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Building architects

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Name of profession: Building architects Name of latest business sector: Bod technique company Latest occupation/title: architect/building designer Latest main activities: building designer and supervisor


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: master of architectural engineering Specialisation: engineer Additional trainings: professional in architectural modeling

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via corso martyri,number 42,lecco, Italy

- +39 3201110276
Sex Female | Date of birth16/06/1985 | Nationality Iranian


2008 -2010

2008 -2010
Supervisor of constructional project as head designer
- Company : Meteorological organization of IRAN , building construction sector
- Job detail : Full time work and employer is government
• My duty was supervision on the construction process in various cities of the country. The projects was mainly offices and commercial building and in some cases meteorological tower which used for adjusting professional devices of weather forecasting
Business or sector Building construction

Architectural Designer
- Company : Architectural consulting office of BOD-technique

- Job detail : Part time working, private employer

• My Responsibility was working as architect and designer in this Architectural consulting company.
Business or sector Architectural company


17/09/2010 - 23/04/2013 Master In Architectural Engineering
Architectural Engineering Department , Politecnico di Milano, Italy
- Title of the thesis: “Critical Pruitt - I goe, A Place for Social Mingle Through Green – Cultural Revitalization” (in English)
• My master thesis was concerning about reviving death Pruitt-Igoe site of St Louis located in Illinois State in USA. It is a competition actually with this main question “WHAT SHOULD We DO HERE TO MAKE SITE ALIVE?”
• Thesis will cover all three aspects of Urban design, Architecture and Technological design respectively.
• For urban design part first of all I refer back to the history of site that shows Pruitt-Igoe was becoming like a burial for modernism and now I am investigating methods of having this site like a motivation factor in the city that cause events and activation for all parts of the city, the proposed result is a cultural Centre. The Architectural part was done with saving the footprint of previous apartments and proposing unique circular building in gravity point of the site.
• In technological part my focus point was conducting desired amount of the light and wind with a kind of ultra light louver which have been hanged from the roof all around the building.
• The roof material is ETFE cushions that can conduct light inside and is light and easy to install.

Supervisor: Prof. Massimo Tadi
Grade: 99/110

September 2004 - 06/09/2008 Bachelor Degree In Architectural Engineering
Imam Khomeini , international university of Gazvin , IRAN
Title of the thesis: “Children museum in shiraz” (in Persian)
• The thesis was about designing an institute for intellectual development of children and young adults in shiraz (city of IRAN) with the aim of improving the imaginary and activity of children not only by the education even by the place in which they have to study. Thesis was designed on two main points, first designing with consideration of effect of a building on the so young children’s life and their creativity which needs social and psychological research, second point is more focused on the specific weather condition of the site in which the building is going to be built.
Supervisor : Professor haj seyed javadi
Grade: 16.68/20


Mother tongue Persian

Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English Good Good Good Good Good
First Certificate in English, IELTS , Grade:6.5

Social skills • I was working for 50days as a member of a group in (bam) city of IRAN, after the big earthquake, for making temporary housing for injured people.

• One of my projects in bachelor was about restoration a historical bath in (Qazvin-IRAN) in a group of 15 people.

• I have attended in one workshop in March 2012 for a week under supervision of Professor Elizabeth Rosina which was concern about the new methods of investigation and restoration ancient building of monastery in Calolziocorte (Italy).

• I have attended in the competition with the name of HOW MAKE ROME A GOOD CITY in September 2011.

Organisational / managerial skills ? During my professional job I was supervisor of 5 engineers in the construction site for about 6 months.

Computer skills - Architectural programs:
AutoCAD-3Dmax –V-ray – Photoshop - Corel draw – Sketch up - Revit
- Engineering programs:
- Office programme:

Artistic skills and competences
I am playing one traditional musical instrument of IRAN with name of Santoor.

Other skills and competences I was working on making model professionally during my education in bachelor.


? - I got the rank of 1223 in university entrance exam in IRAN between 1.800.000 applicants for bachelor’s degree.
? - I got 19 and 60 in entrance exam for master degree in architecture and urban design respectively in IRAN between 80.000 persons whom were applicant for architecture. (but as I got acceptance in polytechnico di Milano I didn’t go to university in IRAN) .
? - I got Univer-Lecco scholarship of politecnico di Milano in 2010.
? - I got the acceptance for study master with scholarship in universities of Eindhoven of Netherlands, DTU of Denmark.
? -I have received PhD admission from university of Trieste in Italy.


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