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Industrial and production engineers

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Name of profession: Industrial and production engineers Name of latest business sector: industrial laundry Latest occupation/title: Managing Director Latest main activities: Industrial plant MD


Completed education: doctoral Title or Qualification: Advanced University studies for doctoral program in financial and accounting economics. Specialisation: Financing Program and Commercial Investigation Additional trainings: Executive MBA, Masters in Operations, Production and Inventory Management, Masters in Economics: Organisation of Industrial Entities

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Munchen 2. Preferred country | region / city: Austria | Wien 3. Preferred country | region / city: Netherlands | Amsterdam

Language skills:

1. Language skills: english => well 2. Language skills: german => reasonable 3. Language skills: Spanish => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:

Managing Director with more than 25 years professional experience. Combining natural talent with a vision for business and coherent register to generate sustainable end results. Businessman and consultant, highly motivated to reach objectives, expert in helping companies in their growth and restructuration challenges to enable them to become market leaders. Experience in more than 100 companies over the last ten years in various sectors of the economy. Recognised expert in strategic planning design, allowing companies to reach their growth and profitability potential, and in ensuring an effective and efficient business plan, determining targets and critical factors of success. Expert manager of long term mutual benefit relations with suppliers and clients and of the development of the international market. Empathetic and capable communicator, with a high rate of success in the construction and maintenance of commercial relationships. Always searching for new alliances and the development of new business opportunities to convert the product or brand into the market leader. Capable of providing inspirational leadership and defending the values of the company, as well as encouraging personnel to increase their productivity. Expert in improving performance in a competitive environment through motivation and the development of personnel at all levels. Excellent communication skills, aligned with the implementation of modern business strategies. Specialities: crisis management, strategy and management, marketing and sales, finance and costing, mergers and acquisitions, management of operations and personnel. Transversal competencies: global vision, mobile, dynamism, persuasion, credibility, charisma, confidence, leadership, capacity to negotiate, conflict resolution, customer orientated.

Within a few months of assuming my current position, responsible for the restructuring of the organisation by training and coaching the personnel, together withthe development of a new production strategy and working methods, I achieved a substantial increase in the production whilst at the same time reducing operator fatigue, as well as generating significant savings.

Additional experience: living/working in Mexico, Latin America, Spain, EU, also the USA, Russia and Asia, overseeing different locations.
Multi-linguist: English / Spanish / Russian / German / Georgian

Company of the “Grupo Fundosa” and “Corporación ONCE”, the leading company in Spain in the industrial laundry, textile rental, and food, hygiene and environmental products distribution sector, with a workforce of more than 4000 personnel.
Managing Director - Industrial Plant
Inexorable organisational focus and commitment to profitability, leadership in costs and customer satisfaction

In charge of the maintenance and improvement of profitability and competitiveness. Person responsible for the generation of business plans and budgets, planning, management, motivation of personnel, management of multidisciplinary teams and control of all corporate functions and activities. Leadership and management of a team of 200 people and 7 directors. Main interlocutor with the customers from the following sectors: Healthcare, hotel trade, catering and similar.

Main achievements in 7 months after assuming position:

• Achieving a gross income of €25 M, turning the company into a sustainable profitable concern.
• Responsible for the commercial development of the company, increasing both the volume and the profitability of its sales.
• Implementation of new working methods and production system with very successful results in the management of resources and productivity.
• Balancing of sales and operations, and level of service to customer at a reasonable cost, reducing operator fatigue.

Own company dedicated to business consultancy.
Founder and Managing Director - CEO
Achieved growth through the extension of the brand, introduction of new services and efficiency

Integration as Acting Director in each of the managed companies, performing tasks in accordance with the established contracts. The main areas of intervention being: corporate management, financial management, operations, cost reductions, commercial growth and international expansion. Responsible for: launch of new products and services, improvement in operational processes, commercial efficiency, analysis of structure costs and of the profitability of customers/channels/products, design and execution of operational and strategic plans, implementation of operational strategies, coordination of all production processes, improvement of systems and operations, quality of R&D, internationalisation of sales, implementation of Lean Manufacturing tools. Management of more than 100 projects in 50 different business sectors. Likewise, management of the tasks of the company itself: planning, organisation, management, motivation and control. Some of the most significant achievements of this period are:
? Achievement of a growth of 80% in 4 years.
? Opening of 5 offices in Spain and overseas, forming a commercial trade network through company offices, and thereby offering customers penetration strategies and an exclusive international network service for the internationalisation of sales at a very competitive initial fixed cost.
Manufacturing company of shower screens and bases, glass doors and hydromassage columns.
Director of Operations - COO
Key member of the executive team for the restructuration and sustainable balancing of sales and operations.

