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Electrical engineers

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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: R & D Latest occupation/title: Electrical Engineer Latest main activities: High Voltage Protection System Design, High Voltage Power Supply Operation, Power Supply Desgin


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Bachelors of Technology Specialisation: Electrical Engineering Additional trainings: SEE Electrical Expert, Safety and First Aid

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--Work experience--

Dates:September 2010 onwards

Occupation or position held: Electrical Engineer, Electron Cyclotron Heating & Current Drive Group

Main activities and responsibilities:
- Designed and developed Series Ignitron based High Voltage Crowbar Protection System (rated for 75kV DC, 2.5kA, 100 millisecond) with in house developed trigger modules for microwave tubes (Gyrotron)
- Developed Industrial grade Series Ignitron Crowbar System by working in collaboration with industry partner
- Performed simulation study of Solid State (Thyristor based) Crowbar protection system (40kV,2.5kA) using PowerSimulation (PSIM) software
- Procurement of Filament Power Supply for Gyrotron on the basis of Technical Specification (30V, 50A AC with 95kV DC High Voltage Isolation requirement)
- Responsible for procurement of other Auxiliary Power Supplies for Gyrotron including Magnet Power Supply (10V DC, 100A), Ion Pump Power Supply (5kV DC, 10mA) etc.
- Involvement in tendering task of 132kV/22kV substation and associated activities e.g. 132kV/22kV power transformer specification generation, Single Line Diagram (SLD) of substation
- Involvement in tendering task of 11kV/400V distribution transformer specification generation
- Involvement in HT & LT cable specification generation, LV distribution system, Cable sizing, lay outing, scheduling & cost estimation
- Estimation of back-up power requirement
- Designing Earthing & Grounding Scheme for Gyrotron Test Facility building
- Preparation of Electrical drawings, calculations and purchasing specification generation for procurement of various electrical equipment, sensors, instruments and system
- Tabulation of received bids/quotation with technical comparative statements for evaluation of tenders/bids
- Managing and supervising the contract work with the industry
- Prepare Documentation for Testing Procedure and generating Test Reports for various procured Electrical Systems/Equipment e.g. Power Supplies, Crowbar, Transformers, HV cables etc. as per IEC Standards
- Writing method statements for operation of various Electrical Equipment and System used
- Responsible attitude towards Safety and Risk Assessment
- Design, Simulation Analysis and Trouble shooting of electrical circuits using various simulation software packages
- Operating 100kV DC 50mA Regulated High Voltage Power Supply for DC Hipot Testing (HVDC withstanding test) of various Electrical Equipment
- Working with High Voltage Dividers/Probes, Pulse CT, DC CT, High Voltage Capacitors and other general purpose laboratory equipment e.g. Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Multi-meter, Clamp-on-meter, Megger etc.
- Working closely with Fiber Optic based Data Acquisition and Control System (having PLC/PXI as its main components) of Gyrotron

Name and address of employer: ITER-India (Institute for Plasma Research)
Plot No-A/29, GIDC, Sector-25,
382015 Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India)

Type of business or sector: R & D in Plasma and Fusion Technology

Dates: September 2009 - August 2010

Occupation or position held: Technical Trainee

Main activities and responsibilities:
Received basic training on various technologies involved in Fusion Reactor and its functioning

Name and address of employer: Institute for Plasma Research (IPR)
Bhat Village, 382428 Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India)

Type of business or sector: R & D in Plasma and Fusion Technology

Education and training:

Dates: 01 August 2005 - 30 June 2009

Title of qualification awarded: Bachelor of Technology (Graduation) in Electrical Engineering

Principal subjects / occupational skills covered:
Electrical Machines & Drives, Electrical Power System, High Voltage Engineering, Microprocessor & Mirco-controllers, Digital & Analog Electronics, Computer Programming, Control system Engineering

Name and type of organisation providing education and training:Nirma University
Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway,
382481 Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)

Dates:18 June 2003 – 5 May 2005

Title of qualification awarded: Higher Secondary School Certificate

Principal subjects / occupational skills covered:
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Name and type of organisation providing education and training:
Sheth C.M. High School & Higher Secondary School
Sector-23, 382023 Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India)

Personal skills and competences:

Social skills and competences:

- Inter-cultural skills: My current work place has given me an opportunity to work in multi-cultural environment as it involves interaction with members of various participating countries.

- Team work: Ability to work as an enthusiastic team member to meet goals in the required time bound limits. Currently I am working in a multi-disciplinary group comprising of Physicists, Mechanical Engineers, Electronics Engineers and Instrumentation Engineers.

Organisational skills and competences:

- I am regularly organising meetings and interactions within various groups linked to my current work scope to sort out the interface issues and mitigate the associated risks

- I have delivered various presentations and seminars relating to my work at my current workplace as well as during my under-graduation at the college

Technical skills and competences:
- Proficiency in simulation and analysis of electrical circuits as well as its trouble shooting using various simulation tools
- Good knowledge of working with power electronics devices like Thyristors, AC Power Controllers, Diode, IGBT, MOSFET etc.
- Good knowledge of Fibre Optic based signal conditioning system for effective transmission of data from field sensors to monitoring/acquisition/protection system
- Knowledge of PSM (Pulse Step Module) topology based HV Power Supplies, Inverter topology based HV Power Supplies and Conventional Thyristorized topology based High Voltage Power Supplies used to handle MW level of Power
- Possessing good knowledge about High Voltage Power Transformers – Oil filled as well as Dry type & High Voltage Cables
- Good knowledge about International Electrical Standards like IEC, IEEE, ASTM
- Background knowledge of Fusion Engineering environment, its concepts, challenges as well as functioning of TOKAMAK and its peripheral systems like Neutral Beam Injection (NBI) System, RF Heating Systems, Magnet Systems, Cryogenic Systems, Cooling Water Systems, Diagnostic Systems etc.
- Basic knowledge of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) & Micro-Controller 8051
- Experience in working complex and technically challenging/unusual tasks through good grasping capability and quick learning ability

Computer skills and competences
- Proficiency in PowerSimulation(PSIM), Orcad-PSPICE, Simulink- MATLAB, ETAP (Electrical Transient Analyser Program), Electrical CAD- SEE Electrical Expert, Good knowledge of Computer Programming Languages like C & C++
- Good knowledge of MS Word, Power Point, Excel, Visio, SAP NetWeaver

Additional information
- Workshop on Significance and Evaluation of CRGO, CRNGO & Amorphous Electrical Steels - New Delhi, January 2013
- Earthing & Grounding Workshop, Institute for Plasma Research (IPR)-Gandhinagar, February 2012
- National Power Electronics Conference, Bengal Engineering & Science University (BESU) -Kolkata, December 2011
- Recent Advances in High Voltage Testing & Measurement Techniques, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) – Bangalore, July 2011
- First Aid Training, Institute for Plasma Research (IPR)-Gandhinagar, May 2013

- Enjoy all sports particularly Swimming and Badminton.
- Love to travel and experience different cultures.


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