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Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Engineer Specialisation: Telecom Additional trainings:

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Personal note /detailed application:

TD-RAN Expert Consultant (Apr.2013 – Present)

? Responsibilities and tasks:

? Orange Armenia (FTGroup) – Armenia (Apr.2013 – Present)

TD-RAN Expert for Orange Armenia Network - Armenia

? Defining Network General Optimization and Mobility Strategy.
? Mentoring and guiding the RAN team through Daily Activities “12 members”
? Improving Network performance, through:
• RRC States Optimization
• Whole network Different RAN capacity Areas study & Solution.
• HSDPA Compress mode Activation.
? Implementing New Features “NSN RU30 Equipments”
• 2ms TTI Opitmization.
• Full IP QoS implementation.
• Fast L1 sync.
? E2E Internet QoS Tests and Improvements:
• DNS resolution Delay through Global and local Addresses.
• Testing Different Internet Routes Delay “through different ISP”.

Senior 3G RF Optimization Consultant (Sept. 2011 – Apr.2013)

? Responsibilities and tasks:

? SRAN - NSN SRAN project Vodacom – South Africa (Sept. 2011 – Apr.2013)

3G Network Quality Team – KZN, WES, EAS, CEN regions

? Defining Network optimization strategy
? Defining Network layers, Reselection and Hand over strategies.
? Supervising the different regions monitoring and optimization actions.
? HSPA+ & DC throughput investigations and optimization.
? SW migrations follow up.
? E2E dimensioning “Radio, Access, HW”
? Events special parameters proposals
? Parameters audit and alignment on all RNC’s “13 RNC’s”
? Capacity monitoring and troubleshooting.
? UL RTWP investigations.
? Mentoring and transferring knowledge to the fresh teams.
? Activation, monitoring and troubleshooting of New features, such as:
• Fractional DPCH.
• Continuous Packet Connectivity “CPC”
• HSPA & HSPA+ features.
• Setup on CCCH
• 24 Kbps paging channel.
• SHO based on detected set reporting.
• RAB Inactivity features.
• LTE Interworking.

3G RF Consultant of KZN region (759 sites - 9 RNC’s)—Siemens to NSN “RU20-RU30” swap

? Daily monitoring of 3G network KPIs & top worst/degraded cells analysis (NetAct & Sonar).
? QoS daily basis monitoring.
? HSPA+ & DC-HSDPA & MIMO parameters optimization and related features’ activation.
? Follow up swapped sites stats .
? Global parameters (RNC, NodeB &Cell level) audit and tuning.
? Interfaces dimensioning through the estimation of the physical and application throughput based on actual counters “for operational sites” or call models “for Greenfield sites”.
? Global neigh (3G-3G & 3G-2G), scrambling codes planning & GSM parameters inconsistency audit.
? RTWP check / second carrier strategy for congested cells.
? Reporting network performance & confirm on meeting customer commitments.
? UMTS 900 planning and dimensioning.
? RNC dimensioning.
? Parameters strategy for traffic increase events.
? Capacity elements (CE, Code, Power & IUB) expansion proposals.
? Cluster acceptance through KPI’s monitoring and drive test logs analysis.
? Output critical & major alarms list for whole network NodeB’s.

3G RF Consultant of WES region (670 sites – 8 RNC’s)—ALU to NSN “RU20-RU30” swap

? ALU “UA07.1” to NSN “RU20” parameters and features mapping.
? Swapped Network new strategy proposal.
? Radio and Access Dimensioning of the whole region based on old sites States considering different growth factors.
? RU20 upgrade to RU30

Senior RNE at ALCATEL-LUCENT – Sept. 2007 to Sept.2011

? Responsibilities and tasks:

? 3G: Orange France (May 2011 – Sept.2011)

? Daily monitoring of 3G network KPIs & top worst/degraded cells analysis
? IuR over IP Feature assessment
- Global KPI’s regression before and after the migration to IP.
- IP performance assessment on different levels: GE, VLAN & IP.
? Capacity Planning and optimization:
- Greenfield customers: estimation of the required IP interfaces bandwidth based on given call profiles, and processors’ occupancy.
- Non-Greenfield customers: creation of call profiles based on field counters and so optimizing the interfaces bandwidth.
? Interfaces dimensioning through the estimation of the Physical and application throughput based on actual counters “for operational networks” or call models “for Greenfield”.
? RNC Capacity tool “RCT” testing, modification and setting the final methodologies.

