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Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified

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Name of profession: Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified Name of latest business sector: Robert BOSCH Engineering and Business Solutions Limited Latest occupation/title: Specialist Latest main activities: Design and Development of fuel supply modules, Designing Plastic Components and Manufacturing Feasibility


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: B.E Specialisation: Mechanical Additional trainings:

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Personal note /detailed application:

Professional Summary:
• Total 8.11 years of experience in design and development field.
• Experience in leading design team.
• Experience in Automotive, Locomotive, Sheet metal components, Plastic components and adequate knowledge in tooling field.
• Experience in creating manufacturing drawings.
• Exposure to secondary operations and overmolding process of plastics.
• Exposure in Project Management (MS-Project).
• Submitted two invention reports on Fuel Supply Module.

Specific Domain Knowledge:
• Good knowledge in Powertrain group in the area’s of Fuel Supply Module and Fuel Rail Assemblies.
• Exposure to Transmission Control Modules, High Pressure Pump’s, Sensors and Ignition Coils.
Plastics: Experience in designing plastic components and basic manufacturing knowledge.
Onsite Assignments:
As a Design Engineer for 1.2 years (Mar 2011 to May 2012) at Robert BOSCH LLC, Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.
Career Profile:
Dates Organization Role
May 2009 – Till Date Robert Bosch Business and Engineering solutions Limited Specialist
June 2007 – May 2009 TATA Consultancy Services Team Member
June 2006 – May 2007 Infotech Enterprises Limited Team Member
July 2004 – May 2006 Unit Force Technologies Consulting Pvt., LTD Team Member

CAD and PDM Tools:
Tools Methods
VPMA Part Design, GSD, Sheet Metal Design, Assembly and Drafting.
PSN Structure.
Unigraphics NX
Teamcenter Engineering Modeling, Drafting & Assembly.
Creating Items, revisions and releasing data.

Degree and Year Institute and University Major and percentage
Bachelor in Engineering, 2004 Bellary Engineering College, Visveswaraiah Technological University Mechanical with 74.75% aggregate

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited:
Overall Description of the Project:
Robert Bosch is more known for its automotive technology. It is structured in to three main businesses namely Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology and Consumer Goods & Building technology.
The Automotive division of Bosch, Farmington Hills has a range of Powertrain Components for Gasoline Systems. Typical components that are developed are Fuel Supply Modules, Transmission control modules and Fuel rails. My major support is in the area of Fuel Supply Module, on both gasoline and diesel variants developing plastic components for the new programs.
Roles and Responsibilities:
• Design and Developing of Fuel Supply Modules.
• Involved in various project acquisition.
• Lead for all the design projects.
• Technical discussion with customer on new development projects.
• Building team competency.
• Coordination with project lead at customer location for 3D & 2D drawings and verification.
• Performed as a Quality checker.
• Tool trails and sample inspection for prototype models at the supplier location during onsite assignment.
• Identify opportunities to consolidate part designs among different product model to optimize the design for manufacturing and assemblies.
• Handled project management activities on weekly basis.
Assignment’s handled
1. Product development support for a Diesel Delivery Module, which consists of designing and development of various plastic components.
2. Design and development support for Gasoline Delivery Modules, which consists of creating new components and designing them with manufacturing feasibility.
3. Supported some of the key business acquisition projects on Gasoline delivery modules and High pressure pump.
4. Change requests for various power train components of Fuel Supply Module, Transmission Control and Fuel Rail. The requests are either a Pre-release Engineering Change Request (PECR) or Engineering Change Request (ECR) for production.
Special Projects
1. Provided various ideas and concepts for a new ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Programming) connector.
2. Various concepts for a CNG injection module.
1. Submitted two Invention reports, waiting for their response for being patented.
2. Lead for all the design projects in the team.
3. Provided cost reduction ideas which was appreciated by customer.
4. Only resource for CATIA V5 projects.
5. Received twice OTA (One time award) in 3.5 years
6. Appreciated by customer on many occasions while working from offshore and at onsite.
Tools Used:
1. Unigraphics NX4, NX5, NX7.5 with TCEng
2. CATIA V5 R18 and R20

Trainings attended:
BES-PE, Basic FMEA, Basic DRBFM, 8D, Injection Molding and Plastics, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills and Intercultural Training US.

