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Physicists and astronomers

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Name of profession: Physicists and astronomers Name of latest business sector: Research Latest occupation/title: Research Latest main activities: Research


Completed education: doctoral Title or Qualification: Dr Specialisation: Physics Additional trainings: Optical Science

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1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Halle(Saale) 2. Preferred country | region / city: United Kingdom | London 3. Preferred country | region / city: Netherlands | Amsterdam

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1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: german => reasonable 3. Language skills: Hindi, Punjabi => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:


To obtain a scientific position in the premier research institutes or universities that utilizes my analytical skills, computational skills and gives an opportunity to realize the practical aspects of the work.


Interested mostly in the fields deals with Non-linear dynamics, Quantum optics and photonics both theoretically and experimentally. And also highly interested in computational physics.


Master Thesis:
“Theoretical Approach to Self Focusing by Paraxial Ray Approximation” (Master Degree project from March 2009 - July 2009)

In this project, we studied the Self-focusing of laser beam in a medium with parabolic nonlinearity by using Paraxial Ray Approximation. We solved wave equation for the laser beam by using the Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin (WKB) and paraxial ray approximation (Akhmanov et al., 1968, Sodha et al., 1976). Differential equation for the beam width parameter (f) of the laser beam is solved numerically by using the Runga Kutta method and hence the effect of intensity of the beam is observed on focusing/defocusing of the beam.

Doctoral Thesis:
“Twisted light: Propagation properties and particle dynamics ” (Doctoral thesis from June 2009 till date )

The dissertation presents theoretical studies on nonlinear optical phenomena associated with light beams carrying orbital angular momentum, also called twisted light (TL). The thesis is divided into two main parts. The ?rst part deals with the propagation of TL in a nonlinear medium with emphasis on self-focusing and defocusing of TL in a non- linear dielectric medium. Utilizing the Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin and the paraxial approximations, a di?erential equation for the beam width parameter is derived ana- lytically. Next, the results are provided on the transmission and the re?ection of TL through a dielectric multilayer structure containing phase-conjugating and calculated re?ection and transmission coe?cients are illustrated. The second part of the thesis focuses on the particle dynamics in TL, showing that the intensity distribution of TL results in trapping, guiding and acceleration of neutral helium atoms via the pondero- motive potential.

1. Publications:

• Anita Thakur and Jamal Berakdar “Self focusing and defocusing of twisted light in non-linear media”, Optics Express, Vol. 18, Issue 26, pp.27691-27696 (2010).

• Anita Thakur and Jamal Berakdar “Reflection and transmission of twisted light at phase conjugating interfaces”, Optics Express, Vol. 20, Issue 2, pp.1301-1307 (2012).

• A. Thakur and J. Berakdar, “Optical trapping, guiding and acceleration of neutral atoms with structured light”, in preparation, Optics Letters, 2013.

2. Attended conferences & Abstracts presentations:

• Selected in a competition among young scientists worldwide to participate in 58th Meeting of Nobel Laureates and was the first student selected among all the 20 existing NITs Institutes in India, June 29th- July 4th 2008, Germany.

• Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) Spring Meeting, March 21st -26th, 2010, Regensburg(Germany).

• Photon 10, The UK’s premier conference in Optics & Photonics, August 23rd -26th, 2010, University of Southampton, UK.

• Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) Spring Meeting, March 13th -18th, 2011, Dresden (Germany).

• 42nd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, June 13th -17th, 2011, Atlanta, USA.


Simulations: Mathematica, Maple and FlexPde.


Worked as Lecturer (16-08-2008 to 21-05-2009) at Department of Physics, Lovely School of Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara (Punjab), India.



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