nader from Egypt applies for Blue Card Germany

Telecommunications engineers

Personal data:

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: GSM WCDMA devices maintenance Latest occupation/title: Technical support/ Service manager Latest main activities: Technical support Manager


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Electronics & Communications Specialisation: Mobile communications and medical equipment Additional trainings: ESD , Soft skills

Preferred countries:

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Language skills:

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Personal note /detailed application:

• 2000 - 2005 University of Tanta, Tanta – Egypt
Faculty of Engineering
BA in communications and Electronic Engineering
Graduation Project:
Biomedical Engineering: (Excellent)
Computer Assisted ECG Diagnosis: Including ECG Amplifier Implementation (Hardware), and diseases diagnosis using Artificial Neural Networks (Software).

Undergraduate Projects:
1. Mobile phone repair including software & hardware since (1998)
2. Educational CD: for students to learn practical solutions in Electronics design and troubleshooting techniques (ELECTRONICS ENCYCLOPIDIA) “EASYWAY”.
3. Small useful utilities such as CD-Rom to CD-Player Converter… etc.
Engineering Skills:
• Networks Structures.
• Mobile & GSM systems.
• Communications & electronic systems.
• Radio wave systems
• Orcad Family , MultiSim and Express PCB
• Design and Simulate electronic circuits.
• Design PCB’s for electronic circuits

Computer Skills:
Expert in following Operations: (Since 1999)
• Hardware installation
• Software installation
• Computer maintenance and troubleshooting
• MS-DOS, Windows (since 3.11 till XP)!
Experienced with the following software:
• Microsoft Word: business letters, reports
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• (Keen user of the internet!)
Work Experience:
Alexandria university Engineering General Administration.

• 2005 – 2006 medical instruments engineer
Job description: maintenance of medical instruments and handling maintenance contracts with agencies companies and individuals.
• 2006 – 2007 head of maintanace department in Alexandria university students hospital and acting head of the medical maintenance department in Alexandria university Engineering General Administration
Job description:
Medical equipments repair, Fair alarm systems, Elevators
Elevators, UPS units, Generators, Marketing and Accounting.

Delta Communications.
• 2007 – 2008 Service Engineer
Job description:

1- Repairing faulty mobile phones, according to manufacturer standards.
2- Reporting technical issues to lab supervisor/team leader.
3- Observing and adhering to lab ESD requirements.
4- Reporting to lab supervisor/team leader on status of spares and tools.
5- Ensure ESD requirement team and audit it.
6- Solving any technical issues have been escalated by junior team member.
7- Provide training and guidance to new repair team members.

• 2008 – middle of 2008 Lab Supervisor
Job description:
1. Supervise Lab repair team
2. Analyze the KPIs for teams
3. Responsible maintaining lab ESD requirements
4. Span the work between teams
5. Reporting with any damage tools or missing spare parts or needed tools
6. Responsible for overall team performance.
7. Setting objectives for repair lab team, and monitor their performance
8. Provide training and guidance to new repair team members.
9. Maintain close cooperation with Customer care team.
10. Monitor and maintain stock levels for lab, and tool availability and functionality
11. Escalate repair problems to technical manager
12. Manage and supervise repair team workload

• Since middle of 2008 Current Work
Sony Ericson Service manager
Job description: international corresponding
1- Managing and coordinating all repair operations.
2- Ensure the application of manufacturer requirements in all repair cycles.
3- Analyzing the KPIs for repair Supervisors
4- Auditing all repair & QC areas periodically
5- Interviewing all operations team candidates
6- Responsible to achieving targets for operation
7- Setting objectives for repair Supervisors, and monitor performance
8- Maintain close cooperation with Customer care manager.
General Skills:
• Working under stress.
• Marketing Skills.
• Presentation Skills.
• Teamwork motivated.
• Communication Skills.
I try to develop my communication and teamwork skills whenever possible.

Hobbies and Interests:
Including Swimming, Squash, Reading and furthering my education.

I got no problems with traveling in order to secure business or assist the firm in any requirements it may wish to be excited.


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