TATA Consultancy Services:
Overall Description of the Project:
TCS has been engaged with Bosch to provide support in the area of Product Design, Design Support, Product Data Management and Computer Aided Engineering. As part of the engagement, TCS is working extensively with Bosch located at Farmington Hills, Michigan. 48331-3417, USA
Roles and Responsibilities:
• As a Team member involved in handling Conceptualisation Design support for plastic components like Flange and Fuel Rail.
• CATIA V5 assignments were handled individually.
• Adhering to different client specific standards like Chrysler, Honda and Ford.
• Preparation of query documents.
• Drafting and Detailing / GD&T
• Coordinating with Product Engineer's at Onsite.
• Preparation of Quality Checklist for various end customers by their specified standards.
• Delivering the assignments according to the scheduled tight deadlines with error free work.
• Handled project management activities by preparing weekly documents and reports.
Assignment’s handled:
1. Conceptualization and design support for a plastic flange and sheet metal terminals for a new Ford program Fuel supply module.
2. Design support of a Fuel Supply Module for a HONDA two wheeler.
3. Design Modification and Engineering Change Request (ECR) to Chrysler, Ford and Honda for different products like Fuel Supply Module, Fuel Rail Assemblies, Fuel Injectors, Pressure Sensor and Ignition coil.
4. Creation of Offer drawings to various end customers. (Ford, Chrysler and Honda).
5. Creating a Plastic fuel rail concept for the provided manifold. The input was in the form of JPEG image containing the cross section as reference for the model.
6. Preparing Bosch production drawings by revising the existing drawings to the next production / Prototype release level. The inputs were in the form of pdf redlines mark up’s on the drawing. Redlines would contain model, drawing, GD & T or notes change.
1. Only resource handling multiple end customers
2. Only CATIA V5 resource in the team.
Tools Used:
1. CATIA V5 R18,
2. Unigraphics NX4

Infotech Enterprises Limited:
Overall description of the project:
Alstom Transport Corporation is one of the world leaders in Locomotive and manufactures of one of the fastest trains. The Project involves in handling various Mathematical data for Locomotive parts which are used in the Stair Case, Interiors, Floor, Divers Cabin and Seating System Assemblies, including the Electrical Cabling for the Pilot Box.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• As a Team member involved in creation of 3D models and 2D Assembly Drawings for different coaches of the trains using CATIA V5.
• The PSN (Product Structure Navigator) Assembly structure is created using the Virtual Product Model Access (VPMA) with the provided Bill of Material.
• Creation of 3D Electrical Cables in a Top-Down assembly using the GSD and Part work bench.
• Adhering to client specific methodologies and standards.
• Suggestions for improvements in Methodologies.
• Preparation of query documents.
• Involved in Quality checking role.
• Coordinating with the onsite Team Members.
• Delivering the assignments according to the scheduled tight deadlines with error free work.
• Handled project management activities on weekly basis by preparing documents and reports.
Assignment’s handled:
1. TGV duplex involves in creating 3D models using the 2D drawings available for the various Locomotive Sheet Metal, Composites, Extrusion, Plastic, Casting and Electrical Components and assemblies in the Non DMA environment. The PSN assembly structure is created using the BOM.
2. Routing of Electrical cable in pilot box involved Electrical Cable Routing for a Pilot Box. The Inputs were in the form of TIFF image that represents a schematic diagram of the cables with the start and the end points of the cables in the excel sheet.
1. Prepared guidelines and standard documents
2. Created Estimation and time log tracker
3. Create a reference translation document to read the basic French words in the drawing.
Tools Used:
1. CATIA V5 R16, with VPM (DMA 2.2)

Unit Force Technologies Consulting Pvt Limited:
Overall description of the project:
The Project involves in Legacy data conversion from unparametric, IGES, STEP to Parameterisation 3D Mathematical of different automotive components like Body Panel, Switch Components, Door Handel Assembly and Plastic Components.
Roles and Responsibilities:
• As a Team member involved in creation of 3D models for different inputs available using CATIA V5.
• Creation of Assembly and Manufacturing Drawings with GD&T.
• Preparing the Tracking Sheet for all assemblies from the input SAP BOM.
• Estimation of the Modeling, Assembly, Drafting and Quality checking effort.
• Allocation and tracking of tasks after the input study.
• Preparation of quality checklist for Modeling, Assembly and Drafting.
• Preparing Query Documents to get the clarification from the client.
Assignment’s handled:
1. Legacy data conversion of pneumatic components involves in creation parametric Parts and Assembly of different Pneumatic Systems. The inputs were partially in 2D images and IGES

2. Legacy data conversion of automotive body panel, switch components and door handle assembly involved in parametric Modelling, Assembly and Drafting of Plastic and Sheet metal components of Automotive Body Panel, Switch Component and Door Handle Assembly. The Manufacture Drawings for the parts and the Assembly were created.


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