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Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified

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Name of profession: Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified Name of latest business sector: Telecommunication, Industrial Automation Latest occupation/title: Software development Engineer Latest main activities: Design and coding of Software modules


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Master of Technology (Computer Science) Specialisation: Computer Science Additional trainings:

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Challenging position in design and development where experience in working with network applications can help in the development of robust and complex network applications
Experience Summary

Experience in the successful delivery of high quality software in design and maintenance stages at client location and offshore.
• 7.75 years of software design, development and trouble shooting experience.
• Quality Assurance experience in the form of reviewing code deliverables.
• 4 .7 years of C++ Telecom experience with emphasis on object-oriented programming in both windows and Linux platforms.
• 3 years of and C# .net and C++ Linux in Rail domain.
• Experience in preparing design documentation in High and Low level design phases
• Experience in UML modelling.
• Experience in multithreading, TCP/IP socket programming, client server architecture and IPC using Win32 API and Linux.
• Experience in the following phases of SDLC - Preparation of Implementation proposals, documentation, design and coding.
• Active member in Technical control board which reviews all the solutions provided to reported bugs.
• Good organizational, analytical and problem solving skills, combined with very good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Good team player and has a hunger to learn new things.
Technical Expertise
Programming Languages
C++, C#
Development tools
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Star UML, Coverity, Install Shield 5.1.
Win32, .Net framework
Debugging tools
Windbg, Visual Studio remote debugger
Configuration Management
Rational Clear case
Operating systems
Windows 2003 Server, Linux, Windows XP
TCP, UDP, Modbus over TCP/IP

• Working as “Software Engineer II” at Cognizant ,Hyderabad
From: July 2010 to till date.

• Worked as “IT Analyst” at TATA Consultancy Services, Hyderabad
From: December 2005 to July 2010.
Work Experience

Organization: Cognizant Technology Solutions March 2013 - Present

Software Development Engineer-II
Client: Invensys (UK)

? Location: Hyderabad, India.
? Role: Team member
? Domain: Railway
? Technologies: C++
? Responsibilities:
• Enhancement of CIPCadlock2 driver functionality.


CIPCadlock2 driver receives control strings from CIPSimulator and converts them to TSAA protocol message format and forwards to cadlock driver at Technician work station. Receives TSAA protocol messages from cadlock driver, converts them to control string and forwards to CIPSimulator.

The assignment is to enhance the driver to handle technician request sent from TW.

Organization: Cognizant Technology Solutions June 2011-March 2013

Software Development Engineer-II
Client: Invensys (UK)

? Location: Hyderabad, India.
? Role: Team member
? Domain: Railway
? Technologies: C#, .Net
? Responsibilities:
• Design and development of modules in CTF framework.
• Participated in design and development of Data Analysis and Replay Control components.


The CTF products are a collection of products that monitor, control and log data from interlocking equipment within an equipment building.

Data Analysis component that will facilitate users to extract and export data based on a user defined selection criteria.

Replay Control is responsible for providing the user with options to replay the historical events present in the log. The component also provides options to select events to be replayed according to user defined selection criteria and to save those events for later replay.

Organization: Cognizant Technology Solutions July 2010 - June 2011

Software Development Engineer-II
Client: Invensys (Australia)

? Location: Hyderabad, India.
? Role: Team Lead
? Domain: Railway
? Technologies: Linux, C++
? Responsibilities:
• Designed and developed PSD MMS Modbus slave simulator, ISCS Interface Simulator.


ATS Integration is a sub project in Invensys R&D project. It is mainly involved in developing adapter services between different systems which understands different protocols.
Some of such protocols are Modbus protocol, HTTP SENA.

ISCS Interface Simulator should be able to simulate 69 (66 stations + 2 depots + 1 OCC) ISCS Server Interfaces. All the ISCS Adapters will exchange data with a single ISCS Interface Simulator but the data will be different for each "virtual interface". In other words the ISCS Interface Simulator would be one service simulating multiple separate real world ISCS Servers.

Modbus slave Simulator is a PSD MMS (Platform screen door Master monitoring system) simulator. It is a Modbus slave which responds to the Modbus requests sent from ATS.

Organization: TATA Consultancy Services June 2009 –July 2010
IT Analyst

Client: Ericsson – APG50 (Italy)
? Location: Hyderabad, India.
? Role: Worked individually on a module.
? Domain: Telecom (System Design)
? Technologies: Linux (SLES), SAF (TSP-SAF), C++.
? Responsibilities:
• Gathering functional and characteristic Requirements.
• Writing Implementation sketch for HLD phase.
• Prototyping
• Quality Assurance of the entire product through technical/process reviews.
? Involved Areas:
• Adjunct computer subsystem Subsystem(ACS)


The Adjunct Processor Group (APG40) is the high Available IO system for AXE exchanges. Implemented on open-standard processors and integrated as a subsystem of AXE, the APG40 is a platform for Operation & Maintenance communication applications and secure data storage in fixed and mobile telecommunication networks. It is a two node cluster aimed at high availability. One of the nodes is active and the other acts as a standby.

APG43 is the base for MSC-Blade cluster designed under the principles of high availability and scalability of the AXE.

APG50 is next generation IO system for AXE. The hardware is based on GEM architecture (shelf with blades) for achieving the least signature for a field replaceable unit (FRU). This is based on the Linux operating system (LOTC) and a high available middleware (CoreMW 1.0). Both LOTC and CoreMW 1.0 are Ericsson specific products. LOTC is based on SLES and CoreMW 1.0 on OpenSAF 4.0. The project involves porting of existing APG43 software from windows 2003 server to architecture based on LOTC and CoreMW 1.0. The project is currently in the HLD and LLD phase. The execution phase is scheduled to be started soon.

Organization: TATA Consultancy Services Dec 2005 – June 2009

Assistant System Engineer

Client: Ericsson – APG40, APG43, APG43BC(Blade Cluster)
? Location: Hyderabad, India, Italy, Sweden
? Roles: Team Lead, Team member
? Domain: Telecom (Application Programming)
? Technologies: C++, Visual Studio, C#, Rational Clear case, MSI, Win32 API, Install Shield
? Responsibilities:
• Providing fix for bugs/defects reported by customer through Trouble?reports/CN-Is.
• Leading the internal review team and also a member of the Technical Control Board responsible for reviewing the code fixes.
• Basic testing.
? Involved Areas:
• Different blocks in ACS subsystem. They include ACA, RTR the blocks that handle charging data from CP (central processor) to APG.
• DSD which handles the communication protocol between CP and AP.
• ALH, AEH alarm and event handling blocks
• FCH and FCR, the blocks that handle APG update and upgrade mechanisms.


? Master of Technology with specialization in Computer science from Andhra University College of Engg,Visakhapatnam in 2005 with 73%
? Bachelor of Technology with specialization in Computer science and systems Engineering from GITAM college of Engg, Visakhapatnam in 2001 with 65%
? Intermediate from Srikishnaveni Jr college, Vijayawada in 1997 with 88%
? S.S.C from A.P.R.School in 1995 with 87%


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