Marius Romeo from Canada applies for Blue Card Germany

Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: Engineering Design Company Latest occupation/title: Design Engineer Latest main activities: R&D projects


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Mechanical Engineering Specialisation: High Precision Mechanical Engineering Additional trainings: Industrial Control Systems

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• Over 9 years in Product Engineering and Design experience
• Member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (140300)
• B Eng ,M Eng in progress at Concordia University- Mechanical Engineering
• Skills in using a wide range of design, product and business solution

Graduate Studies 2009-present
? Concordia University Montreal
Master of engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Specialization in Industrial Control Systems
Courses completed:
• Design of Industrial Control Systems
• Robotic Manipulators (mechanics)
• Design of hydraulic control System
• Industrial Automation
Undergraduate Studies
École Polytechnique de Montréal 2007-2008
Relevant courses: Vibration Analysis, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery, Modélisation de systèmes mécaniques.
École de Technologie supérieure Montréal 2006-2007
Relevant courses: Engineering Management Principles and Economics.

Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania 1986-1991
Mechanical Engineering Faculty – Bachelor of Engineering, Specialization in High Precision Mechanical Engineering
Relevant courses: Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery, Vibration Analysis ,Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Advanced Strength of Materials, Mechanical Design, Electrical Engineering, Methods Applied in Automation, Measurements Apparatuses, Medical Apparatuses, High Precision Mechanical and Micromechanical Design, Optical Design, General Data Processing, Programming Techniques.

Design Engineer 2010-present
Azopev Inc. ,Montreal, Canada
•Participated actively, under the supervision of a senior engineer ,in the design of the various
engineering projects

Product / Project Manager 2005-2006
CONSTRUCT LINE SRL ( – subsidiary of Lindab, Sweden), Buzau, Romania

• Responsible for project management / coordination, installation, design and start-up for the main product lines sold by the company such as: ventilation and drainage systems, building components (walls and joints, roofing / guttering including roof safety systems, light structures, garage / industrial doors, building coverings).
• Developed multiple design solution to implement the company’s products for store buildings, car showrooms, sports arenas and warehouses and then finding the optimal solution.
• Utilized specialized software tools and specific software to speed up the project design and planning for building systems and selection of components.

Product / Project Manager 2001-2005
TEHNOMET SA (, Buzau, Romania

• Responsible for establishing customer’s needs, studied customer’s specifications, verified / checked / approved technical aspects of the project.
• Keeping the cost to a minimum, prepared quotations for various jobs and different types equipment (mainly machined and / or welded spare parts for the heavy industry like: large industrial conveyors, heavy-duty shafts, furnace components, filters, heat exchangers, large industrial flanges, etc.).
• Responsible for cost estimates for projects delivered between May 2002 and November 2005.
• Involved in project presentations and contract negotiations.
• Negotiated and concluded contracts with national and international customers
• Prepared contract reviews, distribute, communicate and maintain project information within the company.
• Received / responded to customer inquiries and complaints.
• Responsible for maintaining proposal databases for the company.
• Planned and coordinated the activities concerning the purchase of material, the production of the equipment and spare parts for heavy industry. Negotiated the purchases of capital OEM’s (electrical motors, gear reducers, couplings etc.) being direct responsible for preparing a detailed technical specification.
• Participated actively in planning meetings at upper management level, providing reports and recommendations.
• Was responsible of the contract from final contract negotiations with the customer, through design, fabrication and shipping (contract values between $10,000 and $250,000).
• Interacted with customers on regular bases, providing information, negotiating deadlines and delivery dates, negotiating extras and/or penalties to be invoiced or paid, etc.

Design Engineer 1997-2001
CONSTAM SA (, Buzau, Romania

• Used computer aided analysis and design (program developed by Deceunink Industries-Belgium) to conceive PVC framed energy efficient windows and doors for industrial and residential customers.
• Designed a flexible production system which provided a short time cycle from order entry to product shipment.
• Planned, engineered and designed a new production plant for PVC framed windows and doors, taking into consideration the workflow (adequate machine location) and planning for the consumable needs (electricity, pneumatic air, water, etc.).

Maintenance Supervisor 1991-1997
CITY HALL, Buzau, Romania

• Provided technical approvals, guidance and direction, including reviewing and accepting all proposed engineering studies related to the incentive applications and tracking progress of participants.
• Determination of eligibility of construction rehabilitation projects, including commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-unit.
• Ensured that contractual obligations assigned to consultant(s) meet stated goals and objectives, and that satisfactory results are achieved within specified time frames and budget restrictions.

Substitute English Teacher 1991-1995
“Spiru Haret” High School, Buzau, Romania

• Matlab/Simulink, Engineering equation solver (Maple), Catia, SolidWorks
• MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, etc.)

• French, English, Romanian



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