Javier from Venezuela applies for Blue Card Germany

Telecommunications engineers

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Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Electronic Engineer Specialisation: Telecommunications Additional trainings:

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Working Experience

Huawei Technologies of Venezuela S.A.
GSM /UMTS Core Network Maintenance Engineer and Operation Coordinator (Since December 2009 until now)

• Provide 2nd line support and Technical Assistance to local Telecom Operators over alarms recovery and troubleshooting on Core Network equipments such STP, MGW, MSC, HLR/HSS, EIR and SGSN.
• Coordination and Handling of special requirements from Customer about new features and services test (responsible and interface for maintenance operations of Digitel).
• Execute maintenance routines for Core Network equipments and Analyze KPI for CS networks
• Digitel Core Network Upgrade project 2012: Execute software upgrades over 2 STPs, 2 HLR (ATCA and CPCI platform) 5 MGWs and 4 MSC (ATCA and CPCI platform).
• Digitel Core Network Update project 2011: Execute software updates over 2 STPs, 2 HLR (ATCA and CPCI platform) 5 MGWs and 2 MSC (CPCI platform).

Huawei Technologies of Venezuela S.A.
Core Network Implementation Engineer (Since January 2008 to November 2009)

• Digitel RNC migration project: Integrate and test 2 RNC with IuCs interface over IP with a Huawei MSC.
• Digitel BSS AoIP project: Integrate and test 2 BSC with A interface over IP with a Huawei MSC.
• Digitel CS SWAP project: Put on service one new Huawei MSC (ATCA platform), including migration from Ericsson MSC to Huawei MSC.
• GS interface project: Implement and test the GS interface between Huawei MSC and Nokia/Ericsson SGSN.
• 3G calls Roam restriction project: Complete the configuration and execute services test over Huawei MSC about the feature SBH (Service Base Handover) to force 3G calls over 2G network.
• Digitel Valencia MSS project: Execute the installation, commissioning, acceptance test for a new MSC (CPCI platform) and new Huawei MGW; including service Migration from Nokia’s MSS to Huawei’s MSS.
• Digitel STPs SWAP project: Execute the installation, commissioning, acceptance test of 2 Huawei STP (SG7000); including TDM and SIGTRAN signaling links migration.

Huawei Technologies of Venezuela S.A.
Documentation Engineer (Since February 2007 to December 2007)

• Design and development of engineering documents to install and to expand Core equipments.

Cementos Catatumbo (February 2006- June 2006)

• Development of an interface of communication between two controller devices.

Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (P.D.V.S.A) (May 2005- July 2006)

-Study and installation of photometers.


2010 IESA “Time Management”. 16 hours
2007 Muelles de Alejandría “Cisco (CCNA)”. 6 months
2006 Centro Venezolano Americano del Zulia English. 6 months
2003 Rafael Belloso Chacín University “I Conference of Telecommunication technology transfer to higher education”. 2 days
2002 Rafael Belloso Chacín University “Programming language C”. 48 hours.
2002 Rafael Belloso Chacín University, “Computer Assembly and maintenance activities”. 2 days.
2013 Shenzhen-Huawei’s HeadQuarter “HSS9820 product”. 20 days.


- Fast Learner
- Team worker
- Easy change adaptation
- Dinamic and organize
- Client Oriented
- Ability to work under pressure
- Ability to comply with delivery dates

Abilities and Skills

- GSM/UMTS/LTE Networks knowledge.
- Fluid English
- Familiar with SQL, AUTOCAD, WINDOWS, Linux and Huawei LMT.


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