? 3G: Vodafone Egypt “Hauwei & E/// equipments” (March 2011 – May 2011)

? Drive test logs post processing and investigating problems, such as:
- Coverage quality problems and pilot pollution.
- RRC connection failure analysis.
- Call drop.
- Throughput investigations.
- RRM (Cell Selection / Reselection, Ho Management, Active Set)

? Site acceptance reports preparation for:
- New outdoor and indoor Sites.
- Antenna Change requests.
- HSPA & HSPA+ upgrade

? 3G: MBK Austria: Remote Access (October 2010 – Jan 2010)

? 3G KPIs’ monitoring and troubleshooting.
? IP Features activation and monitoring:
- Setting the IP monitoring methodology
- Creation of the IP monitoring guidelines document.

? 3G: Orange France (October 2010 – December 2010)

? UA7.1.2 Intra release upgrade and regression tests.
? KPI monitoring and troubleshooting.
? IP Features activation and monitoring:
- Setting the IP monitoring methodology
- Creation of the IP monitoring guidelines document.
? IuCS over IP feature assessment.
- Global KPI’s regression before and after the migration to IP.
- IP performance assessment on different levels: GE, VLAN & IP.

? 3G: Vodafone Italy (April 2010 – August 2010)

? UA7.1 Intra and Inter release upgrade and regression tests.
? KPI monitoring and troubleshooting including:
- Counters’ investigation
- Ctg, Ctb, Ctbl and Upos traces collection and investigations for problems such as:
- RAB Establishment Failures.
- IuSCCP Abn normal release for PS.
- UL cell load increase.
- BLER increase for EDCH.
- RRC connection Failure Ratio increase.
- HSDPA CAC failure rate.
- Pa Overload increase.
- AO downsize failure rate increase.
- RACH Collision rate increase.

? Hybrid Iub activation, monitoring and troubleshooting
? NIP activation, monitoring and troubleshooting.
? HSPA+ Features activation , regression tests, field tests and monitoring:
- 64QAM activation
- Dual Carrier HSDPA operation

Assignment to Operational Network Engineering (ONE-WCDMA) Team – Network Design and Architecture (NDA) Team – Alcatel-lucent France (Since June 2008)


As a member of the team for handling:

? Intra & Inter Release upgrade with related KPIs’ monitoring and troubleshooting
? Upgrade regression tests.
? IP features’ monitoring.
? Configuration and WiPS support.
? Interfaces’ dimensioning.
? Capacity planning and monitoring.
? Hybrid and Native IP Iub activation, monitoring and troubleshooting.
? IuCs, IuPS and IuR over IP activation, monitoring and troubleshooting.
? Transport Features’s test, activation, monitoring and troubleshooting.
? QoS Features’ test, activation, monitoring and troubleshooting.
? NPO indicators’ definition for Transport features “mainly IP and missed ATM Indicators”.
? Service Level Agreement test and measure for the IP backhaul.

? 3G: Alcatel-Lucent France Lab’s (Feb. 2010 - March 2010)

? Setting the SLA test methodology
? Measuring the Packet Loss, Delay and jitter for the IP backhaul transport network.

? 3G: Remote Access for iFUN and ALU France Lab’s (June 2009 – Feb. 2010):

? iFUN dialy monitoring.
? 3G KPI’s investigations for meeting the required thresholds.
? iFUN RNCs’ capacity monitoring.
? Transport Indicators “mainly IP” definition for the UA7.1 including the following features “Ua6.0, Ua7.0, Ua7.1”:

