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Electronics engineers

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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: Process Industries (oil, gas and Petrochemicals) Latest occupation/title: Manager Latest main activities: Engineering, Sale and Services


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Electronics Engineer Specialisation: Instrument and Control for Process Industries Additional trainings: Please see below

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Personal note /detailed application:

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply for possibly existing position. Having a background of university education of B.S. Degree in Electronics Engineering and more than 21 years of work experience all in the field of Instrumentation, Automation and Control, mostly for Process industries. I have been active in Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Power and Steel plants.
I have enclosed my CV bellow to support my application. It shows my skills including:
• Installation and Commissioning
• Maintenance and Repair
• Engineering and Detail Design
• Sales, Services and Management

There is a considerable familiarity with wide range of Field Instruments and Control Systems from a variety of manufacturers from worldwide. But I have been in direct engagement with some of well-known ones.
I would enjoy having the opportunity to talk with you more about my abilities, and how I could use my skills to benefit your organization.
Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely
Asghar Sharifi

Family Status: Married
Spouse Name: Marjan Ansarian
Number of Children: 2, (daughter 14 years old, year 2 of Senior School and son 8 years old, grade 3 of Junior School) attending American Academy Larnaca International School.

EU Residence Status: Having Permanent Residence Permit to stay and live in Cyprus. (Category F)
My family and I have lived in Cyprus for about three years, (since August 2010).

Job experiences: (more than 21 years totally) as per below:
1) May 2007 till now, as Managing Director of SIMSAN Sanat company. Previous experiences together with my avidity for higher successes encouraged me to start my own business. So I established my business based on before sales Engineering, Sales and after sales Services (ESS) in the field of instrument and Control devices and solutions. I preferred the same area of industries as I was in touch in the past for certain advantages mostly like oil, gas, petrochemicals, power and steel. I planned different approach than previous job and many other players in the market. I decided to share our technical experiences in the company with technical staffs in customer’s side (which mostly are young and inexperienced or not updated technically). However as initial look, this seemed a kind of waste of time and money, but after a short while, we saw signals of success. By this, many customers trusted us as a reliable technical company which is able to suggest engineered, economical solutions for their needs, especially when there is complicated challenge in between. Our ESS strategy together with our commitment to our projects became strong reasons not only to have great success in Sales, but also opened doors for Engineering and Construction which were not in the scope our activities from the beginning. We have submitted many different solutions, devices and spare parts from many different vendors to the customers, as well as engaged with Engineering and Installation for some jobs upon customer request. However the company and business is not so large because of some local reasons, but it had been very much efficient.

2) July 2001 to May 2007, as Sales manager of RMD and Flow division of Irosco (representative of Emerson Process Management/Fisher-Rosemount) . During the period I was responsible for Sales and Services of field instruments from Rosemount (Vortex, Magnetic, DP flowmeters, Radar & DP Level, Pressure and Temperature Instruments) and Micro Motion (Mass Coriolis Flowmeters) as EMERSON PROCESS MANAGEMENT subsidiaries. As head of team, together with my colleagues, I have handled business through quoting for the in hand inquiries, as well as promotion activities like customer visits, products presentation, seminars and participating in Oil & Gas as well as Foundation Fieldbus specialty exhibitions as an exhibitor. I’m very prude of a rapid increase in sales trends of products after I started my job. Specially there was great success for me to start use of Coriolis Flowmeters for Custody Transfer/metering and plant Mass & Energy Balancing applications for the first time in our local market, while end-users preferred to use traditional, mechanical technologies strongly. We also sold a huge quantity Coriolis Flowmeters CNG050 for CNG project. Now I can estimate between 7000 to 8000 CNG050 Flowmeters are installed in dispensers in CNG stations all around the country.
I have got a significant quantity of training courses for above mentioned items in UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Dubai in Emerson facilities for above mentioned products. I have granted training certificates for some of the courses.
I found a considerable differences in the tasks of Sales and Services comparing to tasks in Installation, Detail Design or Maintenance, even all about Instrumentation and Control. It really differs, but my previous experiences supported me strongly to able to negotiate with technical divisions of customers successfully. Also I had great success in commercial negotiations through effective relations and communications. These two empowered me to achieve great successes.

3) June 2000 to May 2001, as I&C Manager in AMID Engineering Company, Alumina Jajarm project. I was engaged for daily and preventive Maintenance and execution of necessary modifications of huge complex with about 20 plants. It started from mining units to process plants. Due to bad detail design, there were huge amount of modification in the plants for all disciplines (Mechanical, Electrical, I&C and Process). During modifications I managed relative Engineering, Purchases and Constructions activities for I&C, as well as coordination with other disciplines for best performance of the job.

