Surya Narayana Murthy Raju from India applies for Blue Card Germany

Information and communications technology operations technicians

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Name of profession: Information and communications technology operations technicians Name of latest business sector: Information Technology Latest occupation/title: Senior Software Engineer Latest main activities: Hadoop and Java/J2EE Application Development


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Masters in Computer Applications Specialisation: Computer Applications Additional trainings: Java, Hadoop

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This letter is to express my interest to lookout for opportunities in EU countries in Information Technology Sector. I have total 7 Years 3 Months of IT experience on Hadoop/J2EE technologies as Senior Software Engineer in Mahindra Satyam, India. I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate to apply for jobs.

Please see my curriculum vitae below for additional information:

Senior Software Engineer
Mahindra Satyam, Hyderabad,INDIA

An accomplished Senior Software Engineer specialized in Cloud Computing/Hadoop/Java/J2EE and Eclipse Plug-in Development with extensive experience for more than 7.3 Years in the full life cycle of the software design process including requirement definition, prototyping, design, interface implementation, testing and maintenance. Intend to make career in with leading Organization having hi-tech environment with committed, caring & dedicated people and have opportunities in competencies like Big Data/Hadoop and Java/J2EE technologies with every opportunity to excel.


* Expertise in Hadoop technology stack which includes HDFS, Map Reduce programming, Sqoop, Hive, HBase, Oozie, Pig, Cloudera VMWare etc
* Possess expertise in development of Web based Enterprise applications using Servlets, JSP,
XML, XSL/XSLT, Spring, Hibernate and Oracle in Telecom and Insurance domains.
* Strong knowledge of java with experience in plug-in development using Eclipse 3.x IDE.
* Experience in MVC2 architecture application developments and using frameworks like Spring Framework 2.5/3.0, Hibernate ORM framework 3.6.x and Velocity 1.4 framework. Experience in developing applications using Tomcat 6.0 and JBoss Application Server 5.1.0.
* Solid management skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and mentoring individuals to maximize levels of productivity, while forming cohesive team environments.
* Analytical thinker that consistently resolves ongoing issues or defects, often called upon to consult on problems that have eluded resolution by others.


Languages : Hadoop, Map-Reduce Jobs, SQOOP, Java, XML, XSL/XSLT, HTML.
Skills : J2EE - JDBC, RMI, Servlets, JSP
Frameworks : Spring 2.5/3.0 and Velocity 1.4
Web Servers : Tomcat 5.5/6.0 and JBoss Application Server 5.1.0
ORM Tool : Hibernate 3.6.x.
IDE Tools : Cloudera VMWare, ZOOKEEPER, Eclipse 3.x.x, JBuilder 2007.
Software Tools : RSA for Modeling, TOAD for Oracle, Putty and Lotus Notes.
Source Control : IBM Rational Clear Case, Sub Version and Microsoft VSS
Databases : PIG, HIVE, HBase and Oracle 10g.
Operating Systems : Windows XP, Solaris 9 and 10, Linux


* Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH), CLOUDERA
* Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP)


* MCA(Master in Computer Applications) from Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India in 2005.
* BCA(Bachelors in Computer Applications) from Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India in 2001.


#1 Mahindra Satyam, Hyderabad
Senior Software Engineer / CommonLaw - Thomson & Reuters, U.K. Mar 2012 - Present
Technologies: Hadoop-0.22.0-cdh3u3, Map-Reduce Jobs, Hive-0.7.1-cdh3u3, Pig-0.9.1-cdh3u3, Sqoop-1.4.0-cdh3u3, Core JAVA, Shell Script and Oracle 10g.
Environment: Linux(Ubuntu), Cloudera VMWare

Thomson and Reuters is the leading source to provide legal information of different countries in the world. The CommonLaw project deals with developing historical database and improving performance using Hadoop ecosystem for analyzing legal information of different countries stored across different servers. Main aim of the project is to centralize the source of data for audit/legal report generation using historical database which otherwise are generated from multiple sources. Here data is imported from different sources (RDBMS and Log files) to HDFS. The application uses Sqoop for importing data and Hive, MR to store and apply transformations over it and Oozie as a workflow engine. The data will be parsed and stores the in the Distributed database(Hive).

