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Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: Power Latest occupation/title: Assistant Engineer(Mechanical Operation of Thermal Power Plant) Latest main activities: Thermal Power Plant Operation, Piping Engineering


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Bachelor of Technology Specialisation: Mechanical Engineering Additional trainings: Energy Manager

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Skills: Operation of Coal Fired Power Plant of varied unit configuration (210 MW ,250 MW & 500 MW), Operation, Maintenance and Project Planning(Design Phase), Energy Management, Piping Engineering of Thermal Power Plant, Maintenance of Combined Cycle Power Plant as well as Process Industry, Heat and Mass Balance and other Engineering Calculation(based on Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics).

Work Experience and Job Details:
Current Organization: Damodar Valley Corporation
Tenure: Since Feb’09.
Designation: Assistant Engineer, Mechanical, Department- Operation and Maintenance, Mejia TPS
Experience gathered / proficiency:
• Forecasting and scheduling of Generation of a day depends on availability of raw materials, equipments
• Shut down maintenance planning from Operation Department with Maintenance Departments
• Hot and Cold Start-up of 210, 250, 500 MW unit using MAX DNA, Siemens operating system
• Operation of 210, 250, 500 MW units with CE Designed Boiler(Pulverized Coal fired-HFO and LDO support), KWU designed Steam Turbine(HG and EHG mode) through CMC, Boiler Follow, Turbine Follow and manual mode
• Generating power to meet schedule as forecasted by maintaining all parameters and safety
• Handling Operation related Emergencies like total power failure, tripping of Coal Mill, BFP, ID Fan, FD Fan etc
• Coordination with Maintenance Departments regarding activities requiring operation-maintenance interface
• Field Quality Assurance during Overhauling
• Checking of protection and permissive with Control & Instrumentation after completion of overhauling
• Calculation of Boiler, Turbine Efficiency, Condenser and Heater Performance, Cooling Tower Performance and scope of improvement
• Conducting hydro test of Boiler for IBR certification
• Working in customized EBA system (Generation Forecast and other operational activities)
• Instant decisions in saving unit from tripping and saving equipment from damage
• Action as a successful team leader at time of Hot and Cold start-up of unit

Previous Organization: Development Consultant Private Limited
Tenure: Nov’07 to Feb’09
Designation: Design Engineer, Department- Power Cell

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Projects Handled:
• 110MW Piping Detailed Engineering (Project was located in Thailand and it was a brown field project offered by Doosan Heavy Industries)
• 2 X 105 MW Piping Detailed Engineering (Project was located in Philippines and it was a green field project offered by Doosan Heavy Industries)(KKS Coding)
Experience Gained / Proficiency:
• Planning and Execution of Detail Engineering
• Completion of piping general arrangement drawing with Auto CAD and PDS modeling
• Generation of piping isometrics for Bill of Material and Erection purpose
• Coordination with various other departments working simultaneously e.g. Civil, Electrical, C&I, Architecture, HVAC
• Pipe Welding joint preparation drawings
• Completed all piping (both critical and non critical) support concept drawings singlehandedly and submitted on time to the customer
• Forecasting of Bill of Materials before completion of Isometrics for procurement purpose
• Successfully solved many problems related to piping which were encountered at construction site from DCPL design office
• Conversant with codes like ASME B-31.1, ASME TDP, AWWA, ASME B-16.5, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
• Was awarded the opportunity to lead a whole team during urgent submission of drawings during 110MW project and successfully handled a team of 25 people which consists of Engineers and Senior Designers and submitted maximum drawings on time which were required for construction.
• Single handedly completed all piping support drawings

Previous Organization: TATA Chemicals Limited
Tenure: Aug’06 to Nov’07
Designation: Assistant Manager, Department: Mechanical Maintenance
• Routine maintenance planning, Annual Turn Round planning, emergency maintenance planning
• Completed assigned jobs within given time-frame during tenure at Tata Chemicals, after having observed all safety norms, as laid down by the Organization, which is an Awardee of Sword of Honour by the British Safety Council
• Planning of Gas Turbine Major Inspection
• Heat Exchanger servicing during Annual Turn Round
• Attend Boiler Tube Leakage, Conduct Boiler Tube welding joint inspection, Conduct Boiler Hydro test for IBR Certification.
• Supervise various high pressure and dissimilar metal welding at the time of overhauling
• Supervise over hauling of many major rotating equipments like Condensate Extraction Pump, Boiler Feed Pump, Multi Stage Compressor, Circulating Water Pump, Instrument Air Compressor(Both Centrifugal and Reciprocating)
• Inspect various static equipments (Heat Exchangers and Towers) welding joints during shut down time.
• Day to day maintenance planning and manpower allocation as per Operation Department requirements

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• As a Graduate Engineer Trainee I was awarded with responsibility of “Re-tubing of Heavy duty Synthesis Gas Inter-stage Cooler” which was quite uncommon for being a Graduate Engineer Trainee
• I was also awarded with responsibility to supervise all major equipment overhauling independently

Certified Energy Manager as well as Certified Energy Auditor by National Productivity Council, Govt. of India.
• Bachelor of Technology: Year of Passing-2006 from West Bengal University of Technology with a Degree Grade Point Average 7.67
• Higher Secondary(12th) from W.B.C.H.S.E with 73.5%
• Secondary(10th) from W.B.B.S.E. with 79.6%
• Power Plant Familiarization Course organized by DVC at NTPC Farakka STPS.
• Junior Engineer Refresher Program organized by DCPL
• Management Development Program organized by TATA Chemicals Ltd. through Himalayan Trekking with Ms Bachendri Pal
• Workshop on Condition Monitoring organized by DVC in collaboration with NPTI & CMERI
• Various in-house training / workshop
Soft Skill: MS Office, Auto CAD, PDS.


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