Krisakorn from Thailand applies for Blue Card Germany

Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: RFID Latest occupation/title: Senior system engineer Latest main activities:


Completed education: doctoral Title or Qualification: Dr.-Ing. Specialisation: Wireless sensor networks, Internet of things, RFID, Machine to machine Additional trainings:

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Educational Background
Feb. 2006 – Dec. 2012 RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.)
Ph.D. dissertation: Universal Data Access for Run-Time Resource Management in Resource-Constrained Wireless Networks
Jan. 2002 – June 2004 RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Master of Science in Communications Engineering
Master thesis: Tracking of Multiple Persons by Using a Fixed Camera Viewpoint
1996 - 2000 Kasetsart University , Bangkok, Thailand
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, majoring in Telecommunication Engineering (with 1st class honor)
Thesis: Fingerprint Recognition with a Focal Point as a Reference Point
1985 - 1995 Kasetsart University Laboratory School, Bangkok, Thailand
Work Experience
07/2012 – present Senior system engineer at Silicon Craft Technology, Ltd., Thailand.
Work areas: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Internet-of-Things, Near Field Communicaiton (NFC), NFC applications in Android.
02/2006 – 04/2012 Research assistant (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter) and Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Networked Systems, RWTH Aachen.
Research areas: wireless sensor networks (WSN), WSN middleware, machine-to-machine communication (M2M), QoS-based radio resource optimization, reconfigurable and self-organizing wireless embedded networks.
01.2005 - 12.2005 Research engineer at the Institute for Networked Systems, RWTH Aachen
Research areas: link-layer abstraction for wireless sensor networks.
04.2003 - 06.2003 Industrial internship at Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (ICM), Siemens AG, Munich
Work areas: image processing on mobile phone applications
06.2000 - 09.2001 Research engineer at Kasetsart Signal Processing Laboratory, Thailand
Research areas: digital image processing, online fingerprint verification
04.1998 - 06.1998 Industrial training at Samart Comtech Thailand Co Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
Work area: satellite communications

Teaching Institute for Networked Systems, RWTH Aachen
SS 2005, 2006, 2007, Laboratory "Network Programming for Embedded Systems"
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
SS 2006 Exercises for the lecture "Adhoc Networks and Mobile Computing"
WS 2006, 2007, 2008 Laboratory "Small Embedded Advanced and Generic Objects"
WS 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Laboratory "MATLAB Meets LEGO Mindstorms"
Professional Activities
ICN 2011, ICN 2012 TPC member of the International Conference on Networks
WCNC 2012 TPC member of the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
VTC 2012 Spring, TPC member of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference
VTC 2012 Fall
Research Projects Institute for Networked Systems, RWTH Aachen
08.2009 - 08.2010 Development of a utility-based radio resource optimization for wireless resource-constrained networks, integration and demonstration of a self-organizing home networking prototype for the EU project "Adaptive Reconfigurable Access and Generic Interfaces for Optimization in Radio Networks (ARAGORN)"
01.2009 - 07.2009 Development of a universal data access engine for wireless sensor networks for the EU project "Wirelessly Accessible Sensor Populations (WASP)"
02.2007 - 12.2008 Development of data access protocol, integration and deployment of a vineyard monitoring testbed using 64 wireless sensor nodes for the EU project “Ubiquitous Sensing and Security in the European Homeland (UbiSec&Sens)”
11.2006 - 12.2007 Project manager for the EU project “Creating Ubiquitous Intelligent Sensing Environments (CRUISE)”
12.2005 - 07.2006 Development of a routing protocol, integration and deployment of a vehicular tracking wireless sensor testbed for the industry project “Smart Vehicular Tracking with Outdoor Sensor Network”
07.2005 - 12.2006 Development of wireless sensor network prototype for smart home system for the EU project “Generic Open Link-Layer API for Unified Media Access (GOLLUM)”
1997-1999 Scholarships for excellent performance from the Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University
2000 Industrial award for an outstanding engineering project
10.2001 - 03.2004 Scholarship from Siemens AG (Youth and Knowledge Development Program)
Related Skills
Language English (fluent), German (proficient), Thai (mother tongue)
Programming Skills C, C++, C#, nesC, Java, MATLAB, LateX, UML, Python
Applications MS Office, MS Project, MS Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Power Director, IAR Systems, Eclipse
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Unix, Android
OS for Embedded Systems TinyOS, Contiki
Microcontrollers ARM Cortex-M0, 8051
Simulator TOSSIM
Hobbies Badminton, Table Tennis and Bowling
1. Prof. Dr. Petri Mähönen
Position: Full Professor and head of the department
Institute for Networked Systems, RWTH Aachen University
Address: Kackertstr. 9, Aachen, 52070 Germany
Work Email:
2. Prof. Dr. Dirk Westhoff (Dr. rer. nat. habil.)
Position: Full Professor at the department of Computer Science, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (previously at NEC Europe Network Lab)
Address: HAW Hamburg, Berliner Tor 7, Hamburg 20099, Germany
Phone: +49 40 42875 8183
Work Email:
3. Dr. Zhou Wang
Position: Software Design Engineer
Company: Advanced Technology Labs Europe, Microsoft Research
Address: Ritterstrasse 23, Aachen, 52072 Germany
Work phone: +49 (241) 99784510
Work Email:
4. Dr. Tim Farnham
Position: Chief Research Fellow
Company: Toshiba Research Europe Ltd
Address: 32 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4ND, UK
Work Email:


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