The project was started vitally for evaluating the Hadoop ecosystem and generate analytical data about the users searching the legal information, like top searched cases, top revenue generated documents and visitor analytics. The hadoop lab was set up at our ODC using commodity machines, Map-Reduce jobs were written per use case and reports were generated and sent to the client. The main objective is to collect the legal and cases data, perform behaviour analyses and prompt the user with all the relevant data of related cases information the user is searching. The main components are HDFS, Mapreduce Framework and Hive. The web log analysis has done using map-reduce to gain a general understanding of what is happening on the site. It helps to identify the best selling legal documents(pdfs,docs,etc) in particular vertical/division/category/sub-category in market. This makes it possible for operators to answer questions on what, when, where, why and how customers are using certain services so they can better understand, anticipate and influence customer behavior to maximize revenue.
• Acting as a team lead and is responsible for complete Installation of Hadoop in Distribution mode , Developing HDFS, Mapreduce code in Distribution mode and Debugging the Data node Problems
• Installation & configuration of a Hadoop cluster (18 nodes) along with Hive.
• Optimizing Hadoop Mapreduce code/ Hive scripts from the team for better Scalability, Reliability and Performance.
• Used Hive for processing and querying over data and used MySQL for storing metadata information.
• Implemented Hive tables and HQL Queries for the reports.
• Experience in scripting in Pig Scripting Language for Hadoop Distributed file system.
• Experience in development of Java APIs for Pig Invocations.
• Involved in Organizational level Hadoop Centre of Excellence where we come up with strategies in improving the in house Hadoop competency.

#2 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Hyderabad
Technical Lead / Ericsson AXE Build Tools – ASP Tool, Sweden. June 2009 – Dec 2011
Technologies: Core JAVA, Servlets, JSP, RMI, JDBC, Spring 3.0, JavaBeans, Hibernate 3.6.x and
Oracle 10g.
Server: Tomcat 5.5/6.0 and JBoss Application Server 5.1.0
Environment: Windows XP, Solaris 10, Eclipse 3.4/3.5/3.6, JBuilder 2007 and IBM Clear Case.
Worked at client location(Linkoping, Sweden) during this project from September 2010 to May 2011.

ASP tool is a tool which supports the Software Production & Verification, SWPV, process. The idea here is to create a system with quality input, fast organization internal handling and quality output resulting in a new software dump. This is done as quickly as possible with as little manual intervention as possible.
ASP tool is based on a client/server model. The client side is a simple easy-to-follow Windows or UNIX application, which guides the user through the whole complex process of a project. The server side is responsible for handling the large amounts of data that are needed in the project, handling the communication to external tools, and parsing and interpreting the many information elements generated by the process.ASP Tool is built according to traditional three tier architecture, with an Oracle database in the bottom, an application server and upon this, GUI clients. ASP Tool communicates with several different systems to perform different tasks. The way to communicate with these systems varies. Some resides in the same UNIX workspace as the server, and some are running in other environments such as VM/CMS, other UNIX servers etc.
• Technical Lead and System Manager for the team of 12.
• Implemented utility framework for GUI and validation, designed the ORM from domain to relational model using hibernate configuration, implemented and configured the business components using spring IOC, implemented spring AOP for middleware services.
• Responsible for design and development of new requirements and modifying existing components.
• As a system manager, always in contact with client to know the technical difficulty they are facing and providing the appropriate solution to them.
• Presenting prototypes/demos to clients and regular Status to the clients/PM.

#3 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Hyderabad
Senior Programmer / Ericsson AXE – AIDE, Sweden. Apr 2008 – May 2009
Technologies: Core Java, Eclipse Plug-in Development, Spring 2.5.
Environment: Eclipse 3.4.x/3.5.x, IBM Clear Case, Citrix, X-Session and Solaris 10.

