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Name of profession: Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified Name of latest business sector: DATAMATICS Latest occupation/title: System Architect Latest main activities: Automotive System's engineer, Technical project management


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Bachelor of Technology - BTECH Specialisation: Electronics and Communication Additional trainings:

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Summary :
Software Systems Engineer in Automotive domain with an overall experience of 8 years,
including 3 years of EU international experience. Expert in handling complete product life
cycle from raw requirement analysis to After-Sales support added with proven technical
software project leadership skills and good knowledge in hardware.

· France
o Deputation Duration : 3 Years with Peugeot
· Sweden
o Deputation Duration : 4 Months with Northlight optronics

Total 9 years experience in Electronics & Software industry.
. ~2 years as Systems Architect, Datamatics , PUNE
· 5 years in Software and system development for Automotive Electronic Control unit
with Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd till October 2013
o Designation : Architect Senior Specialist Senior Software Engineer
o Duration : April 2008 till date
· 2 Years in HW & SW development in Research & development centre at NeST, Cochin
o Designation : Design Engineer
o Duration : March 2006 till April 2008

· Technical Software & System project management
o Primary contact & support for internal and OEM system engineering.
o Co-ordinating System Engineers, Reporting to head of dept.
o RFQ , Planning, Customer co-ordination, SW delivery activities
· Project Quality Co-ordination


Automotive Electronics
· HW, SW System design & development for Engine management ECU (EMS), Vehicle
control unit (VCU), 4WD transmission control ECU.
· Sensor signal acquisition and synthesis.
· Actuator & power stage diagnosis.
· Keyless entry vehicle wake up system.
· Thermal management – Main coolant pump , Fan control.
· Exposure to Endurance, Robustness tests – VIVA, VARO.
· Embedded system expertise with TC1797, TMS470, AT89X microcontrollers.
· Good experience in BOM preparation, re-engineering of Electronic Control Units.
· ECU debugging with ETK technology and INCA.

Vehicle bus Communication System: CAN, LIN
· Fault handling methods, Driver level knowledge, H/W & SW Gateway
· Application Software –CCP , Frame multiplexing , TTCAN , CanEif, Can wakeup
· Validation : CAN robustness test
· System pre-requisites analysis , bus load analysis , Jitter reduction techniques

Diagnosis System Management (DSM)
· Debouncing , Fault confirmation & Error handling
· Diagnostic fault event (DTC) & Environment context for After sales
· Diagnostic & Tester services I14229,I4230,I15031 interfaces & validation
· OBD & EOBD validation.

Functional safety
· Expert in three level ECU function monitoring architecture.
· ISO26262 Compliance validation for requirements implemented after 2011.
Torque structure for Diesel, Gasoline & Hybrid vehicle architectures
· Vehicle & Engine parameters modeling in simulink to derive torque relevant output
· Reverse torque calculation to meet ISO26262 ASIL B and above
· TCS, DCS intervention principles to model torque values.
· HEV distributed monitoring for torque relevant parameters.

· Customer requirement analysis and system pre-requisites check
· .Arxml file generation and SWC adapter creation , review

Tools & Script , Programming
· INCA, Vector Canalyser
· Clearcase , Clearquest
· Scandiag, Muxy, Teleprod
· CAPL script
· Programming in C , LabVIEW , VEE , Matlab-Simulink
· MS- Access Database, MS-Excel , MS-Word


Core competency achievements

· Key role in project acquisitions & RFQ creation.
· Responsible for SW delivery to OEM
· Window person interface for HW & SW teams with OEM.
· Handles SPJM role & Lead System design for a team of 6 System engineers
· Successful in handling customer specifications on all core competency area.
· BOM preparation, alternate component identification for re-engineering analysis.
· Expert in trouble shooting & providing calibration solution for Engine management.
· Trainer on Controller Area Network.
· Trainer on Diagnostic System management for entry level Specialists.
· Trainer on Level2 torque structure monitoring system – ISO26262 relevant.
· Major role in FMEA analysis, ISO26262 functional safety compliance analysis.
· Technical consultant in Engine management system & Vehicle control unit (EMS, VCU).
· Core member to perform H/w Design of part time four wheel drive ECU.
· Major role in driving pre-investment projects at Robert Bosch.
· Department Responsible for Competency drive to develop technical skills among

System design highlights

· FMEA for 4WD transmission ECU & power train monitoring of HY4 vehicle
· Concept developed for distributed power train monitoring for Peugeot Hybrid vehicle.
· Designed ‘Rpm Controller’ for Hybrid electric vehicle to reduce the communication
overhead between Hybrid PCU & Brake ECU with PID algorithm
· Additive pump control function logic for Diesel vehicle to reduce emissions
· Distributed monitoring concept for PSA Hybrid electric vehicles with two controllers
· Re-design of Range-mod functionality to compensate torque loss with help of torque
· Technical consultant in CAN Gateway implementation , CAN multiplexing
· ASR /TCS, MSR/DCS plausibility check & fault handling against information from CAN
· Concept development for Hybrid Electric Vehicle conversion of commercial vehicle
· Embedded System design based on raw requirements
· Failure book tracking to closure with appropriate design solution for the issues.
· Design proposal and requirements review with customer in all core competency topics
· Test bench development using LabVIEW (DC Motor test station, ECU test station)
· Quality oriented and structured documentation handling on all tasks undertaken.

Series & After Sales support highlights
· Solution oriented and quick turn around on customer reported issues
· Continued support for PSA HY4 vehicle , Diesel DW12 & DT20 projects

Patents in Progress
· Patent application on Driver alert system for Pets & Kids safety.
· Patent application on A/C energy saving & passenger comfort .


· Power train Monitoring for Hybrid Electric Vehicle project , Client : Peugeot , France
o Technical Project Management , System Engineer
· Traction control - RPM control project, Client : Bosch CC, France
o Software system designer, Technical consultant
· Engine Management System- Diesel DW12 , DT20 project , Client : Peugeot, France
o Integration & validations, Systems Engineer
· Part time four wheel drive transmission ECU re-design, Client : Borg Warner, USA
o HW design , BOM preparation, SW development, Validation
· Test Bench development for DC Motor , Client : Denher Motion, India
o LabVIEW model development , HW design
· Test Bench development for EDFA , Client : Northlight AB, Sweden
o LabVIEW model development , Access Database
· Lelleby Warmer re-design project, Client : GE Health care, USA
o AT89X Microcontroller firmware development, validation


· Graduation degree : Engineering in Electronics & Communication – B Tech
· Duration : Full time , 4 Years
· University : Cochin University, Kerala , India



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