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Electrical engineers

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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: Oil & Gas Latest occupation/title: Trainee Latest main activities:


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Electrical & Electronic Engineering Specialisation: Control & Instrumentation Additional trainings:

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Yaser Ziedan Abdu
University of Khartoum
Faculty of Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Department

I have recently graduated from University of Khartoum as an electrical engineer. My overall GPA is 6.59 in the 10 points scale, which is classified as a second upper division and I acquired 7.1 in my final year. Now I am a trainee in Asawer oil Gas Company as a corporate planning engineer.
Since my first year in college I have been involved in many social activities such as, I was the event coordinator in Takafol non-profit organization, which helped me to develop my leadership skills. Moreover, as practicing my skills and knowledge I established the strategic club (My own idea), which train the youth to practice strategic planning and thinking. The strategic club was very interesting experience as I was responsible in organizing the registration of the trainees and the invitations to the lecturers, my organization team was very helpful and motivating, I think without breaking down the work into small tasks to every one of us the project would be very hard to accomplish by my own.
On the other hand, I was involved in many technical training courses; I spent two weeks as a control engineer in Barsaya Oil field in Southern Sudan. In addition, I was an electrical and instrument trainee in Marwe Dam for two weeks.


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