
36.322, 36.323

Testing Tools: WireShark, Mobile Analyzer, Artemis, IRTC and STT (System Trace Tool), Phone
Tool, TEMS, Ethereal, NetHawk protocol Analyzer, HIT(Holistic Integration Tester),
R&S Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator
Technology :

Documentation: Mercury Quality Center, IMS-Sharenet

Bug Tracking: Nokia Web Pronto, UTP CQ



Project: Modem Verification Engineer (Field Testing)
Client: Intel Mobile Communication
Duration: 33 months
Contribution: Have participated in Field Test of SP7160, SP6360, XMM6360, SP6260 V3,
SP6260 Hardware.
Achievements: Rewarded “STAR performer” for SP6260-V3 (Samsung Galaxy S3) Testing.

Responsible for:

• Testing of LTE L2 and L3 procedures and scenarios including (RRC+NAS) such as RRC
Connection Request, Attach, Default bearer Establishment, Detach, RRC Connection Release,
RRC connection reestablishment etc. Contention based and non-contention based RACH
procedures etc
• Test planning and system testing for the LTE features:
? Intra-Cell Handover (Inter RAT and Intra-LTE S1AP),
? Re-establishment of UE,
? S1 Handover and X2AP Handover
? CQI (Channel Quality Indicator)
? Verification of contention and non-contention RACH procedures.
? Verification of Integrity and ciphering algorithms at PDCP level.
? CS & PS services
? Network selection/reselection
? Handovers
? Multi RAB behaviour, including the Multiple PDP.
• Radio testing and related analysis (device issues, test and live network issues)
• Perform functionality testing, feature testing using AT commands and running scripts over AT
• Generating consolidated RVT Test Report including test results from all the FT locations,
consolidated MTBF, Summary of all the CRs, Field Test Summary, Data Throughput results,
RF Calibrations results and Power measurement results.
• Perform drive test with the given scope in 4G/ 3G / 2G / 2.5 G environments
• Field Testing of final form factor-Release Verification test, KPI testing, Regression testing,
Feature verification testing that aims at measuring the performance of UE in filed in terms of
CSFB, Data call Drop, Multi Rab Drop, Throughput_Uplink+Downlink, Network recovery, WAP
• Capturing error logs, creating change requests, test reports and status overviews.
• Providing support to the development team for reproducing specific scenarios.
• Joint testing with customer for CS and PS KPI
• Authoring of 2G/3G based Release 8/ Release 9 New Features and Test Suites.
• Authoring of LTE based new Test suites and Features.
• Authoring of Complete Manual for tools used for Testing - which is later referred by customer as well.

Project working Locations & Durations:

• Project : LTE Field Testing May13 – Sep 13
Location: Paris, France
• Project : 3G & 2G Field Testing Dec12 – May 13
Location: Staines , UK
• Project : 3G & 2G Field Testing Dec 11 – Nov 12
Location: Paris, France
• Project : 3G & 2G Field Testing July 11 – Nov 11
Location: Staines , UK
• Project : 3G & 2G Field Testing Mar 11 – June 11
Location: Paris + Milan

Project: 2.5G BTS Testing
Client: NSN UK
Contribution: Worked on NSN BTS release testing
Period: 44 months

Responsible for:

• Testing of GPRS, EGPRS features on NOKIA & SIEMENS EDGE BTS.
• Release Testing of the BTS Software over NOKIA Ultra Site & Metro Site BTS and SIEMENS
BTS software releases for NOKIA and GEMINI 1 for SIEMENS.
• To perform different types of testing like Regression Testing, System Testing, Pronto Testing &
New Features Testing. Also involved in the testing of GUI based features of Nokia BTS like
BTS Manager, BTS HW Configurator etc.
• Execution and Verification of the customer pronto (SW BUG) and the Impact Analysis on
current release
• Analysis of TEMPS traces on Air interface.
• Test Specification authoring and testing of new feature like Hopping, Diversity, Link Adaptation
& Incremental redundancy, ECell, Ciphering, AMR , TFO , handovers of different types (
Quality, level, distance, Power), cell reselection and Broadcast Message.
• On the basis of New Feature Design documents and Requirements authoring and reviewing
Test Plan Specifications and Test cases for various BTS software releases
• Integration of CBC Simulator used along with Siemens BSC for SMSCB.
• Responsible for Functional testing scenarios which include:
o CS Services e.g., Voice call, SMS.
o PS Services, e.g. UL and DL EGPRS and GPRS data transfer.
o Handover and Cell Reselection for the CS and PS services

Project working Locations & Durations:
• Project : Testing of Nokia BTS Software Apr 07 – Dec 10
Location: Aricent Technologies (Holdings), Gurgaon

o Rewarded with Snap Award for SMSCB Feature of NSN
o Rewarded with Excellence Award for NSN Field Trial with customer Hutchison in Indonesia
o Rewarded with Snap Awards for new features like AMR-WB, ECELL for EGPRS for NSN.

Project: VAS Engg ERICSSON
Client: Reliance & Airtel
Contribution: Worked on PRBT and VAS Services
Period: 10 months

Worked as Engineer VAS operations With Ericsson Pvt. India Ltd. for customers like Airtel and Reliance mobile networks.

Responsibilities: -

• Looking after the VAS(Value Added Services) nodes which includes SMS, MMS, GPRS
,MCA(Missed Call Alerts)
• Manage Service Hosting (content hosting) for BSNL and MTN (Srilanka)
• Manage Service Hosting PRBT (Personalized Ring Back Tone) for RTL.
• Provide support to Bharti , BSNL and RTL network using various application tools like ER(
Ericsson resolution) and OVO(Open View Operations).
• Monitoring services and performing Health Check for VAS and RTL nodes
• Attending customer complaints (RTL)
• Performance Management..
• Handling Configuration, Change Management, Trouble Management, Fault analysis &
Monitoring VAS nodes.


Percentage: 70% UP Technical University (2001-2005)

Rashi Lamba


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