Mansur S. from Libya applies for Blue Card Germany

Electrical engineers

Personal data:

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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: Energy/Oil & Gas Latest occupation/title: Senior Sales Engineer Latest main activities: Sales


Completed education: doctoral Title or Qualification: PhD Specialisation: Electrical Engineering/Energy/ control systems Additional trainings: Gas turbine and compressors Training at Siemens

Preferred countries:

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Language skills:

1. Language skills: german => excellent 2. Language skills: english => well 3. Language skills: Arabic => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:


1977-1983 Primary school in Meslata Libya
1983-1986 Middle school in Meslata Libya
1986-1989 High School in Meslata Libya (Abitur) Grade “B”


10/1989-09/1992 Study of the material science at the Al-Fatih University in
Tripoli – Libya
10/1994-11/1999 Study at the technical University of Ilmenau - Germany
in the Faculty : of electrical engineering and information technology
Institute: Electrical energy transformation and automation
Branch: Power electronics and control in the power engineering
Degree: Dipl-Ing. [Equivalent to Master degree of science] (Grade on the german scale: 1,5 “very good” equivalent to “A”)
Diploma topic: “Software design and experimental investigation of a sensorless three-phase alternating-current drive with adjusted speed” (simulation with Matlab/simulink and programming of a microcontroller with C-language)

04/2000 additional study at the technical University of Ilmenau- Germany in the course of economic studies
12/2000 occupation as a doctorate student at the technical University of
Ilmenau- Germany
06/2005 Obtaining the academic degree (Dr.- Ing.) from technical University of Ilmenau- Germany (grade: 1,0 “very good” according to German Grading System, equivalent to “A ” on the ECTS-Grading System or equivalent to >90% on the percentage levels of marks) in power engineering /power electronics and control
Topic of the thesis: „Control strategy for the realization
of decentralized mains for 3-phase systems by parallel operation of voltage source inverters“


Date Company Place Activity
04.05.98 - 18.09.98 ISLE-GmbH Ilmenau Engineering practical course
01.08.96 - 20.08.96 University of Ilmenau Ilmenau Basic practical course

Topic of the engineering practical course: „ Regulation of a battery charger,
Programming language: C and assembler“


Date Company Place Activity
01.12.2000 – 30.09.2005 ISLE-GmbH Ilmenau Software design and experimental investigations for 3-phase systems by parallel operation of voltage source inverters
01.12.2001 – 30.09.2005 Siemens AG Ilmenau

11/2005 – 07/2008 lecturer at the higher institute for comprehensive profession (Vocations), in Meslata – Libya
lecturer at the high institute of engineering in Meslata – Libya

09/2006 – 09/2008 lecturer at El-mirgib university - Libya in faculty of electrical engineering and computer science / department of control

10/2007 – 07/2008 lecturer at the higher institute for comprehensive profession (Vocations), in Alkoms - Libya

11/2008 – now Siemens AG –Libya: Senior Sales Engineer/ Oil & Gas department & projects execution support/ power generation and mechanical drive/ industrial gas turbines and compressors.

Date Company Place Description
17 -18 March 2009 Siemens AG Düsseldorf Germany Sales Meeting for Energy/Oil & Gas/ Process Compression
22-24 April 2009 Siemens AG Finspong – Sweden Basic (Medium) Gas Turbine Technology Training
27-29 April 2009 Siemens AG Lincoln - Uk Basic (Small) Gas Turbine Technology Training
08-10 June 2010 Siemens AG Duisburg-Germany Turbo Compressor Technology
12-15 June 2012 Siemens AG Finspong – Sweden Gas Turbine Technology for Sales

09/1993-07/1994 Preparatory course in Glauchau-Zwickau in the subjects: German, mathematics, physics and chemistry
03/1993-09/1993 German language course in Glauchau-Zwickau
09/1992-11/1992 German language course at Goethe-Institute in Bremen


German: Excellent in word and writing
English: good in word and writing
Arabic: Native language
Programming and simulation:
Assembler: very good knowledge
C: very good knowledge
Java: good knowledge
Matlab/Simulink: very good knowledge
Pascal : Basic knowledge

EDV: MS-Word: very good user knowledge
PowerPoint: very good user knowledge
FrontPage: very good user knowledge
Excel: very good user knowledge
Visio: very good user knowledge
Access: Basic knowledge
MS-Outlook: very good user knowledge
Internet: very good user knowledge


Journeys, computer, sport, reading Engineering magazines and publications

Tripoli, June 2013



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