Takuro from Japan applies for Blue Card Denmark

Environmental engineers

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Name of profession: Environmental engineers Name of latest business sector: Consulting for environmental field Latest occupation/title: Researcher, Environmental Engineer Latest main activities: Solid Waste Management (Organic waste recycling (composting), 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle))


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Master of Science in Environmental Studies Specialisation: Environmental Engineer Additional trainings: Civil Engineer

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*Work Experiences:
2007/11- Present
Researcher, Waste Management & 3R and Domestic & Global Environment
-Planning for municipal waste management
-Promoting 3R action plans with public participation.
-Research on venous industry and its vitalization plan.
-Simulating global warming gas emissions, and instituting global warming action plans.
-Research on the Ozone layer protection.
2006/09- 2007/11
Supervisor for Composting Plant, Manufacturing Division
-Managing and maintaining a composting plant for food waste recycling
-Planning and managing products (compost and feeding stuff)
-Collecting food wastes from factories and institutions
-Training and supervising workers at the composting plant.
-Guiding visitors for inspection of the factory
2003/04- 2006/04
Sanitary and Environmental Engineer, Environmental Planning Section, Social Development Dept., International Division
-Research, planning, designing and project management as a consulting engineer specializing in solid waste management in developing countries
-Research on solid waste management system and sewerage systems
-Designing for waste collection system
-Formulating guideline for safety closure of landfill site
1999/04- 2003/03
Engineer, Overseas Department
-Research, planning, designing and project management as a consulting engineer specializing in water supply and wastewater management in developing countries
-Research on sewerage systems
-Formulating wastewater management plan
-Designing micro sewage treatment plant (septic tank, jyokaso)
-Coordinating project in developing countries

*Professional Knowledge:
- Formulating municipal solid waste management plan
- Formulating action plan for 3R (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) system and sound material-cycle society
- Promotion of Food Waste Recycling (Composting, Feeding stuff, etc.)
- Designing waste collection system
- Engineering for micro sewage treatment plant (septic tank, jyokaso)

- Master of Science in Environmental Studies, 1998
- Bachelor of Agricultural Science, 1995

Married, No children


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