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Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Wireless cellular system development Latest occupation/title: Specialist Latest main activities: RF SW development for mobilephone platforms


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: ENGINEERING Specialisation: ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION Additional trainings: NIL

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Professional Summary:-
Over 8 Years of experience in embedded system design and development at Renesas mobile Pvt Ltd, CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), Nokia India Pvt Ltd and Renesas Mobile India Pvt ltd.

Technical skill set:-

• RF SW design and development for GSM, WCDMA and LTE (FDD and TDD) based modem platforms..
• RF Engines - ODIN, Linko and B10L series.
• Proficiency in GSM/GPRS and TETRA wireless protocol based firmware and Software development.
• RF- baseband interface modules and DigRF V4 specification/implementation
• Real time system debugging especially ARM processor based systems.
Designing and configuring of DSP memory architecture for mobile base band platforms.
• Proficiency in several DSP architectures (TMS320C55x/54x, TMS320C6416) and ARM.
• Firmware development for DMA, CPCI, McBSP, DDC (Digital down converter), and UART etc.
• Experience with JTAG, Software debugging tools and hardware logic analyzers.
• Experience in RF test equipment - Emulator, Oscilloscope, R&S CMU200, Agilent 8960, R&S CMW 500, signal generator and Spectrum Analyzer.
• Familiar in ARB tool box application to generate tester configuration ARB files to be used in production line RF testing.

Programming language: Embedded C, VB, understands Perl
OS: Linux (user level), Windows (user level)
Version Control: CCM synergy
IDEs and Debugging Tools: JTAG debugger, Code Composer Studio, Real view Debugger, NALE and Latte, fast trace, ARM Trace 32 simulator, Slick Edit, Source insight, eclipse.


1. Nokia India Pvt Ltd and Renesas Mobile India Pvt ltd, Bangalore, India (5 Years and 5 months)
Designations held: R&D design engineer
Senior R&D design Engineer
Specialist in RF SW team

5+ years of experience (Jan-2008 to Present) in Nokia /Renesas Mobile India Pvt ltd, Bangalore. I started as an R&D design engineer in GSM (Wireless modem) group under Nokia’s Devices unit which was sold to Renesas Electronics in 2010. Currently I am working as a specialist in RF SW team. My work involves RF SW developments, modem software development and other platform related activities.

Project Details:
• RF Team:
Worked on the RF device driver and RF Hardware Abstraction layer for dual mode and triple mode mobile platforms. This involved taking ownership of all RF SW issues and development of new features for various RF architecture used in Nokia and Renesas.

B10L:- An RFIC which offers mipi DigRF V4 standard interface with the baseband ASIC.
• Worked in B10L and B10L2 RF SW development for triple mode chipset platforms.
• Responsible for the development of the Single Ended BER measurement module for Samsung.
• Worked for production RF line in Japan Kyocera factory site for the final RF maturity activities.

LINKO/LEVI: - An RF IC which offers a complete RF solution for dual mode, 2G-3G, mobile platforms.
• Worked in RF driver development for 2G-3G dual mode mobile platforms and common ISI message definitions for RF test and tuning execution.
• Knowing MFI Linko module which is designed to handle data flow between base band processor and various RF-modules.

RF Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) SW development: - This is a HW abstraction layer which is designed to provide an RF-device and protocol independent interface to the RF functionality.
• Designed and developed this module which is intended to make RF independent L1 software for modem out-licensing.
• Worked in this module to provide a triple mode – GSM, UMTS and LTE - base band interface with the RF drivers. This involved the implementation of set of API’s and the SW definition for each API’s to schedule and execute the required RF events in timely by invoking proper RF device driver functionalities. This module ensures the protocol requirements for various RF operations must be fulfilled for all the RATs with the proper abstraction layer functionalities.

RF test and tuning: - This mainly includes the production RF line activities for the final HW verification.
• Worked in the development of Single ended BER measurement module which is being used in production line test sequence for the mobile receiver verification.
• This module is developed to support the testers CMU200, CMW500, Agilent and Anritsu which can be used in the final RF tests and verification in production lines.
• This activity includes ISI message definitions for Single ended BER measurement sequence, ISI message state machines, interfaces with modem baseband module and final integration and installation of the module in customer production sites.
• Also I worked in ARB file generation and usage to achieve the automatic tester configuration to execute the required RF tests with required test conditions.

• Modem Platform Team:
GLARE – GSM modem software development: - This activity holds the restructuring of GSM side protocol SW.
• Worked in EGPRS -8PSK packet data decoder implementation
• TCH and SRB loop back test modules for the baseband transceiver part.

Platform Support: -
• Worked for platform wake up and power optimizations activities for various mobile base band ASICs.
• Implemented the DVFS (dynamic voltage and frequency scaling) module for the GSM L1 unit.
• Executed the load measurement analysis to configure the optimal DSP operating frequencies for GSM use cases.
• Worked in Nokia test network activities for ensuring the baseband platform performance.
• Involved in the implementation of Baseband DSP memory management for mobile platforms.

2. CDAC- Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (3 Years)
Trivandrum, India
Designations held: Junior Research Fellow
Senior Research Fellow

3 years of experience (Jan-2005 to Jan-2008) in CDAC, Trivandrum, Kerala. an autonomous scientific society under the Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India. I worked as a research fellow in Broadcast and Communication Group. My projects were TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) base station development and LI-VoIP (Lawful interception of Voice over IP) system development.

Project Details:
• Tetra Base station development :
TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is a digital PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) ETSI standard; my team was involved to develop the compact TETRA Base Station with multi carrier support.
• I worked in the development of firmware for Digital Receiver Base Band Processor (DRBP).
• Development of interfaces between Baseband processor and CPU (CPCI), RX and TX-Controllers, baseband processor and DDC (Digital down Converter).
• I had developed a debugging GUI for RF power amplifier testing.

Programming language: C.
Hardware target: (TMS320C64x, TMS320C55x, and DDC- AD6624).
Software Tool: Code Composer Studio

• LI-VoIP (Lawful Interception of VoIP) :
LI-VoIP system is developed by C-DAC, Trivandrum, to effectively monitor voice communication over IP. The system targeted for intercepting the SIP and H323 protocol based voice packets over data networks and monitoring of these captured information,.
Main modules are IP packet Interceptor and Monitoring module.
• Worked in configuration and testing of Services Gateway-8 (A configurable packet capturing and filtering system), installation.
• Did the real time verification of the whole system.
• Developed the audio decoder to stream the captured voice packets in the monitoring module.

Programming language: C

Exhibitions and Awards:-
I have received performance spot awards from Nokia and Renesas. I was an active member in the Vasco (Nokia N8) special task force which was created for on time maturity of this milestone product from Nokia. I was an active member in the SW maturity management team in Nokia-GSM group. Designed and presented RF team technical stall in the Wireless modem road show held in Bangalore 2010. From CDAC my project had achieved the best project award for the year 2010.


Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) (Electronics & Communication)



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