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Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Telecom service provider Latest occupation/title: Supervisor Project Implementation Latest main activities: 2G,3G,4G rollout, changeout


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Telecom engineer Specialisation: Implementation and maintenance Additional trainings: Ericsson, Nortel, Cisco Voice, Huawei

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• Supervising project engineer in charge in roll out of 2G, 3G, 4G and transmission equipments. Supervising project engineer for major swapout/changeout of different BTS equipments.
• UMTS/3G Field Engineer task to install, commission, integrate, operate and maintain Siemens Node B, Nokia Flexi BTS, Huawei BTS, Huawei RTN transmission, Ericsson BTS and Ericsson minilink TN.
• Provide feedback to Project Manager/Acceptance Manager on the availability of site for Acceptance as soon as Contractor initiates invitation for Site Acceptance.
• Checked with contractor on the necessary documents prior to the activity.
? Initial test result
? Test procedures
? Approved Checklist for Site Acceptance
• Performed site clearing and inspection for all rectified deficiency by our contractor.
• Voice Network Management Center (NOC) Controller for 4 years, primarily responsible to manage and maintain France Telecom multilateral voice network to maintain the maximum level of network availability, minimal negative customer impact and minimal operational expense.
• Knowledge and experience in Ericsson AXE-10 translations, operation and maintenance.


• BTS and Node B installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance
• RNC operation and maintenance

• DMS 100/200/300 operation and maintenance, translations, datafill.
• Ericsson AXE 10 operation and maintenance.

• Echo cancellers
• Newbridge 3600 series multiplexers.
• HDSL Equipment.

Operating Systems:
• DOS, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7

• Lotus Notes, MS Office, Telnet, Hyperterminal

Tools and Test Equipments
• Nortel Networks Monitoring System
• Process 7
• Quest 7
• BER tester
• Protocol Analyzer
• Fluke multimeters
• TIMS (Transmission Impairment and Measuring Set)


DMPI- Sun Cellular - Philippines Feb 2010 up to present
Supervising Engineer III - Implementation

• Supervise the rollout of Ericsson 2G and Huawei 3G and 4G including its PDH transmission.
• Assist contractors in implementing the said rollout in the field making sure that agreed project timelines are followed and target for on air sites are met.
• Escalate right away to vendors if there are technical issues to resolve them right away.
• Report to project manager updates on the implementation including issues and concerns.
• Monitor closely the performance of the contractors and implement changes if needed to meet deadlines.
• Conduct technical site surveys for new and co located sites.
• Supervise cut over of E1’s from Ericsson to Huawei.

ETSI-Siemens - Philippines June 2006 up to Jan 2010
Team Leader – Field Engineer

• Installation, commissioning, integration of Siemens Node B (NB 880 and NB 881).
• Installation, commissioning, integration of Nokia Flexi BTS.
• Implementation of NOKIA swap out project involving 300 Siemens Node B swap with NOKIA Flexi BTS.
• Operation and maintenance of Node B which covers on site maintenance, replacement of faulty hardware, uploading and downloading software and database, reporting to TAC faults which needs advance maintenance.
• Walk test and drive test newly integrated sites which includes voice call, video call, SMS, MMS, internet upload and download test, signal strength and coverage test.
• Frequency scanning of suspected sites with interference coming from other carriers/operator.
• Assist RNC in site rehoming if remote access is not possible by going to the site and upload, edit the database to its new home parameters, download it to the Node B and activate the new database.
• Teach fellow engineers Node B operation and maintenance.
• Make weekly report with details on the maintenance activities, outages and its causes, issues and concern in the field.
• Recommend to immediate superior solutions to operational and maintenance issues in the field.
• Participated in the initial planning of 3G network build to make sure that the quality of the equipment and installation is in accordance with industry standard while keeping the cost at a reasonable price.

Self-employed June 2005 – April 2006
Butuan, Philippines
• Invested some money on different businesses like educational shops, buy and sell of pebbles used in house construction, pc surplus shop.
• Procurement of goods at the right time in the right place and from the right source at the best total cost of ownership.

