Koech from Kenya applies for Blue Card Germany

Mining engineers, metallurgists and related professionals

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Name of profession: Mining engineers, metallurgists and related professionals Name of latest business sector: Latest occupation/title: driller and blaster Latest main activities: drilling and blasting


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: BSc. Mining Engineering Specialisation: mineral processing Additional trainings:

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To integrate theoretical and practical class work with industrial processes in Engineering oriented firms

Intern – Karebe Gold mining Limited, Chemase.
May 2012- July 2012
Underground mining of Gold
? Rock blasting using various detonators and explosives.
? Drilling operations through ore body.
? Transport of material and equipment underground.
? Support of overlying rock through use of pillars and backfill.
? Underground survey.
Gold processing at the plant
? Crushing and milling operations
? Tailings management and storage dams
? Gold cyanidation
Intern – Ministry of Environment & Mineral Resources, Nairobi.
May 2011- June 2011
Placed at the Lapidary department & Geochemistry laboratory.
? Determining presence of mineral values in rocks.
? Comminution using slab and trim saws.
? Tumbling and progressive polishing of the rough material.
? Gem cutting using cabbing techniques.
? Faceting.
Intern – JKUAT Workshops, Juja
May 2010- June 2010
Attached in the following workshops:
? Carpentry workshop: making intricate wood patterns.
? Electrical engineering workshop: basic wiring & circuits, safety.
? Foundry workshop: pattern making, furnace heating & pouring of molten metal, sand casting & molding, shell molding.
? Automotive engineering workshop: wheel balancing & alignment, engines, differential units, transmission systems.
? Masonry workshop: concrete preparation, brick & block wall building, making slabs.
? Construction workshop: learnt to operate an earth mover and excavator.
? Plumbing workshop: piping & installation
? Welding workshop: arc welding, oxyacetylene gas welding, spot welding, MIG welding, gas cutting.
? Mechanical workshop: use of lathe machines.
? Proficiency in computer operations and all Microsoft office packages.
? Graphic design.
? AutoCAD.

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology- B.Sc. in Mining & Mineral processing Engineering
2008- 2013
? Bias in Mineral Processing option.
Alliance High School 2003- 2006
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
? Mean grade A-(minus)
Kapsimotwa Preparatory School 1994- 2002
Kenya Certificate of Primary Education
? Mean grade A(439/500 marks)
? Social responsibility and charity work.
? Creative writing.
? Playing Chess.
? Interacting and networking with people from different diversities.


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