Tarun from India applies for Blue Card Germany

Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified

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Name of profession: Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified Name of latest business sector: Information Technology Latest occupation/title: Software Testing Engineer Latest main activities: Manual Testing, Automation Testing


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: MCA, Master Of Computer Applications Specialisation: Computers Additional trainings: NA

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Hamburg 2. Preferred country | region / city: United Kingdom | Edinburgh 3. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Huzberg

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1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: 3. Language skills: Hindi => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:

Software Testing
• Fundamentals of Software Engineering and Software Testing Tools such as HP Quick Test Professional, Test Complete, Quality Centre 9.0, and Test Execute.
• Scripting of functional test cases in C#
• Conducting Functional Tests, analysis and resolution of reported defects
• Preparing Test Cases- unit level, functional and integration testing
• Performing manual testing of applications
• Checking & reviewing the test cases documents
• Effective defect tracking and reporting to improve communications and reduce delay

Testing Tools : Test Complete 9.0, Quick Test Professional 11.0, Quality Center 9.0, VS 2010
Database : MS SQL Server 2008 R2
Quality Related : Test plan Design & Development, SDLC Testing, TS/TR Review
Bug Tracking Tool : Bugzilla
Languages : C, C++, C#, VB Script
Operating System : Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

2006-2009 M.C.A. (Master of Computer Applications) M.E.R.I. affiliated to G.G.S.I.P.U. Delhi


Project (Ongoing) E-Bee

Client Roar and Growl, Femella, Ferns N Petals, DMC

Technologies Java, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, MySQL, Maven,Subversion, Apache Tomcat, Dot CMS.

E-Bee is a highly configurable, scalable, user friendly web commerce platform solution. It has been
designed to empower business, and enable engagement across the multiple channels of consumerism
you offer your customers.
E-Bee platform is cost effective, built on open source technology, and empowers clients to control and
configure their business processes as their business scales and grows.
E-Bee provides below features:
• Sales interface
• Back Office
• Customer Relationship Management
• Social Media Integrations
• Centralized Loyalty System
• Offers & Promotion Engine
• Supplier & Vendor Extranet
• Call Center Management
• Incident & Escalation Management System
• Shipping & Logistics Management
• Customer Behavior Analytics

• Involved in creation of Process flows for major functionalities
• Reporting of process flow to the senior management as well as client
• Identifying Test Scenarios, Preparing Test Cases, Test Data
• Execution of test cases and daily reports
• Performance and Load testing using the J Meter
• Attending daily review meetings and presenting test reports
• Preparing and updating User Manual and providing training to the client

Project: Advanced Electronic Automated Trading

Client Bullseye Central

Technologies Asp.net3.5, C#, SQL Server 2008 R2

Based in New York City, Bullseye Central is a leading provider of automated trading software for
equities and options. Automated trading is the future of trading. Bullseye Central is dedicated to
bringing to this market the most advanced trading platforms that combine the power and speed of
technology with the intuition, insight, and human touch of experienced traders. This project is entitled
for direct online trading of New York stock investors. Its proprietary ultra low latency trading platform
provides the speed and flexibility to capture the full potential of advanced trading strategies. Its target
customers are Stock Traders, Private Investors.
Being a software test engineer my role was to perform manual cum automation testing for direct
trading which involved testing of Risk Parameters and Risk Management and to identify and prepare
automation script for regression testing.

• Identifying Test Scenarios, Preparing Test Cases, Test Data
• Identifying the Test cases that can be automated
• Functional, Regression testing using Automation Testing Tool - Test Complete 8.0
• Preparing the Object Repository and automation framework
• Preparing automation script using scripting language C#
• Involved in execution of the test cases using the tool Test Execute
• Attending daily code review meetings and presenting logs created after running the
automation script
• Maintaining the script and regular backups



CLIENT: Visuality U.K

TECHNOLOGIES: Asp.net3.5, C#, JavaScript, AJAX Control Toolkit.

Description: I2I reduces the cost, time and complexity of implementing an email marketing
campaign. I2I is the simple, effective e-mail marketing solution. It breaks the traditional
boundaries of eMarketing - no IT specialists required simple, template-based campaign set-ups.
I2I helps to target customers in a one-to-one environment catching customer’s data at an early
stage. Deliver specific e-mail messages to the targeted customers by developing relationships
that increase direct communication.
Disseminate information by e-mail to give more information to customers.

• Performed smoke testing of application and usability testing of User Interfaces(UI)
• Preparation and execution of test cases
• Prepared various bug reports for signing off the features to UAT
• Done Quality testing (Manual)
• Filling the bugs and following the bug tracking life cycle using Bugzilla
• Owned and tracked the bug status report in every release cycle
• Involved in Production quality improvement programs
• Reporting of process flow to the senior management as well as client



CLIENT: Visuality U.K

TECHNOLOGIES: Asp.net3.5, C#, JavaScript, AJAX Control Toolkit.

Description: Saddles Direct Emporium is an e-commerce based application which is related to
selling new horse saddle. This application internally managed by smartCMS.
• Understood the application by the provided documents.
• Identified Test Scenarios.
• Prepared Test Cases, Test Data.
• Executed Test Cases.
• Performed Functional and Regression Testing.
• Prepared Bug Report (MS-Excel).



CLIENT: Visuality U.K

TECHNOLOGIES: Asp.net3.5, C#, JavaScript, AJAX Control Toolkit.

Description: Stonefly Shoes is an e-commerce based application which is related to selling all
type of Italian shoes and boots both for men and women. This application internally managed by

• Maintain the whole process with the team members with Testing Methodologies and
techniques as per the client’s requirements.
• Responsible for preparing Test cases and executing them.
• Testing different aspects of the portal.
• Preparing reports for daily work done by team.
• Coordinated with the developers on Result and Defects Status on a regular basis.
• Involved in conducting daily meetings with clients to inform status of the project to the
manager and documented the progress.



CLIENT: Demos On Demand

TECHNOLOGIES: Asp.net3.5, C#, SQL Server 2008 R2

Description: Point Marketing is a software and services company delivering innovative sales and training content via a
suite of streaming media platforms that rank among the most sophisticated technology in the domain as
marketing consultants and design strategic campaigns for hi-tech clients.
Products used in Point Marketing:
• DemoMail - is a Web-based tool that allows salespeople to send in-depth demos, whiteboard
presentations and other detailed content directly to prospects via email. Media sessions
launch right from the email—no secondary linking is required. Within seconds, prospects
have access to the same informational sessions they would receive during a visit to your
This tool allows sales to deliver the correct content to the matching prospect, at any location,
with the click of a mouse. DemoMail, then tracks and reports viewership to allow targeted,
intelligent follow up by sales.
• DemoTrack provides a range of valuable information, including which prospects (chances for
success) viewed the highest volume of content, what they viewed, and how many times they
came back for another look. By filtering for the most interested prospects, sales can focus
their efforts where the greatest opportunities lie—while also showing where greater effort
must be applied.

• Creation and execution of low level test scripts & test cases for functional testing of products in
Point Marketing
• Assigning one or staff members to perform re-testing on the defects and other functional tests
• Creation of automation suite for the regression testing using automation tools such as Test
Complete 8.0
• Participating in Sanity, Interface, Functional and Cross Browser Testing
• Generating Website Test Report/Summary Report
• Validating Usability and Functionality Testing as well as handling Bug Reporting

• Positive attitude and punctual
• Excellent Team worker and team facilitator
• Highly optimistic, ability to work efficiently even under pressure


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