Responsible for the design, management and implementation of the company's operation strategy and policies. Responsible for the management of operations and R&D and innovation, optimisation of resources, and improvements at an operational level and "Lean Manufacturing “production to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of operations. Responsible for the establishment and control of the evolution of operational KPIs. Coordination and training of the production management team. Responsible for the implementation, control and optimisation of processes and procedures to obtain a more efficient management, the development of the organigram and strengthening the team of intermediate managers, and, for the support to the commercial area by balancing sales and operations, quality, distribution and the correct coverage of service to the customer. Some of the most significant achievements of this period are:
? Conversion of the area of operations into the distinctive competency of the company.
? Increase of profits by €1.2 M, based on Lean Manufacturing. Increasing the productivity of operations by 22% by reducing production costs by 15% through the use of M.T.M., quality incidents by 80% and increasing production per employee by 20% through changes in working methods and training.
? Reducing in logistics and distribution costs by 10% by changing the production system and levelling the service
? Integration of the MPC system on the S&OP-MPS-MRP-PAC interface.

2002-2004 MOLESPOL
Company dedicated to the manufacture of plastic components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
Factory Director - COO
Key member of the management team for the integration of the supply chain and global competitiveness of the factory.

Responsible for the planning and definition of objectives to ensure the optimum performance of the plant and of the establishment of the industrial organisation strategy for the company. Responsible for production management and the management of the global supply chain, the administration of purchases, the R&D and innovation department, control of the KPIs and the analysis of production processes. Responsible for the implementation of IT systems for the management, planning and analysis of forecasts and the programming of production orders in collaboration with world class customers such as “Airbus”, “Xerox”, “Indra” and similar. Some of the most significant achievements of this period are:
? Reduction of the total manufacturing cost by 5% and quality incidents by 90%
? Conversion of the supply chain into an efficient and effective production system, through the implementation of ERP
? Driver behind the adequate operation of the production system (using the MPC and S&OP interface).

Manufacture of products and solutions for the office: PCs, Printers, Tablets, Faxes, applications and machinery for banks and retail
Director of Operations - COO / Mexico and Central America
Key member of the management team in the operations office for Mexico and Central America

Responsible for the design and management of processes, the management of budgets, procedures and operations. Directing international operations between Europe, China and Latin America, coordinating logistics and launching joint campaigns on an international level in collaboration with “Walmart”, “Sears Reebok”, “Electra” and similar. Responsible for the implementation of the automatic supply system using SAP, the definition of methodologies, standards, parameters and work scenarios in the area of logistics and distribution, and for the coordination of the IT team of the company for the automation of "SCM" and integrated product management with SAP functionality. Some of the most significant achievements of this period are:
? Reduction of total operations costs by 12%, managing wholesale distribution to 15,000 points.
? Implementation of improvements in security aspects, reducing losses of finished product.
? Creation of efficient and effective production Supply Chain, improvement in the distribution cost of 10%.
? Implementation of JIT system.

1997-1999 DRILLING SERVICES, S.A. (Ambar Inc. )
Director of Logistics and Supplies
Logistic and Supplies Manager
1992-1995 ELSACRIL S.A.
General Manager (Commercial Director)
1988-1992 BANAMEX S.A. (National Bank of Mexico)
Corporate Finance Manager


Executive MBA
Doctorate: Financing Program and Commercial Investigation
Level: Advanced University studies for doctoral program in financial and accounting economics.
Masters in Operations, Production and Inventory Management
Masters in Economics: Organisation of Industrial Entities
Industrial Engineering, specialising in Automatic and Electronic


IT ERP and CRM environments, SAP R/3, Microsoft Office
OTHER INFORMATION Date of Birth: 26/9/66


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