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Cover Letter
I have recently defended my Doctoral Thesis entitled ‘’Quantifying short-term soil erosion rates using cosmogenic radionuclide Beryllium-7’’, at the University of Bremen, Germany, Department of Physics. The doctoral project resulted in the advancement in the field erosion quantification using cosmogenic radionuclides and development of the mathematical model to study the migration of cosmogenic Beryllium–7 in soils. My supervisors were Prof. Dr. Gerald Kirchner and Dr. Helmut Fischer, who both have a strong expertise in practical and theoretical radioecology and Nuclear physics. I have an extensive academic background in environmental physics, environmental chemistry, soil physics, remote sensing, Statistical methods combined with a strong practical work experience in basic research, especially in terrestrial radioecology.
My main research area has been so far the use of artificial and natural radioisotopes to quantify soil erosion and deposition processes. During my Master’s and Doctoral Theses I studied the mobility of Cesium-137 and Berillyum-7 as tracers for soil redistribution processes. During my Master thesis I successfully developed and applied an improved soil erosion mass balance model using radiocaesium to study long-term soil erosion processes on agricultural areas. This work was performed at Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz (BfS), Berlin. My doctoral thesis was supported by a doctoral position at BfS.
During the course of my doctoral project I developed a physical process based model, to study the behavior of short lived Berillyum-7 in soil and later used it to quantify soil erosion rates. This included the derivation and use of differential equations, of numerical methods for their solution and of the use of simulation models for simulating the mobility of a radioactive tracer in terrestrial ecosystems.
My research experience in different topics trained my mental flexibility, and enabled me to learn and improve many scientific techniques in radioecology and hydrology. I also have gained ample experience in writing computer codes with the mathematical programming language MATLAB.
I am highly motivated, hardworking and results driven, and a good team player. Throughout my career, I obtained good communication and organizational skills. I love scientific research, and this passion always induced me to solve difficult challenges and to achieve my goals.
For my career, I see a position with your group as the ideal way to broaden my knowledge and scientific activity. Your research activities are really interesting, and your research quality excellent.
I would be grateful if you would give me the possibility to join your group. I believe that with my scientific background, enthusiasm, scientific curiosity, and determination, I could give a significant and valuable contribution to your research.

Educational background

03/2009 –12/ 2012 Dr.rer.nat (Ph.D.)-Environmental Physics
From University of Bremen, Germany
Grade – 1.3 (Magna cum laude)
Doctoral thesis on ‘Quantification of short term soil erosion rates using cosmogenic radionuclide Be-7’

09/2006 –11/ 2008
Masters of Science (MSc) – Environmental Physics
From University of Bremen, Germany
Grade – 1.4 (Very Good)
MSc Thesis: Development of mass balance model to
Calculate soil deposition rates on the agricultural fields using

06/2001 –08/ 2003
Masters of Science (MSc) – Physics
From University of Pune, India
Grade – Distinction
MSc Thesis: Development of microprocessor based
atmospheric ion counter for measurement of pollution in
Pune city.

03/1998 – 06/2001
Bachelor of Science (BSc) from University of Pune
Grade – Distinction
Fergusson College, Pune, India
Special subject – Physics
General subjects – Electronics, Mathematics
BSc Thesis: Determining Aitken particles in air using condenser method

Work Experience
02/2009 – 06/2012 Scientific Officer
German federal office of radiation protection at
Berlin, Germany

08/2008 – 09/2008 Research Assistant
German research vessel ‘Polarstern’ to conduct research
on water masses movement at 85o N latitudes in Arctic

01/2008 – 10/2008 Research Assistant
Gamma spectroscopy laboratory at German federal office of radiation protection at
Berlin, Germany

04/2007 – 08/2007
Research Assistant
University of Bremen, Germany
Research project on simulating Rossby waves in ocean

10/2005 – 08/2006
Private Physics tuitions
Undergraduate level

Lecturer for Physics
Undergraduate level
Pune, India
Nowrosjee Wadia College

1. “Microprocessor Controlled atmospheric ion counter: A study of large ions in Pune City”. Indian Journal of Radio and space physics (IJRSP), (Vol. 35, February 2006, pp 42-46).
2. ‘’Identification of fluvial sediment sources in a meso-scale catchment, Northern Mongolia’’. Submitted in March 2012 to Journal of Hydrological processes
3. ‘’Mathematical modelling approaches for soil erosion/deposition quantification using 137Cs for cultivated soils in the young moraine regions of Germany’’. Ready for submission.
4. ‘’Quantification of short-term erosion rates using the cosmogenic radionuclide 7Be for a multiple erosion scenario: A mathematical approach’’ Manuscript under preparation.

Language Skills
English mother tongue
German proficient user
Hindi national language
Marathi mother tongue

Computer Skills
• Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• MatLab (Mathematical computing Language)

1. Dr. Gerald Kirchner
Head of the Department
Radiation protection and environment
Bundesamt für strahlenshutz
Berlin, Germany
2. Dr. Helmut Fischer
Radioactivity Measurements Laboratory
Department of Physics
University of Bremen
P. O. Box 330 440
D-28334 Bremen


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