Fayssal from Morocco applies for Blue Card Germany

Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Mobile virtual network operating Latest occupation/title: technical support engineeer Latest main activities: Support, troubloushoot, diagnose, write down support procedures, detect bugs on platfom tools , take in charge CSR (customer service reqeuests) and tickets


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Telecommunication engineering Specialisation: IT Additional trainings: Core network, MVNO

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1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: french => excellent 3. Language skills: Arabic => excellent

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Telecommunication :
- Techniques of transmission and Modulation: analogical / Digital, OFDM.
- Transmission front line support : optical fibre
- Digital multiplexing PDH-SDH-WDM
- Telecommunication by satellite VSAT
- mobile Telecommunication: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA.
Data networks:
- Installation of the local networks.
- Interconnection and configuration of networks
@ Modems - Routers - Firewall-Switch..
@ WAN : X.25 - Frame Relay – RNIS
@ Networks VPN IP, VLAN, WI-FI.
- Networks ATM – MPLS- WIMAX.
-Politics of security of the networks of companies: Access lists, IP NAT, TACACS.
- Network administration (DNS, DHCP, WINS, HTTP, Proxy (wingate), FTP).
- Programming languages: Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic, C, C++, Java, GPSS, Assembleur.
- database administration: MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server.
- Development of Web applications: HTML, JAVASCRIPT, ASP, PHP.
- Tools and methods of analysis and conception: Merise, AmcDesigner,AutoCad
- analogical Digital technology, Signal processing, image processing.
- Technique of realisation and maintenance.

Languages: Arab(mother tongue),French(excellent), English(excellent).


April 2011
Until now

April 2009 February 2011

Septrember 2007 February 2009

August- December 2006

April - Juily 2005

TAC support engineer, software upgrade engineer, , TEKELEC USA ( as a subcontractor with Iniks)
• The mission is the support for customers (remote access to customer’s sites, do the diagnosis of their systems and resolve the errors returned by the platform)
• Troubleshoot problems related to:

? xDR, INAP, ISUP, Oracle .... sessions on IXP systems (integrated xDR platform)
? problems on xMF systems (integrated (or probed) message feeders) such as dataflow processing, monitoring, storing .... and also HW problems
? Problem related to NSP (network software platform) such as xDR builders, software release, user access, Properf, Prodiag, Proalarm tools ...
• Responsible of upgrading (or Rollback) the PIC (NSP, xMF (IMF or PMF) system to targeted release.
• Performing On-call duty for support for customers for one week a month.

MW implementation engineer in Ericsson :

• Acquisition of sites meant to be FH sites
• Following the civil phase while constructing the sites
• Guarantee a good installation of the equipments
• Make sure that the sites are delivered cleanly in time
• Make sure that the sites correspond to the BOQ
• Assure that the logistics are prepared enough to ensure optimal processing
• MiniLink TN commissioning, software upgrade, troubleshooting, E1 routing and 1+1 SNCP configuration, DCN configuration
• Network configuration (radio1+0/1+1,NE, bridge Ethernet, DCN,OSPF,ppp)
• Upgrade & swap of AMM

• Prospect the subcontractor’s market to obtain the best correlation cost/quality
• Deliver trainings on exploiting the equipments to the client
• Precise the perimeter of intervention of our resources so as the client’s.

Core Network engineer for the telecommunication operator WANA.
• Exploitation of NGN equipements : MGW, MGC, CSC ... wich are ALCATEL products.
• Monitor the performances of ZTE MSC and BSC’s.
• Diagnose and troubleshoot incidents and solve them
• Create maintenance process and make sure they’re applied periodically.
• Administration of the IP backbone: router, Switch, Material CISCO..
• Management and administration of the FH network (connection SDH, PDH, ADR, ADM, SLA, SLF ..).
• Installation and multiplexing of the STM1 / STM16 / STM64 on access network.
• IN (intelligent networks) : BULL platform (PPS, VMS…).
• BLR & BLO (Boucle Locale Radio/Optique) : Cambridge equipements.
• Ideally i managed to work as a NOC engineer, providing first line support for incidents that have an impact on the service

Final training to obtain my diploma :

• Establish a solution for the IP traffic impacted on IP outages and yet configure the related alarms on SNMP filters

Training at Bigsoft institute in Rabat.
Informations system department:
• Conception and realisation of process for eventual outages in the institute’s LAN



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