France Telecom - Germany Dec 2000 up to May 2005
Engineering Support Senior Specialist – Voice Network Management Center

• Proactive fault detection, isolation and correction of voice network faults.
• Proactive identification and resolution of voice network quality deterioration.
• Primarily in charge in managing all the voice switches (Nortel DMS 100’s, Nortel DMS GSP’s, Nortel MMCS’s, Ericsson AXE10’s) and IN Platforms (IVR’s and SCP’s).
• Focused on CTTS and OCEANE (ticket systems) dealing with customer complaints making sure that their problems are resolved within the set SLA (Service Level Agreement).
• Directly in contact with the customer service in resolving customer issues that are caused by network outages.
• Decide which severity (minor, major, critical) can be given to a problem and refer the ticket to a proper fix agency.
• Attend to conference call in times of emergency where there is a big outage in the network causing a lot of unsuccessful calls to and from customers.
• Escalate tickets to the fix agency to insure that the group’s KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) are achieved.
• Do emergency rerouting in case there is a major problem to complete calls to a certain destination.

Bayantel Inc., Philippines 1998 up to Dec 2000
Senior Engineer – Switching Operations

• Supervise the operation and maintenance of Nortel DMS 100/200.
• Supervise the operation and maintenance of ITOPS and its components.
• Supervise the operation and maintenance of 31 OPACs (Outside Plant Access Cabinets).
• Do universal translations, TOD translations and CENTREX translations.
• Activation of new circuits (C7 and R2). Level 1, level 2, level 3 testing in accordance with CCITT recommendations.
• Daily monitoring and analysis of Manager’s Morning Report and SPMS.
• Programming of ALT (Automatic Line Testing).
• Troubleshooting / replacing faulty cards/circuit packs and requesting for spare.
• Develop proactive/preventive measures to effectively maintain the switch and all OPACs to meet 99.99% availability.

Bayantel Inc., Philippines 1997-1998
Engineer III – Switching Operations

• Assisted in the implementation of projects like OPAC roll-out. Cut-over of old number (6 digit) to the new 7 digit number.
• Implement service orders from Switch Engineering like turning up new circuits and do testing.
• Trained fellow engineers in clearing alarms in the CM, MS, NET, PM, LNS, TRK and external alarms with the aid of Nortel NTPs.

Bayantel Inc., Philippines Oct 1995 – 1997
Engineer II – Switching Operations

• Investigate CSRs raised by other Bayantel company and escalate to Nortel support when necessary.
• Participated in the upgrade of switches from BCS40 to APC09 load with the presence of Nortel Support.
• On call during critical alarms of all Bayantel switches in Metro Manila and provinces and logged in the switch via dial up modem.

Bayantel Inc., Philippines Jan to Oct 1995
Engineer I – Switching Operations

• Translation and datafill of DMS 300.
• Operation and maintenance of DMS 300.
• Interconnection testing with foreign counterpart using C5 and C7 signaling.
• Activation of data links (associated and quasi-associated) and turning up of new international circuits.

Bayantel Inc., Philippines July 1994 to Jan 1995
Cadet Engineer – Switching Operations

• Operation and maintenance of Ericsson AXE-10.
• Activation of new international circuits (C5 and C7)
• Back-up of Billing data to tape.


• Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering, from University of San Carlos, Cebu City, March 1992
• Passed the licensure exam with a grade of 80.05, November 1992

Certified Training:

• Voice over IP (VOIP), Voice over ATM, Voice over Frame Relay

Nortel Networks
• DMS 100 Supernode Meridian Digital Centrex
• DMS 100 Supernode Meridian Digital Centrex Translations
• ITOPS Basic Operation and Maintenance
• DMS 300 Basic Operation and Maintenance

• AXE 10 Basic Operation and Maintenance

• Signaling and Switching Concepts
• Digital Transmission Overview


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