Ericsson is the world's leading supplier in telecommunications with the largest customer base, including the world's top 10 operators. Ericsson provides total solutions covering everything from systems and applications to mobile phones and other communications tools. The AXE (Exchange for telecommunications) is most deployed switch and communications node in the world. AXE SW Tools consists of various tools to support development, production and release of AXE SW products. The main purpose of AIDE(AXE Integrated Development Environment) project is to modernize the existing SW Tools working environment for AXE using a commercial off the shelf frame work like Eclipse making the environment more efficient than the existing. The project mainly deals on AXE solutions development to increase the productivity and to provide an integrated environment in which all the work context is available.
AIDE is an Eclipse add-on for AXE software development, which provides a user friendly interface and integrates AXE SW Tools to the Eclipse platform. The project concept consists of set of plug-ins that interacts with each other and customized from the native Eclipse platform.
• Module Lead for the team of 5.
• Implemented utility plug-in for GUI widget creation and validation.
• Done proof of concepts of each delivery and presented to client before the project started.
• As a module lead, always in contact with client to know the technical difficulty they are facing and providing the appropriate solution to them.
• Presenting demos to clients and regular Status to the clients/PM.

#4 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Hyderabad
Software Engineer / Contact Centre Application, Sanlam, S.Africa. Jun 2006 – Mar 2008
Technologies: Eclipse RCP, Core Java, JAXWS 2.1, Jacozoom, Web Services, WSDL,
SOAP, XML, CTI(Call telephone Integration), Visual Basic 6.0 and ANT.
Environment: WAS – IBM Application Server, WPS – IBM Process Server, Eclipse 3.1.x & 3.2.x,
RSA (UML Modeling), Visual Source Safe and Sub version.
Worked at client location(Capetown, South Africa) during this project from August 2007 to March 2008

The project involves computerization of the Sanlam Contact Centre business process to replace the existing Siebel application. The CCA (Contact Centre Application) is currently implemented in SOA architecture with IBM product stack. Stateless EJBs and Hibernate ORM Framework is used on the server side and Eclipse RCP is used as a thick client for the application. All the business processes are implemented as BPEL using IBM process server.
The application development follows Model Driven Development methodology wherein the business Processes are modeled in Websphere Business Modeler (WBM), Services are modeled in RSA and BPELs are modeled in WID. Skeleton code is extracted from these models and the implementation is done in RAD. EJBs are exposed as web services and are deployed in WAS runtime. Eclipse RCP is a rich client technology used for the UI designing of the CCA. UI invokes the web services using service endpoint urls and pass the SOAP requests as input and will receive back SOAP response objects.
CCA includes a specific functionality on UI for Call Telephone Integration which interacts with Genisys Telephone Agent(GTA) Server to handle the telephone call events between parties and CCA. DLLs is implemented in VB and used by CCA to interact with external desktop systems like Lamda(VB Application), Content Manager(.Net Application) and other four web applications.
• Learned new technologies like CTI (Call Telephone Integration), DI(Desktop Integration), and Eclipse RCP in addition to J2EE technologies which are challenging.
• Developed a batch code which was very much appreciated by client for making their job easier to deploy the UI Product on daily basis for 5 environments during SIT (System Integration Test) and PIT (Process Integration Test) phases.
• Built a separate application product to client for Sponsors demo and got appreciation from client and sponsors.
• Intervene in Client interactions

#5 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Hyderabad
Software Trainee / KOM++ (Commission ++), Sanlam, S.Africa. Apr 2006 – May 2008
Technologies: Core Java and Oracle 8.
Environment: Windows XP and Editplus.

Developed a test suite which fetches input test data from excel test cases and sends to the batch system and compares the final output results with the expected results in test cases.


Father Name : S.Ranga Raju
Date of Birth : 17-DEC-1980
Languages Known : English, Hindi, Telugu and Japanese.
Passport Number : F3354905.



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