4) May 1998 to June 2000, SPEC Company. In NIPC/SPEC, I have had a tight cooperation in surveying, encouragement and supporting of local potentials and manufacturers of Electrical, Instrumentation and Control apparatus for use in Petrochemical Plants for more than two years. I have visited facilities of many manufacturers. I discovered great local potentials and ongoing activities for Electrical Apparatus fabrication. It was my job to advise, convince and support them to increase quality of the products to be used in petrochemical plants. I got success for products like Explosion Proof Electromotor, Cable Gland, Junction Box, Lighting Fixture, as well as Circuit Breaker, etc… to be fabricated under license or in joint venture agreement with well-known foreigner (west European). There were some difficulties in Instruments portion, because of sensitivities of applications and challenges which local manufacturers faced with, on the other hands. I got a considerable success in portion of Control to raise several local DCS, PLC, Electronic Indicators and Controllers manufacturers, as well as a several fabricators for mechanical instruments, like Pressure/Temperature/Level/Flow Gauges. It was amazing experience for me to get familiar with fabrication challenges, which completely differ from Engineering, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance which already I was engaged with, during previous jobs.
5) January 1998 to April 1998, Sazeh Consultant Engineers Company. During the period of time I undertook supervision for refurbishment of field instruments. The project was to refurbish and install all field devices for a second hand Polypropylene plant, belonging to POLYNAR Company in Tabriz. It was considerable experience repairing and refurbishing field instruments, especially Control Valves and making them ready for installation. As a part of job I reported missing or damaged items to be ordered. The job did not last so long, because of owner financial problem at that time.

6) November 1995 to January 1998, Foulad Teknik Engineering company (ISIE). More than two years of Engineering, Detail Design and Supervision to the Installation activities for steel plants mostly in process sections, as well as modifications on existing plants, in the field of instrumentation and control. I had been engaged with Engineering and Detail Design in MEYBOD Steel Plant and some minor modifications in ESFAHAN Steel Company and MOBAREKEH Steel Complex. Also I undertook Supervision to Installation activities in project of Furnace 2 in ESFAHAN Steel Company.
As personal side activity, the Installation and Start up of Instrumentation, Control and Electrical apparatus was awarded to me. However it was a small plant in RESINFAM factory, as partner of HOECHST Germany, but it was really great experience to handle the job by myself under supervision of engineers from HOECHST successfully. The job lasted 75 days, started from November 1996.
7) April 1992 to November 1995, Arak Petrochemical Company (Petro karan). About four years of very comprehensive and condensed work in closed cooperation with Tecnimont Italy as EPC (Turnkey) contractor. During the period I have been engaged with installation, commissioning, start up and maintenance of field instrument and control devices. There, I got familiar and worked with many field instruments, Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature, Density, Liquid Analyzers, (Sensors, Indicators/ Gauges, Switches and Transmitters), Final Elements or Control Valves, Single-loop and Multi-loop controllers, SIEMENS S5 PLC and Honeywell TDC3000 DCS. A wide range of technologies like pneumatic, Conventional and Digital Smart communication (HART protocol) were used there. Many well-known and less-Known manufacturers had presence in the plants with their products.
Beside of daily work orders, I obtained and enjoyed of a considerable terms of training courses, all in the field of Instruments and Control Systems, fundamentals and applications. Actually I got chances to perceive how Instrument and Control work in the site (practically), what I learnt in the classes. In the mean time, I learnt to maintain, configure and modify existing configuration of SIEMENS S5 PLC and Honeywell TDC300 DCS through studying about 30 files of documents and practices. It was like a kind of self training courses, which qualified me to handle all of tasks with S5 PLC and TDC3000 DCS by myself. I personally respect and consider this period of work like a second university educations. However they didn’t issue paper form certificates for the courses, but I the qualifications had been with me always.
During this job I discovered an intricate problem, which caused bad running of the EO-EG plant in the form of OFF-SPEC product and very frequent unpredicted Emergency Shut Down of the plant. Because of this I received an award from Tecnimont Company, the Italian EPC contractor.

PC and IT Skills:
Fluent in PC use and internet. Also I have worked with various sizing programs of Flow Elements, Flowmeters, Control Valves from different manufacturers. In contrary with previous Control Systems (PLC’s/DCS’s), recent Control Systems are based on PC technology, hardware wise and software wise. So I have a considerable experience to integrate PC/IPC through network with Control Systems/Remote I/O’s to run Man Machine Interface software to form SCADA.

English Skills:
Fluent in English language.

Training Courses:
Significant local training courses especially inside the works, and short term courses/business trips abroad, including Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Italy and Dubai.

Update: February 2015


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