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Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: Oil & Gas Latest occupation/title: Maintenance Engineer - Tobruk Refinery/Terminal, Libya Latest main activities: Oil Terminal maintenance/overhaul


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: B.Sc.Mech.Eng. Specialisation: Welding & Construction of welded steel tanks for oil storage Additional trainings: WELD INSPECTION NDT EQPT (MPE, DYE PENETRANTS, VACUUM BOX, X& GAMMA RAY INTERPRETATIONS), LASER SHAFT ALIGNMENT EQPT (OPTALIGN PLUS SERIES FROM PRUFTECHNIK), USE OF PORTABLE GAS DETECTOR, USE OF LEVELLING INSTRUMENT ETC.

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Personal note /detailed application:

? Taknia Libya Engineering Co., (LIBYA)
? Mechanical Engineer on Oil Terminal/Jetty
? Implementation of variety of duties inside Tobruk Terminal such as:
? 1) Monitoring of regular preventive maintenance as well as emergency overhaul on major terminal equipment (i.e. PD meters custody transfer bi-rotor Brodie & Brooks max 15000 BPH each, emergency diesel generators 1MW each CAT driver- 7 pieces, fire water pumps for fire protection of Tank Farm- 6 pieces,(3,5 Million BBLs storage capacity), side entry mixers for bottom wax & sludge control on storage tanks (30 pieces), fired heater pumps for crude oil & fuel oil as well- 8 pieces, dozens of compressors, sump pumps- 9 pieces, jetty loading arms - 8 pieces (hydraulic, mechanic, swivel joints etc.), breasting & mooring dolphins with quick release hooks & capstans, API Separator & ballast tanks equipment, etc.
? 2) Keeping of records of every service/maintenance done by mechanic crew (service log books for each equipment)
? 3) Making of purchase requisitions for number of spare parts/consumables and check up of overseas offers regarding same requisitions in order to choose the most suitable one from technical point of view (i.e. Mechanical seals for number of rotating equipment, impellers, sleeves, bearings, glands, lantern rings etc., Oils & Greases, tools etc.)

? JAN 2009-JAN 2012
? Bosna-S Oil & Gas Company, G.S.P.L.A.J. (Libya)
? EPC Company in Oil & Gas sector in Libya. ?
? Area Manager
? Implementation of whole Company’s projects inside Tobruk Refinery/Terminal such as:
? 1) Refurbishment (bottom & roof replacement, new PUR foam insulation spraying, etc.) of fuel oil tanks T841 & T828 at Tobruk Refinery (dia 50,69m),.
? 2)EPC of four new diesel engine driven generators (1MW each) at Tobruk Refinery,
? 3)Upgrading of existing Tank gauging system at Tobruk Terminal Tank Farm (crude oil tanks T01 up to T08-67m dia & T9, T10-79m dia).
? 4)Supply & installation of thermal foam insulation for heavy oil tanks T470 & T471 (dia 54,86m) and T472 (dia 17.07m) at BPMCo Tobruk Terminal.
? Supervision of Site Engineers work. Management of financial income/outgoings and planning of monthly budget for scheduled works etc. Reviewing & revising of Bar Chart of Activities especially in resources/manpower part.
? Holding of contacts with Client’s Project Engineer, Project Coordinator and others on daily basis, etc.

? APR 2008-DEC 2008
? Bosna-S Oil Services Company, G.S.P.L.A.J. (Libya)
? EPC Company in Oil & Gas sector in Libya.
? Site Manager
? Coordination with Client (BREGA PETROLEUM MKTG Co., Al Zawia Old Terminal, Zawia, Libya) on a daily basis (holding of daily, weekly and monthly meetings, issuing of weekly & monthly Progress Reports etc.).
? Coordination of site engineer works due to the fact that in this project were involved site engineers of different specialization as follows: Mechanical Engineer (piping & rotating equipment), Electrical Engineer (replacement of 6,6 kV electrical substation with new MCC units, recabling etc.), Instrument Engineers (new control room, Yokogawa PLC/SCADA system, fiber optical cables, tank gauging signals, metering unit signals, truck loading area signals, pump houses signals, flow-meters signals, SILVANI FAP signals etc.), Civil Engineer (paving, pipe sleepers, culverts, rain water drainage, pump foundations, tank farm bund wall etc.).
? Estimating monthly budget (such as: fuel expenses, local materials, sub-contractors etc.). Preparation of As Built files (mechanical catalogues, operation manuals for a number of equipment, etc.).

? MAR 2006-APR 2008
? Bosna-S Oil Services Company, G.S.P.L.A.J. (Libya)
? EPC Company in Oil & Gas sector in Libya.
? Site Engineer (Mechanical)
? Refurbishment of premium and gas oil floating roof tanks (re-bottoming, erection of new: floating roof, rolling ladder, wind girder, extern. stairs, FW cooling ring, FW foam piping & automatic rim seal system (SILVANI).
? Monitoring of painting works (cca. 20000 m2), WFT & DFT checking, preparing of Painting Procedures (Paint producer: HEMPEL, Hempadur & Hempathane qualities).
? Maintenance of two 813m3 LPG storage spheres (N2 purging, repairing, FW cooling piping, taking back to operational).
? Inspection of corroded piping and replacement of 832 valves (gate, check, globe, butterfly, PRCV etc.) inside terminal.
? Design, creating of material requisitions & monitoring of erection of new 8” cement lined FW main ring including testing & commissioning (acc. to NFPA standards).
? Replacement of whole steel structure of seven truck loading gantries with corrugated roof sheets and replacement of all air eliminators, strainers, PD meters, set/stop valves, loading arms, shock absorbers, FW piping, fire detectors etc.
? Installation, alignment & commissioning of six horizontal centrifugal white product pumps (40 HP each), as well as installation of new explosion proof diesel engine driven horizontal centrifugal pump (300 HP) with HPTO (1500/3000 rpm) unit, etc.
? Based in Libya, Al Zawia Old Terminal, Zawia for Brega Petroleum MKTG Co.

? FEB 2005-FEB 2006
? Bosna-S Oil Services Company, G.S.P.L.A.J. (Libya)
? EPC Company in Oil & Gas sector in Libya.
? Site Manager
? Preparation of all work procedures (WPS/PQR, painting procedures, hydro-test procedure etc.). Responsible for all works on Maintenance of Fuel Tanks T201, T203 & T204 for BREGA PETROLEUM MKTG Co., 28. March Terminal, Tobruk, Libya

? OCT 2003-FEB 2005
? Bosna-S Oil Services Company, G.S.P.L.A.J. (Libya)
? EPC Company in Oil & Gas sector in Libya.
? Site Engineer (Mechanical)
? QA/QC of all steel works including NDT (visual, vacuum, MPE) of weld seams (11000 lm of fillet welds).
? Monitoring of painting works (cca. 35000 m2), WFT & DFT checking, creating of Painting Procedures (Paint producer: HEMPEL).
? Creating of Construction and As Built dwg’s etc.
? Project name: Refurbishment (rebottoming) of three crude oil storage tanks (67m dia) Tk02, Tk06 & Tk08; Project:F93; Contract No.: MTC 06/2001 job site at AGOCO – Arabian Gulf Oil Company, Refinery & Terminal, Tobruk, Libya



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