- 23479 Transmission Advanced QoS
- 33332 Iub BW limitation EDCH
- 33334 Hybrid Iub/Ethernet & ATM/E1 support on xCCM
- 33363 RNC support for Iu-PS Transport over IP
- 33365 Hybrid Iub support on RNC
- 33367 HSPA Congestion Detection Notification
- 34054 Handling of assymetric transport on Iub
- 34125 Iub bandwidth pools resiliency
- 34202 Bandwidth pools on RNC
- 89869 Iu-PSoIP CP and UP separation on diff. RNC VR
- 82732 Iu-PS UP IP @ subnet reduction to size /26
- 27649 Native IP Iub support of Node B, all IP transport
- 34455 Node B synchronisation for all IP
- 34478 Iu-CS over IP / Ethernet
- 33328 IuR over IP / Ethernet
- 34559 Advanced traffic management solution
- 75784 Ethernet QoS handling in UTRAN
- 34560 IP carrier Grade evolution
- 34181 IP plan update for IP UTRAN

? 3G: 1st Level Support for Orange France – remote support (June 2009 – July 2009)

Activation and troubleshooting Support of the following features:

? 29804 GBR on HSDPA
? 23479 Advanced QoS transport Framework and introduction of Streaming over HSDPA.
? 33694 Fair sharing of resources : HSDPA vs. DCH

? 3G: Assignment to UIV team (System Test) - France (March 2009 – June 2009)

Test and monitoring - for the RMT4 “Radio Mobility Test Lab # 4” and the iFUN “Friendly User Network”- of the following features:

? 34202 Bandwidth Pools on RNC
? 23479 Advanced QoS transport Framework
? 33367 HSPA congestion detection & notification
? 29804 GBR on HSDPA
? 33332 Iub bandwidth limitation for E-DCH
? 33334 Hybrid IP/Ethernet & ATM/E1 Iub support on xCCM
? 33365 Hybrid Iub support on RNC i.e. HSPA/IP/GigE & R99/ATM
? 34125 Resiliency between IP and ATM paths - Hybrid Iub
? 33694 Fair sharing of resources.
? Scheduling priority indicator “SPI” for both HSUPA “as part of the 33327 Mac-e scheduler evolution” and HSDPA:

NPO monitoring, Agilent and Astellia Traces for both networks.

? 3G: Remote Support through ONE - NDA Team – (August 2008 – Feb. 2009)

? NPO Training “iFUN NPO remote access (Chateau fort)”:
- Topology and Design description
- Analysis desktop description
- Counters, Indicators and Dictionnaries
- Views and Reports for Performance Monitoring
- Feature Monitoring report creation
? Templates updating and delivery for UA6.0.
? CIQ preparation and updating for UA6.0.
? Preparation and presentation of the new features of WiPS6.0.
? Network audit for different operators.
? Investigation and providing solutions regarding the configuration of Iu , Iub and Iur interfaces, RNC and NodeB, UA6.0 features through the remote support for the following projects:

- Orange France
- SFR France
- Vodafone Italy
- Vodafone Portugal
- Vodafone UK
- Antel Uruguay
- Celcom Malaysia
- Mobilkom Austria
- Telecom New Zeeland
- Baoding trial in China

? 3G: 2nd level support for AT&T – USA remote support (Sept. 2008 – November 2008):

? Network Design & Datafill (remote support for questions, CIQ reviews as feedback and training)

? 3G: Joining the Operational Network Engineering (ONE) Team – France (June 2008 – July 2008)

? Generic UTRAN Datafill Configuration deliverables:

- Delivery of configuration templates for the new UTRAN releases which will be used by the test teams and regional engineering teams for the configuration of the UTRAN network.
- Checking the consistency and completeness of the CIQ's.
- Customizing the ONE templates for the introduction of new features or based on CR's.
- Filling merged templates parameters.
- Initializing and modification of the network configuration using WiPS.
- Investigation and submitting solutions for the CR’s using DCT tool “used primarily by the research and development (R&D) groups to track problem reports and enhancement requests associated with all developed releases and components of a product, tool, process or any other artifact related to what can be produced by Alcatel-Lucent”.

? Support to Projects for UTRAN datafill:

- Support to deployment projects on UTRAN datafill production and network parameter audits.
- Organize discussion with the Performance SME’s and local team to understand findings and drive conclusions with delivering the report.

