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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Wireless Communication Latest occupation/title: Signal Processing Radio Communication 3G Latest main activities: Simulations, development


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I am a permanent resident of Finland with EC permit. I have worked several years at Nokia , Finland on the challenging 3G Base Station project right from the first release. I have floated my own company in Finland, and seeking contract positions in other EU countries. In Sweden and Finland , I have resident permits already and so can start working anytime.

CV of a DSP Sw Engineer with WCDMA(Air Interface) and Matlab background.

I have several years of DSP Sw experience for the wireless industry and would be looking for a suitable opening as a DSP contractor .Have floated my company in Finland. Am interested to take up new challenges in the CDMA, Wimax area and work close to the air interface .Have a innovative mind and a flare to work in R&D projects.

My CV is enclosed for your kind perusal.

With best regards

Vivek Pal


To design and develop efficient DSP software, analyse and simulate DSP
algorithms for the L1 or the physical layer (BaseBand) CDMA systems,WiMax,
investigate the future algorithms, participate in architectural
design, manage a team of professionals in the allied area , solve
nontrivial problems ; where my educational background, and several years
of work experience is of value.

• Extensive experience in implementing DSP Sw for the L1 layer of the
Rake receiver WCDMA .
• Years of experience in software design, programming, implementation and
• Elegant and efficient C programming style.
• Thorough understanding of DSP fixed point arithmetic and good abilities
to avoid redundant calculations for speed optimization.
• Responsible for modular designs, prototyping, testing and making a SW
library of components with self testing modules.
• Experience of software development in both research, and production
• Extensive experience in real-time programming.
• Motivated to take up challenging and analytical roles.
• Ability to learn quickly, and excel in a multi-tasking environment, keep
target dates and manage multi site projects with suitable version


Programming Languages:
C(Good), Ti62xx Assembly (moderate),
Matlab(moderate), 8088/8031 Assembly .

Ti CodeComposer Studio for Ti62xx & Ti64xx ,
Turbo C , Ansi C,
C++ & Rational Rose Modeling (limited).

Operating Systems:
WINDOWS , DOS , RTOS , Unix(limited)

Business Intelligence Software:
PVCS for version control , Pronto for fault reporting.


Nov 2007 onwards
Founder of the Company “Untamed Spectrum” Finland
• Started the company Untamed Spectrum , registered in Finland
Registration number: (Y-tunnus: 2151613-7). This company provides DSP
SW solutions for the wireless industry.
• Continuing as Phd student at Helsinki University of Technology. At present working on a basic OFDM simulation setup in Matlab comprising of a transmitter , channel and receiver.
• Analysed and developed some software strategies to handle the uncertainty curves in the Forex market ina process of developing an expert system.
• Developing Neural Network algorithms(FeedForward) using Matlab for Time Series Prediction.
• Developed a real time forex trading system exactly in the lines of a real time embedded system with system timers . The system was a single process .
• Developed some testing tools using Matlab and connecting to the clients using:
- Matlab Engine
- Windows Pipes and Mex file .
- Windows Shared Memory and Mex Files
- UDP and Mex files .

Conducted training workshops on advanced mobile communication for the industries
and universities in India. (Dec 2012 – March 2013)
Topics included were : (All with Matlab/Simulink examples and simulations)
- Comparison of different modulation/demodulation schemes in presence of AWGN and Fading channels by plotting various BER curves for several multipaths. Highlighting how there is a floor in the BER curve for the Fading channels unlike Gaussian channel and why there is an exponential decay in AWGN channel where as almost linear decay in Fading. These are non trivial issues often not mentioned in textbooks.
- Effects of narrowband noise and how the distribution changes from Raleigh , to Rician to Gaussian with rise in signal power.
- Comparison of Maximal Ratio Combining and Equal Gain Combining.
- Demonstrating how OFDM is more robust to fading that basic CDMA.
- Talked about how cyclic prefixes and suffixes can help in synch issues of OFDM.

A free lance project for a client (April 2013)
Comparison of different modulation schemes (ASK and PSK ) for AWGN in simulink.

