Azade from Iran applies for Blue Card Germany

Electrical engineers

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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: Latest occupation/title: Procurement Manager of Manufacturing dept. of MV switches such as VCB, DS, LBS, and also MV panels Latest main activities: working as an active part of R&D team for acheiving thetechnology of manufacturing VCB and MV panel type AMS as well as Load break Switches


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Electrical Engineer in Power System Specialisation: MV & HV equipments, general knowledge of Substation designing, sales and procurement of Mv & HV equipments Additional trainings: Sales engineering in Idustrial management organization, Dielectric response and Frequency response analysis of power Transformers in OMICRON GmbH-Austria. factory acceptance tests of PRTRs in HHI-south Korea, ETAP training in Tehran technical institu

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Personal note /detailed application:

* one of my research interest which I work on it in my leisure time is renewable energies, Smart grids and distributed generations. I have read several papers in this regards and would like to work in a relevant field in future.
* I have also worked in Cable sizing, earth system and a little bit in Etap Projects and protection area.
I used to work as a sales expert of Hyunday heavy industries' representative in Iran, taking part in tenders and marketings. I was a supervisor of Factory Acceptance Tests in Ulsan, South Korea
* I also used to work as sales expert of OMICRON GmbH representative in Iran and I was also responsible for the installation of both primary and secondary test equipments of OMICRON. I held several training courses for how to use these test instruments. I was also supervisor of transformer tests with omicron instruments in several Power substations and power plants.
* I have the experience of being procurement expert of substation equipments for about two years and now procurement manager of manufacturing unit which is active in manufacturing Vacuum Circuit Breakers and disconnector Switches, Load break Switches as well as AMS and MCC panels.
* I have the general knowledge of VCB and MV Panels type and routine tests.


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