? Updating the “UA5.1 Engineering Datafill Process V5.22” Document for the UA6.0/OAM6.0 “WiPS6.0”.

? 2G: Etisalat Mubadala Project – Nigeria ( January 2008 – April 2008)

? Technical Site Survey:

- Site visit survey.
- Preparation and validation of SAM “Site Area Map” reports including selection of candidates within the searching area which meet the RF requirements.
- Validation of SAR "site acquisition report" including acceptance of the candidates from RF point of view.
- Preparation and validation of the RF part of the TSSR "Technical site survey report" including selection of antenna heights and azimuths.

? RF Planning:

- DCS link budget calculation resulting in the EIRP value.
- Coverage by signal level, best server, C/I and coverage by transmitter’s predictions for phase 1 cities Lagos, Ibadan and Ogbomosho.
- Planning Optimization for Lagos and Ibadan including changing of antennae's type, heights and Azimuths and adding of new sites for bad covered area.
- Roads' RF planning.
- Frequency plan for phase 1 sites:

o Automatic frequency planning using AFP module in the A9155 tool.
o Manual tuning using C/I plots and visual methods for A9155 and MapInfo.

- Manual neighbor and Handover plan for phase 1’s sites.

? Air interface trace using Agilent tool followed by results’ analysis.
? Database tracking for phase 1 & 2 sites including RF parameters.

? 3G: Drive Test training – (December 2007)

? Discovering the coverage quality problems and pilot pollution.
? Troubleshooting from the field measurements.
? Analyzing the air interface protocols.
? Post processing and analysis of drive test log files.

? 3G: Eiffel Project – Rome remotely assignment (November 2007)


? The two operators “WIND and H3G” plan to consolidate their 2G and 3G radio access networks into a single cohesive network while maintaining existing services, traffic and quality.


? Link Budget adjustment.
? Relocate sites from both operators keeping signal at the required level using A9155.
? Coverage predictions of all clusters to ensure the same coverage after and before relocation.
? Change tilting and azimuth of some sites to recover the required level with different clutters and services.

? Tools:

? Alcatel-Lucent Radio Network Planning tool RNP A9955 “Atol”.
? UNet
? Alcatel-Lucent Network Performance Optimization tool NPO.
? MapInfo.
? UMTS performance management using WiPS.
? Drive test tools Agilent, Tems, Opera.
? IP Traces tool Wireshark.
? Drive Test Post Processing tools: Gladiator & Actix
? Traces Tools: Agilent, Astellia & RFO
? Call Trace Analyzer (CTA).
? OAM.
? IP Traffic – Test & Measurement.
? iPerf & jPerf
? NetDisturb
? NetAct
? Sonar
? RF Optimizer

? Training Courses:

? RNE Fundamentals.
? Radio Network Planning

? 2G Courses:
- ALU Quality of Service and Traffic Load Monitoring BSS release B9
- ALU Radio Fine Tuning BSS release B9

? 3G Courses:
- Alcatel.Lucent WCDMA UTRAN Parameters Description UA4.2, UA5.0, UA5.1, UA6.0 & UA7.1
- Alcatel.Lucent UTRAN 3G QoS Analysis and Traffic Monitoring UA4.2, UA5.0, UA5.1, UA6.0 & UA7.1

? 3G Knowledge Transfer Sessions:

- ALU UA7.1 Engineering KTS: OAM Product engineering, Capacity, UTRAN upgrade, Performance monitoring, New UTRAN Features, Architecture and Product engineering, UA7.1 Release Introduction strategy.

- ALU UA6.0 Engineering KTS (DR4 & DR5): OAM Product engineering, Capacity, UTRAN upgrade, Performance monitoring, UA5.x Optimizations, New UTRAN Features, Architecture and Product engineering.

- ALU UA06 NPO K3.0 - Overview and Functionality KTS: NPO product overview, functionalities, differentiators and added value module.

- ALU E2E KPI KTS: KPI activity process “ORANGE T6”, KPI’s measurements’ tools, Traces “Mobile, IP, NodeB, Iu, Iub” and usage of post processing tools.


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