Nov 1998 – Aug 2006
Nokia Networks, Finland
DSP (Senior Specialist BaseBand)
• Responsible for implementing WCDMA RakeReceiver Uplink DPCCH
Algorithms (SIR , TFCI Decoding, Ber Combining, Limited Power Raise
Algorithm). In addition TFCI was simulated and performance analyzed
with some fault cases in the Matlab environment.
• Implemented DSP/RakeReceiver algorithms using C in the TI C62xx & TI
C64xx (Code Composer)environments.
• Responsible for optimising program and efficient execution within the
given number of clock cycles . TI compiler specific programming style ,
directives and intrinsics were used. Redundant calculations were
detected based on the given data and such calculations were avoided.
• Developed the Bit Error Rate (BER) Process, which was used to check the
number of raw bits were in error and if there were missing bits,
transmission gaps.
• Developed the Ber Tester Process, which is a separate process for
sending the raw bits mixed with noise
The tester also received back the error messages from the Ber Process.
The processes ran in the RTOS Environment.
• Ran test cases and did measurements for the rake receiver using the UE
equipment and the the channel model simulator with noise generator.
Plotted Eb/No curves for various channel models and compared with the
• Developed a Matlab package for feasibility studies for the Direction of
Arrival (DOA) estimation problem. Compared the results obtained by
classical, capon and music beam forming methods.
• Wrote a few DSP test sw for the OMAP processor 1710 for the feasibility
of testing from the DSP side for some multimedia applications using the
STI port during run time.It is possible to do remote debugging. Also
modified the scripts of Lauterbach and developed and environment for
dual mode testing for the OMAP (Arm & Dsp sections).
• Trained the subcontractors and others how to use the environments for their work
and detect faults.
• Developed some features to make the RTOS platform independent by improving the given abstraction layer.
• Some OFDMA(Wimax) related studies and feasibility issues are in progress.

Nov 97 - Oct 98 Technical
ICT Automatisering, Netherlands
• Modified the design of a communication device driver for the gas
chromatograph machine . Modelling was done in Object Oriented fashion
using UML. The ISR routine was redesigned for better real time
performance by introducing fixed size packet transmission.
• Responsible for collecting the user requirement specs and generating the
software requirement specs for the Universal Television Interface used
in the hospitals. This is a generic interface for any television sets
for the infrared communication with the patients remote control device
when the remote controls are customised by the hospital .

Nov 95 - Oct 97
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi , India
Mission Scientist
• Lead a team of scientists to develop Fiber Optic LAN for Railway
Signalling system(802.5 packet) for Indian Railway. The core module
formed the packet with 32 bit CRC from the sensor data and transmitted
through the optical fiber using OOK.
• Developed a package in Matlab to demonstrate the Channel tracking
problem using Kalman filter.

Jan 95 - July 95
Alcatel Business Systems, France
Software Engineer
• Analysed the Software Architecture of the EPBAX Alcatel 4300L from the
viewpoint of changing the specs for the Indian condition.

May 93 - Sept 94
Tata Consultancy Services, India
Module Leader
• Managed a team of engineers to analyse the SW architecture of the switch
"SuperNode" for BNR , Canada.
• Domonstrated by simulation the wavelength routing using token ring
network & compared the performances with the 802.5 protocol.

Jan 91 - April 93
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
Research Scholar
• Designed and developed a software package for planning and optimisation
of communication networks with the objective of least cost using
adaptive heuristics.
• Demonstrated a discrete event simulation problem in "Prolog" and showed
how large demands could be tackled with scarce resources by
intelligent resource allocation.

Nov 86 - Aug 89
DCM Data systems, India
Associate Production Engineer (Hardware)
• Responsible for functional testing of computer cards (8088 based ) .
• Developed software fault diagnostic tools using DOS and BIOS interrupts
for fault detections and ease of testibility.


Aug1989-Dec 1990
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Delhi India.
Masters in "Computer Science and Technology" (GPA- 8.1).

Aug 1981-Jun 1986
M.S.University of Baroda, India
Bachelor of Science in "Electrical Engineering" (70.8%). Rank 5th / 44 students.


Vivek Pal, Samar Singh and K.K Biswas, "Adaptive
Heuristics for Network Topology Optimisation", conference proceedings of
IEEE Tencon 91, New Delhi, India.



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